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The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan has concluded his beloved and realistic Batman series after a four year wait. I remember the first day it was announced that Nolan began writing the script. The excitement began. I also remember all of the villain rumors, which included the Riddler and Dr. Hugo Strange. All of those rumors were put to rest when Bane and Catwoman were announced as the villains. After this occurred, I knew it was time to not think about comparing these villains to the previous film, âThe Dark Knight,â? because these villains are very different from Joker and Two-Face. The Joker and Two-Face are mentally challenging villains, while Bane and Catwoman are both mentally and physically challenging baddies. I was lucky to avoid these comparisons, while everyone on IMDb Discussion Boards couldnâ(TM)t help themselves. They began comparing the film to the Avengers. Which is better? Foremost, The Dark Knight Rises is completely different film than the Avengers. The Avengers was a great film, but Nolanâ(TM)s films are a darker take on one superhero, not a group.
After I saw the Dark Knight Rises trailer, Iâ(TM)ve never felt anymore anticipation for a film in my life. I knew there would be more in the film than a two and a half minute preview, especially after I found out its runtime is 2 hours and 45 minutes. I wanted to go into the film spoiler-free and it worked.
After seeing an advanced screening in IMAX, I can say that The Dark Knight Rises is a truly fantastic film. Not only is this one of the best superhero films ever made, itâ(TM)s also one of the best films of the year.
Christopher Nolan continues to outdo his previous films with this spectacular finale to his wonderful trilogy. Similar to the Lord of the Rings and Toy Story trilogies, this film can be included on the list of worthy conclusions to already-successful trilogies, where the Godfather and Matrix failed. Nolan created his dark atmosphere with pure perfection and crafted his best script to date with his brother Jonathan. This is the darkest film of the three, but I will not explain why (to avoid spoilers). I will say that even though it is a long film, I did not want it to end. Nolan always manages to keep his films moving along despite the overlong running times.
Acting-wise, Christian Bale does a phenomenal job as Bruce Wayne/Batman. This is his best performance as Bruce Wayne AND Batman in the entire trilogy. In my opinion, since Heath Ledger completely stole the Dark Knight, I wasnâ(TM)t too happy with Bruce Wayne and Batman in that film. Ledgerâ(TM)s performance in the previous film stole the spotlight away from Bale, and Nolan made a big mistake increasing the audio on his gravelly voice (which made his voice more annoying as the film progressed). In the Dark Knight Rises, Bale is given material where I can cheer for Batman again. He is given similar material to Batman Begins where Batman is awesome and makes a more than welcome return to take down his new foe, Bane. Tom Hardy is terrifying and menacing as Bane. This is a compliment of course. Since he is wearing a mask, he wasnâ(TM)t given much of an opportunity to make any facial expressions. His voice was really important for the part and he managed to pull it off effectively. Hardy finally does the character justice after everyone had to witness Joel Schumacherâ(TM)s failure to interpret the character as a mindless henchman in the awful Batman and Robin. Bane is a genius and strategist. Hardy completely brings the character to life with his voice and his physicality. Do not compare Hardyâ(TM)s Bane to Ledgerâ(TM)s Joker. They are two completely different villains and performances. Hardy did a wonderful job at creating the characterâ(TM)s obsession with carnage.
I know a lot of people who donâ(TM)t like Anne Hathaway and the last thing these haters wanted was to see her play Selina Kyle/Catwoman. I remember everyone bickering about Heath Ledger being announced as the Joker. May he rest in peace, but look what happened! I gained a lot of trust for Nolan and his choice for actors (except Maggie Gyllenhaal). In my opinion, I think Hathaway is a scene stealer. Hathaway has a different interpretation than Michelle Pfeiffer did, so I didnâ(TM)t bother comparing them. Hathaway turns into the famous femme fatale with her seductiveness, cleverness and professionalism and left behind her cuteness from her Disney films. Not only did she perform the role well, Hathaway looked really attractive in the suit. I canâ(TM)t blame Batman for not wanting to fight her. Nolan always had an issue writing female characters, but he finally succeeded with Selina Kyle. I admired Hathawayâ(TM)s performance as Catwoman and I hope she continues to be a part of movies like this in the future. Gary Oldman is still my favorite actor and he continues to impress as Police Commissioner Jim Gordon. From the start, I was the most happy about his casting in these films after years of playing villains. This character, George Smiley and Sirius Black are examples that Gary Oldman can also perform as sympathetic characters. Morgan Freeman is great as he is always as Lucius Fox. Since the first film, I was amazed that Nolan was able to cast him in these films after having an already all-star cast in each film. Morgan Freeman completes the puzzle with his voice and veteran acting skills. The film reunited Inception stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard. Gordon-Levitt has become a huge star and Iâ(TM)m happy he continues to perform wonderfully as he has in the last few years. He was almost the Riddler, but Iâ(TM)m glad Nolan chose not to use a villain that would have been so much similar to the Joker. Nolan gives him a great character to play and Gordon-Levitt succeeded admirably. Before I saw the film, I considered Marion Cotillardâ(TM)s character Miranda Tate as a replacement for Rachel Dawes, because I thought Dawes was a really stupid character. Cotillardâ(TM)s character wasnâ(TM)t the best either, but she is such a likable and beautiful person that she can make any character look good. Her French accent is just beautiful music to my ears.
In my opinion, if there is an actor in the film that deserves an Oscar nomination, it should be Michael Caine. I believe that he stole every scene he was in with his stern attitude and deep emotion. This film gave every actor their chance to shine, but Caine shined the most with his emotional scenes of fatherly advice with Christian Bale. Caineâ(TM)s Alfred was always a fatherly figure to Bruce Wayne. He expressed that in the first film with his argument with Bruce before he saves his life in the burning Wayne Manor. Now, he is given new ground and material. Nolan gives him scenes where Caine can express his veteran acting talents. Another amazing casting choice from the start, Caine gives his most affective and Oscar worthy performance of his career and I hope he is given some award consideration for it.
