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Doctor Strangeblog 16 months ago

Say, did you tune into 'Red Widow'? I did because of Radha Mitchell and she was very good (no surprise there) and the show itself was surprisingly effective and well constructed, I see some intriguing possibilities for the story. The show, or at least the 2-hour premiere, basically rides on her shoulders and she pulled off a conflicted character with expertise. Starting off better than Melissa George's series 'Hunted' did anyway.

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My taste in movies is all over the place. I like a little bit of (almost) everything. Horror, sci-fi, comedies, family films, foreign films, classics, cheesy low-budget flicks, sleazy exploitation films, depressing dramas, art-house, blockbuster action movies, and everything in-between. I'm trying to catch up on a lot of the older movies that I've missed out on (there are a lot), and recommendations are always welcome. If you don't write actual reviews, I probably won't add you. They don't have to be long or detailed, but I like reading at least a little about WHY you hated/loved what you watched. My rating system - 5 stars - Classic. The kind of movie that I enjoy watching again and again. (ex. Fargo, Million Dollar Baby) 4 1/2 stars - Fantastic. Amongst my very favorite movies. (ex. Rear Window, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) 4 stars - Excellent. Not perfect, but well-made and enjoyable. (ex. Rachel Getting Married, 28 Days Later) 3 1/2 stars - Good. Wonderful in some aspects, but average in others. (ex. Drag Me to Hell, The Virgin Suicides) 3 stars - Decent. Worth watching, but nothing to get excited about. (ex. Dial M for Murder, Idle Hands) 2 1/2 stars - Mediocre. Average in every way, forgettable, and simply unremarkable. (ex. Jennifer's Body, Eagle Eye) 2 stars - Disappointing. Not quite horrible enough to be considered truly awful, and possibly still entertaining in a MST3K kind of way. (ex. The Invasion, Meet the Spartans) 1 1/2 stars - Bad. Usually so dull, that I'm constantly checking to see how long it is until they're over. (ex. Mission: Impossible 2, Flakes) 1 star - Horrible. The kind of movie that I have to struggle to finish. (ex. The Haunting in Connecticut, Dragonball: Evolution) 1/2 star - Disastrous. A terrible idea, executed terribly. There is simply no enjoyment to be found, here. (ex. Transporter 3, White Noise)

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The Tomb

The Tomb

2 months ago via Movies on iPhone

"We will never have to pay that price. We can live forever."

I don't know why I watch movies like these. They're clearly going to be awful. All the reviews I read further reinforced the fact that it was going to be awful. But, I still felt compelled to see it, anyway. And yep, it was awful.

The problems were myriad. The scares and horror aspect of The Tomb were surpassed by most of The Goosebumps books I read as a kid. The story was silly and bland. The attempt to appeal to the audience with sex fell flat with scenes that would hardly earn a PG-13 rating and had no chemistry between the participants.

The absolute worst things about The Tomb, though were the acting and the script. The entire cast was uniformly wretched, especially Wes Bentley and Sofya Skya. Sofya is certainly a very beautiful woman, but she would be wise to reconsider this whole "actress" thing. And Bentley came close to achieving the feat of making me never want to see another movie that he's in, ever. As for the script, describing it as "amateur" would be an insult to everyone who has ever been an amateur at anything in the history of the world. The dialogue is abysmal, and I can't imagine that anyone spent more than a few hours writing this.

I don't know what kind of dire financial situations are responsible for Eric Roberts and Michael Madsen being in this dreck, but I'm willing to offer money out of my own pockets to help them never have to be in anything this terrible, again. The only possible entertainment to be gained from The Tomb is from making fun of it. It's hilariously bad, but still too boring for me to recommend even for a laugh with your friends.

Phobia 2 (Ha phraeng)

Phobia 2 (Ha phraeng)

21 months ago via Movies on iPhone

An anthology is the sum of its parts, so how does this particular set stack up?

Novice: A young man with a troubled past is left to live among monks, where karma catches up to him. Interesting idea, but lacking in execution and a bit boring until the end. (5/10)

Ward: An injured teenager spends the night in a hospital room with a brain dead old man on a respirator who is slated to be taken off life support the next day. Spooky and violent, with a twist ending. (7/10)

Backpackers: My favorite of the bunch. Two young hitchhikers are picked up by two truckers with cargo more dangerous than any of them know. I'd love to see a full movie made from this one. (9/10)

Salvage: A dishonest car saleswoman had a terrifying night when one of her vehicles is returned by an angry customer and her own son disappears. A gruesome little ghost story, once again featuring karma as a main theme. (8/10)

In the End: A funny and subversive tale about the filming of one of those "spooky long-haired ghost girl" horror films that had been coming out of the east so frequently in the last 10+ years. (8.5/10)

Phobia 2 gets off to a rocky start, but overall it's an entertaining and varied mix of Thai horror.

Wrath of the Titans

Wrath of the Titans

22 months ago via Movies on iPhone

I was thoroughly disappointed with the Clash of the Titans remake. It was a dull, uninteresting slog of endlessly plodding action scenes and tons of unmemorable CG effects being thrown at the viewer from every angle as a poor substitute for excitement.

Thankfully, Wrath of the Titans manages to be a better movie than Clash in nearly every area. The story is basic but serviceable, with the father of the gods threatening to escape his prison and take out his vengeance on the earth. The gods themselves, weakened by lack of worship and divided by old conflicts, are powerless to face the danger. It falls to Perseus (Sam Worthington) and a small band or warriors to set things right.

The major improvement Wrath makes is that the action scenes and set pieces are much more exciting this time around. Whether chimera attack or the shifting, crushing walls of a labyrinth and the dangerous beast inside, I was never bored by what was happening on the screen. At the very least, this is a watchable fantasy action flick, which puts it above the first film. Greek mythology is so rich and dense that so much more could be done with the gods, monster and locales that Wrath of the Titans mines for material. Even as flawed as Immortals was, it certainly wasn't generic, which even this improved sequel doesn't totally escape until near the end. Still, whether you enjoyed or loathe the Clash of the Titans reboot, this one is better.

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