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Robert Crosbie 4 years ago

Damn! I really want to see that Pandorum movie anywho. Though it does fully look like they ripped off Dead Space. Hows things anyway?

Robert Crosbie 5 years ago

Hey hows things?

_kelly .King 5 years ago

glad you dug the zombie test! think I may do a "what type of zombie survivor are you?" for the next one, thanks for the encouragement.

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3 months ago via Flixster

They had a chance to really bring this movie over top of the others in its genre. The super hero kid genre that is. They had the cast and they had the resources. But unfortunatly Zoom just doesn't deliver. I mean, its rated PG not G. That means its best for parents to sit in, right? No parent wants to watch a movie get so close to goodness, just to fade off.

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