When the action begins, it never stops. Nolanâ(TM)s action and fight sequences continue to impress. The visual effects are the best of the series by far. The action sequences are unblinking accounts of the filmâ(TM)s theme: Pain. For Batman Begins, the theme was fear. For The Dark Knight, the theme was chaos. For the conclusion, the theme is pain. For a PG-13 film, some scenes were hard to watch because they were so brutal, but it didnâ(TM)t stop Nolan from succeeding in what he aimed for the entire time. For a film that is nearly three hours long, Nolanâ(TM)s action sequences keep the film moving and are not distracting and overdone like Transformers. Nolan knows how to construct meaningful action sequences.
Even though the film is fantastic, there are always flaws. Similar to most of Nolanâ(TM)s films, the score is too loud at times. Sometimes, the score is playing too loud while characters are having conversations and the dialogue is hard to decipher. Itâ(TM)s become a trademark flaw, but I think Nolan should take a break from big budget action films. I think if he wrote and directed a British independent film, Nolan would be able to showcase his writing talents because Iâ(TM)ll actually hear what the actors are saying. I think Nolan would notice that Hans Zimmer wonâ(TM)t be able to write a score that is louder than the dialogue in an independent film. In the final Batman film, the score worked during the action sequences and made each sequence more epic. I still think his original score with James Newton Howard was the best though.
Without spoilers, the film ended with an ending the series deserves. Only Nolan could have thought of it and I am happy he chose it and long-time fans of the series will be impressed. A thrilling action spectacle and character study that leads to the worthwhile finale. I learned to watch the film for what it is and not look back to the other Batman films. Tim Burtonâ(TM)s Batman Returns (1989 Batman was good, mainly thanks to Jack Nicholson) and Schumacherâ(TM)s films were beyond cheesy and it made the films look like unfunny spoofs. I thought it would be the end of Batman, but British visionary Christopher Nolan saved the day in 2005 with Batman Begins. After Batman flipped over the Joker card at the end of the 2005 film, the hype for the sequel began. After the 2008 Dark Knight, people were already begging for part three. Now the third and final film is in theaters, Nolanâ(TM)s trilogy is over. The Dark Knight Rises lives up to its hype. In all, Nolanâ(TM)s trilogy is a very intelligent and original take on Batmanâ(TM)s world that long time Batman fans can sit back and enjoy. I really want to thank Christopher Nolan for saving the Batman franchise and giving the comic books the justice by turning them into unforgettable films.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I'll get right to the point: this film was awesome. I definitely want to finish reading the book after viewing this film. The score by the geniuses who composed the oscar-winning score for the Social Network did it again! Their score added so much tension to Fincher's atmosphere. Speaking of Fincher, he did a wonderful job, as always. He is a director that many amateur filmmakers should look into, because the atmosphere and tone of his films really connect to the stories he tells. For this film, I hope he gets his third Oscar nod for his versatile direction. After I read the book, I'll comment about Steven Zaillian's screenplay, but from what I've seen, he did a marvelous job interpreting the extremely complex first novel. From what I've read so far, it must have been beyond difficult to turn Steig Larson's novel into a feature length screenplay. I hope the screenplay gets award consideration, because he didn't read the book to the audience, he brilliantly interpreted the novel and Fincher brought it to life with his unique style. Fincher's green undertone really added to the suspense of this film.The actors were fantastic. Daniel Craig is always great and continues to be one of the best actors in Hollywood. There is not a role in this world that he wouldn't be able to master. I mean come on, he's James Bond. He contributed a lot of dedication to a role of an obsessed man trying to solve a mystery. Bravo Mr. Bond. Christopher Plummer may a late bloomer for being amazing in his latest films, and this is another film to add to his really long resume. Plummer played his role of Henrik Vanger perfectly, and I hope he wins for his performance in Beginners. He is such a dedicated actor to keep doing what Clint Eastwood gave up on. It was good to see Robin Wright and Joely Richardson again. It's been awhile since they've done anything this big in their careers. I'm happy they were back with their talent. Stellan Skarsgard is another actor out of a huge cast that I recognize and his acting skills never fail. I'm glad he finally did a critically acclaimed film like this one, and he was one of the only Swedish actors in the film. Glad to see you Stellan.Ok, now that I'm done with the other actors, the real star of this film is Rooney Mara. She wasn't great, she was absolutely fantastic. She completely embodied such a physically and mentally demanding role. She stole every scene she was in and I always looked forward to learn more about Lisabeth Salander throughout the film. This is a role of a lifetime and she dedicated her entire life to this role. For example, the piercings on Mara's face were real, she started smoking, she learned how to ride a motorcycle like a professional, and more. She's rude, ignorant, careless, and at times, terrifying. Mara makes the character beyond likable throughout the tough road her character must encounter. I gained every inch of respect for this dedicated actress. I hope she gets an Oscar nod, because she's that good.This film does get really intense and tough to watch. I'm going to give anything away, but there is a scene that was so hard to watch, I had to turn away. The meaning of the certain scene gets meaning and retribution later. Other than the one scene, it's an amazing film and Fincher had become one of my favorite directors. Mara steals the film and Craig is always amazing. See this film as soon as possible.

