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North by Northwest, Eraserhead, Ran, Sling Blade, Army of Darkness, 12 Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men), GoodFellas, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Modern Times, Suspiria, Come and See (Idi i smotri), Fargo, Groundhog Day, The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Shawshank Redemption, Raging Bull, Rear Window, Jaws, Schindler's List, Alien, No Country for Old Men, The Thing, Ed Wood, Dead Alive (Braindead), One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Excalibur, Pee-wee's Big Adventure, M, Pulp Fiction, The Great Dictator, The Shining, This Is Spinal Tap, Deep Red (Profondo rosso), Cabin Boy, Raising Arizona, The Fly, Back to the Future, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, In Cold Blood, What About Bob?, Ben-Hur, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Graduate, The Truman Show, Night of the Living Dead, Le Trou (The Hole) (The Nightwatch), Jurassic Park, The Godfather, Part II, The Pianist, Election, The Exorcist, Letters from Iwo Jima, Aliens, Patton, Toy Story, Blue Velvet, Stalker, Full Metal Jacket, Paths of Glory, Seven Samurai (Shichinin no Samurai), The Godfather, Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes (Aguirre, the Wrath of God), Ratatouille, Stand by Me, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Freaks, Barton Fink, Citizen Kane, Rosemary's Baby, Videodrome, Watership Down, Paris, Texas, American Beauty, The Wages of Fear, Fitzcarraldo, I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang, Vertigo, RoboCop, Double Indemnity, To Be or Not to Be, The Best Years of Our Lives, Gran Torino, White Heat, Being There, Rebel Without a Cause, The Passion of the Christ, First Blood (Rambo: First Blood), After Hours, A Simple Plan, Misery, Sleuth, Dances With Wolves, Psycho, Cape Fear, Flirting With Disaster, Punch-Drunk Love, Pan's Labyrinth, Batman
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George C. Scott, Humphrey Bogart, Bruce Campbell, Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro, Bill Murray, Cary Grant, James Stewart, Jim Varney, Harland Williams, Henry Fonda, Jim Gaffigan, Jim Carrey, Robert Mitchum

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Jesus of Nazareth
14 days ago via Flixster


The crucifixion wasn't as gritty as it should have been and much time is spent pre-Nativity, but this is a very thorough and satisfying telling of the Gospels. Robert Powell is incredible as a loving and astute portrayal of Jesus.