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Henrik Schunk 5 months ago

Thanks, The original with Maureen O Hara or the remake ? I almost forgot about that one, that is a good heads up indeed !

Henrik Schunk 5 months ago

Most definitely, we are already lining up the likes of Muppets Christmas Carol and Home alone. What is your favourite holiday film ? Any hidden gems for the season you can recommend ? Stay out of the cold. :-)

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Before Midnight

Before Midnight

4 hours ago via Flixster

Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke portray a couple so well that at times I felt as if I were intruding as they navigate/negogiate both their present day lives as well as the life they would like to have in Richard Linklater's sublime paean to modern love. Pretentious and self aware throughout, while essentially 5 or 6 conversations and yet ... therein the sparkle.
I dare you to watch this and not think at least once that you've had their very conversation, with exactly the same emotion.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman

1 day ago via Movies on Android phone

Looking at the other critiques for this film simply leaves me speechless. Did Nurse Ratched not check to see if the other inmates at this asylum were indeed taking their meds?
Its the best fairy tale brought (that's right, we asked for them to bring it and they did, they brought it!) to film, bar none.
This is one, I'm thinking, that goes over the heads of this generation. I don't know why. Gonna need the next one (barring the zombie apocalypse) to appreciate this.
Charlize Theron's evil queen is delicious. Stewart's okay ... why they be hatin' on her so bad? CGI's great too.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

2 days ago via Flixster

A wee bit of fun, a guilty pleasure, reversing the traditional superhero dynamic: what if a woman had the superpowers? In this film, played for yuck-yuck-yuck-yuck-yucks, naturally she' d have to be, er, you know, a little, er, difficult, yah?
So what if its a one joke premise? The ensemble has some fun with it, with Luke Wilson as Lois Lane, Rainn Wilson as Jimmy Olsen, and Eddie Izzard as Lex Luthor.
And of course, me always liking some Uma Thurman and Anna Faris.
Its better than it sounds.

Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher

2 days ago via Flixster

By-the-numbers standard crime thriller, with Cruise as the tough-as-nails investigator (leaned out 21st century style with no traditional trench coat, no traditional whiskey in the bottom desk drawer of a crummy second floor office, no traditional smokes, only plenty of whoop ass), Rosamund Pike as the babe (shimmering) and, of course, the usual cast of suspects.
Served hot.
Cruise doesn't say the line, "I'm Batman", but if he did it would be the same movie.

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