The Artist
The Artist (2011)

I saw this film with extremely high expectations. My expectations were fulfilled! This was one of the best films of the past decade. This is a silent film that has a great story, fantastic actors (players), brilliant direction/execution, and just a worthwhile film experience. Yes, this is a silent film. No talking at all. The story was original and heartfelt. The timing of the title cards was perfect. Writer/Director Michel Hazanavicius did a wonderful job with creating an environment and tone that would connect to one of Chaplin's silent films. The script is beyond clever, because there are times where breaking the fourth wall is worth it. The scenes where this occurs was extremely well timed. This film is not as good as Chaplin, but this film is a brilliant example of old fashioned filmmaking trying to make a comeback. I miss films like this, because silent films are really hard to track down! Now, Hazanavicius created a film that will be easy to find and is enjoyable to watch. I don't think anyone today can create a film like Hazanavicius did. Also, the cinematography was too brilliant to miss, because I could feel that Hazanavicius put a touch of modern day technology on with this film. A silent film with brilliant cinematography did not exist back in the 20s. Think Citizen Kane's cinematographer Gregg Toland filming a Charlie Chaplin film.
The actors were phenomenal. Jean Dujardin gave a wonderful and entertaining performance as silent film star George Valentin (fictional). He put on a show as a fallen silent film star and the execution of Hazanavicius made the journey of Valentin worth watching. His facial expressions and movement were pitch perfect. Supporting this film was Hazanavicius's girlfriend Berenice Bejo. She was fantastic as well. Similar to Dujardin, she also put on a show with her movement. Not only that, she is a gorgeous woman. If she transported back in time to the 1920s, she would be able to become a star with her looks and her endless range of talent. Even though it was a silent film, she had amazing chemistry with Dujardin. The film really took off when the two of them were in the same shot. Big name actors such as James Cromwell, John Goodman (who would have been my first choice to play a movie mogul), and Malcolm McDowell (in an extremely small role) add some support to this film, because they were the only actors I recognized. The real support of this film belongs to the dog Uggie (previously seen in Water for Elephants). This dog may have been one of the most well-trained and talented dogs I've seen in a film. You will be surprised on what this dog can do. He really puts on a show. I hope to see all of the actors, especially Dujardin and Bejo, in more films.
I was pulled into this story that many directors and screenwriters in hollywood should pay attention to: out with the old, in with the new. this story of silent films being taken over by talkies is old fashioned originality at its best!

