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chyntia kingsley 5 years ago

Dearest one,

My name is Chyntia . This message may get to you as a suprise, I decided to write you after going through your profile, and I like it, if you don't mind I will like to know you better and send to you my beuatiful sexy pics.I also have something very important to discuss with you but i prefare that we discuss in my private address for security reasons. Email:

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Paris, Texas, Two-Lane Blacktop, Still Life (Sanxia Haoren), Do ma daan (Peking Opera Blues), A Touch of Zen, Come Drink With Me, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, East Palace West Palace (Dong gong xi gong) (Behind the Forbidden City), 2046, Duel to the Death, Fong juk (Exiled), Ban wo chuang tian ya (Wild Search), Se qing nan nu (Viva Erotica), Infernal Affairs II, Mou gaan dou (Infernal Affairs), Ghost World, Gummo, Equilibrium, Apocalypse Now, Brazil, Blade Runner, Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle, Comrades - Almost a Love Story (Tian mi mi), You hua hao hao shuo (Keep Cool), As Tears Go By, Seconds, Sheng gang qi bing (Long Arm of the Law), Bunker Palace Htel, Tykho Moon , Gauyat sandiu haplui (Saviour of the Soul) (Terrible Angel), Kings of the Road (Im Lauf der Zeit), Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Vanishing Point, Repo Man, Ride with the Devil, Roadracers (Rebel Highway), Groundhog Day, Brokeback Mountain, Green Card, sex, lies, and videotape, Streets of Fire, The Driver, Hombre, The Deer Hunter, 48 HRS, M*A*S*H, Nirvana, The Shawshank Redemption, Zabriskie Point, Scarecrow, Secretary, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Yi Yi, Heung gong yau gok hor lei wood (Hollywood Hong-Kong), The Spirit of the Beehive (El Espritu de la colmena), Umoregi (The Buried Forest), The Lovers of the Arctic Circle (Los Amantes del Crculo Polar) (The Lovers from the North Pole), Eat Drink Man Woman (Yin shi nan nu), Lost In Translation, Early Summer, Ohayo (Good Morning), Kamikaze Taxi, Fitzcarraldo, Annie Hall, The Conversation, Camera Buff, Blind Chance (Przypadek), Hands Up! (Rece do gry), My Little Loves (Mes Petites Amoureuses), The Steamroller and the Violin (Katok i Skripka) (The Skating Rink and the Violin), Nostalghia, Chungking Express, Once Upon a Time in the West, Ashes of Time Redux, In the Mood for Love, Days of Being Wild (A Fei zheng chuan), Sanma no aji (An Autumn Afternoon) (The Widower), Assault on Precinct 13, Irezumi ichidai (Tattooed Life), Branded to Kill, Kisses (Kuchizuke), Cheung fo (The Mission), Harold and Maude, Children of Men, Before Sunset, Landscapes in the Mist (Topio stin omichli), Close-up, The Thin Red Line, Sans soleil (Sunless), La Jete (The Pier), Donnie Darko, The Celebration (Festen), Narc, Monster's Ball, The Idiots (Idioterne) (Dogma 95), The Sword, Sha shou hu die meng (My Heart Is That Eternal Rose), Something Wild, Varjoja Paratiisissa (Shadows in Paradise), Ariel, They Live, La Vie de Bohme (Bohemian Life), Hana to Alice (Hana & Alice), La Notte, Red Desert, The Eel (Unagi), Warm Water Under A Red Bridge, Professione: reporter (The Passenger), Rebels of the Neon God, The Straight Story, Gattaca, Videodrome, L.A. Confidential, Faces, Tender Mercies, The French Connection, The Bourne Supremacy, Pulp Fiction, High Plains Drifter, Pale Rider, Unforgiven, Campanadas a medianoche (Chimes at Midnight) (Falstaff), THX 1138, Beautiful Girls, Taxi Driver, Elephant, Kin-Dza-Dza, Breaking Away, Moloch (Molokh), Hud, Boxcar Bertha, L'Eclisse, Mulholland Drive, Kazoku gmu (The Family Game), Tian bian yi duo yun (The Wayward Cloud), Last Life in the Universe, Ni na bian ji dian (What Time Is It Over There?), Kong bu fen zi (The Terrorizer) (The Terrorist), Somewhere, Down by Law, Mystery Train, Duli shidai (A Confucian Confusion), Khane-ye doust kodjast? (Where is the Friend's Home?), Nun va Goldoon (A Moment of Innocence) (Bread and Flower), Gosford Park, Alice in den Stdten (Alice in the Cities), Brewster McCloud, Big Wednesday, Junior Bonner, The Ballad of Cable Hogue, Fool for Love, Alphaville, Stranger Than Paradise, Tokyo Story (Tky monogatari), Days of Heaven, The Hole (Dong) (The Last Dance), The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Mauvais Sang, In a Lonely Place, Vive l'Amour, Breathless ( bout de souffle) (By a Tether), The Big Heat, El Sur (The South), Mother and Son, The Third Man

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