War Horse
War Horse (2011)

Films that put me in tears at all deserve five stars. Steven Spielberg's latest film War Horse definitely did that, but the film had flaws here and there. There were many moments throughout this movie where I was either in tears of sadness or tears of joy. I don't know how Spielberg does it, but he's an expert at connecting with an audience and their deep emotions. This was a Spielberg film that didn't include any cheesy CGI, like War of the Worlds and Indiana Jones 4. This was old-fashioned filmmaking at its finest! This is filmmaking I want to take on one day and Mr. Spielberg has become one of my idols because he uses his own style to tell emotional stories that I enjoy watching from beginning to end. War Horse is a film that gives me an internal message that it's still fun to go to the movies. The horse (known as Joey) should be nominated for an Oscar. JUST KIDDING. But the horse's journey through the tough work of farming and the battlefields of World War I is a worthwhile thrill ride. The horse fights his way through the battlefields with extremely well executed stunts. Spielberg keeps the story going with his wide lens imagery and key lighting. Richard Curtis and Lee Hall wrote a great script, but some of the human characters were not well developed, including Tom Hiddleston's character and the two French brothers. From a director's point-of-view, Spielberg deserves a standing ovation. This is a film I've been waiting for him to make since Catch Me If You Can. His emotional sequences from E.T. and the battle sequences from Saving Private Ryan (but not as intense) are included throughout this film. This film doesn't have a multiple point-of-view character ratio like Saving Private Ryan, but the characters that were included were worth following through this adventure. I couldn't have been more grateful to see Spielberg in top-form again. Even though some of the characters weren't the best developed, the performances by the actors were phenomenal. Out of all the actors, Jeremy Irvine was the biggest standout. This was his motion picture debut! He was marvelous. At first he was a very subtle boy until his character stopped at nothing to train Joey . Irvine presented a lot of charima and leading man attitude toward his character and he's got a long career ahead of him. The rest of the cast, including Emily Watson, Tom Hiddleston, Peter Mullan and most importantly Niels Arestrup gave wonderful performances. Also, if you have a problem with animals being harmed, well they were not of course, but there are scenes that imply animals were harmed back then during such desperate times. I try to remember that animals were not harmed during the making of this film and I don't look back. This is a film I will cherish as a definite inspiration for a filmmaking career. I am beyond glad I finally saw a film that was really well crafted by Spielberg's customary flair.

Midnight in Paris

I haven't seen too many Woody Allen films. Actually, I don't recall seeing any of his films. I know, it sounds bad, but this is the first Woody Allen film I've ever seen. I did recognize one thing about this film: originality thrives through Allen's writing. This is not an amazing film, but it is extremely enjoyable and entertaining. Allen's dialogue is pure genius, because it brings the story to life. All I needed to hear was the famous people's names, and their dialogue sounded like it was ACTUALLY them. Also, Allen gave Owen Wilson a very comparable and three-dimensional leading role. Wilson's character felt real through his love of the 1920s and his inability to connect that feeling with his screenwriting and novel writing. Also, Wilson gave a great performance through the first two thirds of the film. When the film gets dramatic, his performance begins to fall apart. I was never a big fan of Wilson's, and I still don't like him. The rest of the cast was fantastic, including Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen, the always wonderful Kathy Bates, Tom Hiddelston and Allison Pill. Marion Cotillard is a gorgeous woman and I was so glad that she was in this film. She's always a scene stealer with her seductive and subtle personality in all of her films, and she presents that in this film. Corey Stoll presented a very convincing portrayal as the damaged and late Ernest Hemingway. I wish he had a bigger part, because he was very funny. Also, even though he was in one scene, Adrien Brody completely vanished, and he played a brilliant performance as Salvador Dali. I usually can't stand him, like Wilson, but he deepened his voice and spoke with an extremely fluent French accent. Also, he was really funny in his cameo.
Even though the acting was great, Allen's script and direction was the film's high point. His script didn't need to explain anything but Allen's choice to create a character that fell in love with a beautiful city. He creates a wonderful illusion in our minds that life is better if you live a little. Even though I've never seen any of Allen's previous films, I understand where he goes with his work. His stories seem simple, but his themes and characters convince us to think about ourselves. People say this all the time, but life is short. If you want to try something new, try something new. Allen aimed for "living a completely different lifestyle." If you want to do that, then just do it. Allen portrayed this perfectly through brilliant writing and a moving pace.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

It may be the first time I've ever said this after seeing a Mission Impossible Film: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! The reason I say this is, even though Ethan Hunt accomplishes his missions in the previous films, each film itself didn't leave me with a good opinion. I liked De Palma's original film, I did not like the 2nd film at all, and the third film was pretty good, but not great. On the other hand, Ghost Protocol left me mesmerized by the end. The story was not the strong point, which is the problem with the previous installments, but it didn't stop it from being from one of the best action films I've seen in years.
...Tom Cruise is beyond insane...
...for performing those stunts on the tallest building in the world. That scene itself was ridiculously thrilling. Tom Cruise is an action star and he needs to stick with it. It may be the first time I cheered for his character, because he was very likable this time around. The script did a great job creating subtext for his character and Cruise did what he does best, BRINGING THE CHARACTER TO LIFE. He is a wonderful actor and I'm glad to see him in top form for the first time in years. Welcome back Mr. Cruise!
The rest of the cast is marvelous. Simon Pegg will always be a funny guy after Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. He continues to use his comedic timing strongly in a bigger role. His career keeps getting bigger and better. I'll see any film with him in it after this film, especially his next film with one of my favorite filmmakers: Edgar Wright. Paula Patton is a very sexy and attractive woman. There's a scene where she wears this gorgeous dress she should wear to an awards show. She's glowing. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Also, he's a wonderful actress after starting her career not too long ago. She used an attitude that turned her into an elite female action star and I hope she does more action films. It was rumored that Jeremy Renner would take over the series. I don't have a problem with that after seeing this film, but I have to admit the series will not be the same without Tom Cruise. Regardless, Renner is also a great actor. He presented a lot of charisma to his role that Cruise does with Hunt. I still would not see these films without Cruise, but Renner can pull off being an action star. The more I think about it, Renner is already taking over the Bourne series, so I think that Cruise should stick with the M:I series with Renner as a supporting role in this series. I want to see where his character goes from here with Cruise still in the picture. That's my best conclusion for the future of this series.
Back to this recent film. For a director with no experience in live-action filmmaking, Brad Bird did a wonderful job. After directing the brilliant films Iron Giant, Incredibles and Ratatouille, Bird must have had enough experience in using brilliant imagery to tell stories. The pacing is non-stop. The shots he captured in the tower scene and the entertaining conclusion were brilliant. This man knows how to make an entertaining and thrilling action film. Take note Michael Bay! This is a film that kept my adrenaline pumping through every minute. Bird accomplished a mission that kept his already successful career with this action packed three-act structure. Well done Mr. Bird! He really understands how to communicate with an audience. Similar to all of his previous films, at the end of Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, I said: AGAIN, AGAIN!

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

I think that Robert Downey Jr. should realize that his sequels are never better than the original. I really liked the original Iron Man, but did not like the sequel. I liked the original Sherlock Holmes, because the action was non-stop and clever, and Downey Jr. was wonderful. But, I was not too happy with this film. If the original had any slow moments, it was beyond clever, and Ritchie's slow motion and quick cuts were used for Holmes to learn his surroundings. This one, had WAY TOO MANY slow moments. The slow scenes actually made me aware that this is a long film. It's only two hours long, but it felt even longer. I think the writers aimed for some emotion and depth, but Ritchie did not do a good job executing it. Also, the script wasn't good at all. The plot was everywhere and the focus should have stayed with Moriarity. The scenes between Moriarty and Holmes weren't intense at all. Yes, there was good dialogue between them, but they didn't seem like they hated each other at all. I had a feeling the scenes would be intense because Moriarty to Holmes is like the Joker to Batman. They are arch enemies. I wasn't expecting them to physically fight. I was expecting a little more verbal arguments. I understood that the writers and Guy Ritchie aimed for a "battle of wit," but the scenes could have been a little more intense. It was way too slow.
On a positive note, the action sequences, especially the woods scene was beyond entertaining. Overall, all of the fight scenes and action sequences have the same amount of thrills that the first film delivered. This film was two fight scenes short though, while the original had non-stop action.
Even though Robert Downey Jr. has a bad track record in sequels, it didn't stop him from giving another brilliant performance in this film. He does have a perfect English accent and does an amazing job portraying such an intelligent human being like the sharp eyed Holmes. I always thought Jude Law would have made a great Sherlock Holmes, but I do respect his choice to portray Dr. Watson. He's excellent in this film. The chemistry between Downey Jr. and Law maybe the top reasons to see this film, because they throw their lines at each other so quick that they might either be improvising or having a real conversation or argument. Noomie Rapace of the Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series was sadly underused in this film. I honestly didn't understand why her character was in the film to begin with. Her strong accent did make her english sound a little mumbled. She's still an amazing actress though. Jared Harris's Professor Moriarty was even more underused. He did not have a big role at all. Blame the writers. Harris is a really good actor and I was most excited to see how he would portray one of the most menacing villains in the history of literature and film. Harris did not get much to do, besides out-witting Holmes.
Overall, this was not a great film. I don't know if Ritchie was aiming for a more intelligent picture than the original. Either way, it didn't work. This can wait for DVD.

Hugo (2011)

"Can we Fix Him?" (Him meaning this film) Only Scorsese can.
I know. I gave another movie a high review. Big whoop, wanna fight about it? Just kidding. I recently saw this film and loved every minute of it. The only problem with it is it can be slow at times, but the acting and Martin Scorsese's direction keeps you in it. For me, the subject matter kept me in the film. The film is includes very old films during the time when the movies were shows instead of paying 9 bucks and seeing it because you want. The movies were rare because innovations were beginning. Scorsese pays tribute to films such as A Trip to the Moon (Directed by Georges Melies, whose played by Ben Kingsley in probably his best performance since House of Sand and Fog), Safety First!, and the Lumiere Brothers' Train Arrival. I'm currently learning film history, so it was unbelievable to see Scorsese capture what that time was like for the innovation of film. He brought these old films that the best filmmakers today take note of as inspiration. Scorsese may have just brought back the art of film to the big screen and I couldn't be any more appreciative. Mr. Scorsese's direction was nothing short of spectacular. I will always say that man is the best filmmaker alive right now, since his films are always said to be "WELL-MADE." For me, this may have been his best directed film since The Departed (even though he only made Shutter Island between The Departed and Hugo). Hugo is a kids movie, SCORSESE'S FIRST CHILDRENS' MOVIE. Is there any medium or genre that Martin Scorsese hasn't mastered? No.
This film was visually brilliant. The lighting of the characters and tone of the atmosphere is stupendous. Scorsese knows how to paint a portrait. He made early 1900 Paris look like the interior of a machine. He presented the deep subtext and thematic elements through his imagery, ONCE AGAIN!
The acting was amazing. Asa Butterfield was marvelous as the title character and I hope he has a long stretch of career ahead of him, because this kid has A LOT OF TALENT. Chloe Grace Moretz continues to amaze me in her early career after her tour-de-force performances in Kick-Ass and Let Me In. Take note, THIS GIRL CAN ACT! She plays such an innocent character that's dying to go on an adventure. Her British accent was sharp and believable. Another young person that had A LOT OF TALENT. I can never take Sacha Baron Cohen seriously after Borat, and I never will. He was the comedic relief of this film, and he did have a lot of funny dialogue to work off of. He is also a great actor with a lot of range and I hope he is excellent as Freddie Mercury in the future biographic film. Finally, the real scene stealer of this film was Ben Kingsley. He has not been in great movies in a while. He seemed to be looking for easy paychecks by doing stupid films. This time, he plays a real person, which he's done before in his Oscar-winning performance as Gandhi in 1982. He plays one of the best film pioneers of the 1900s with so much depth that I really thought Scorsese was filming the real Georges Melies. Kingsley was excellent in this film and it may have awoken his near-dead career.
Martin Scorsese hit another grand-slam with this film and I hope his directing gets award consideration, along with Kingsley's emotionally touching performance. This film may be one of the best films I've seen this year, since my high expectations were answered with a bang. Thank you Mr. Scorsese! You may have just resurrected Film History as we know it!

The Muppets
The Muppets (2011)

I know, I gave this film 5 stars. You wanna know why? It was an excellent movie! I can have my own opinion! You wanna know why I give A LOT of films great reviews? Because I see a lot of excellent movies! If a movie looks bad, or gets a bad review, I DON'T WASTE MY TWO PRECIOUS HOURS WITH THAT MOVIE! This time, I can say, this film was worth every penny! Another film I can call NOSTALGIA ON SCREEN! The Muppets make a more than welcome return to the big screen! I miss all of them after a decade of nothing, or their attempts to make straight to dvd films, or their unnecessary appearances on Disney Channel. This time, they are better than ever. I will say that Jim Henson would love to see his Muppets having this much fun this late in time. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Rowlf, Animal and the rest of the gang return for one wild party! I never thought in a million years Jason Segel would be the one to bring them back. This man may have just saved Hollywood, because the Muppets were surely missed. Segel and Get Him to the Greek's writer/director Nicolas Stoller wrote a helluva screenplay with more heart than any DISNEY film in a long time. Segel himself gives his best performance to date with the beyond talented Amy Adams, who is always fantastic! Love you Amy! Chris Cooper plays a very fun villain, and must have had the time of his life. Rashida Jones must have had a tough time being mean to the Muppets, but she did an excellent job doing so. Someone's gotta be mean to the Muppets! Very amusing cameos by Jack Black (who may have saved his near-dead career with this film), Alan Arkin, Zach Galifinakis, and more surprise cameos. The songs and dance numbers could not have been any more fun. I loved every song in this film, because of how honest they were and how they kept the film going with it's theme. The movie introduced a new Muppet, Walter, who did bring a lot of comedy chops to the script as a long-time Muppet fan (which I believe is Jason Segel's inner-child coming to life as a Muppet). The film is at its best when it makes fun of the art of movies. You'll see what I mean when you see the movie! This is a film for the entire family, even the adults. I wanted to clap after every number or the entrance of a Muppet, because I felt like I was a kid watching the Muppet show, or another Muppet movie. Finally, the movie did prove something to me, ORIGINALITY STILL EXISTS! Thank you Mr. Segel! I hope I get a chance to see this film again, because I loved every minute of it.

50/50 (2011)

A comedy about cancer? I thought this was a bad idea from the start. After I found out that the writer of this film is a cancer survivor, I was given the feeling that this film would have a lot of heart and honesty. Wow, was I right or what! This film had so much heart I couldn't look away. I fell in love with the story, the characters, and everything about this film. Was it hard for me to watch? Yes it was. I had an experience over a decade ago with a friend who had cancer. I went to the hospital to see him during chemotherapy. That was very tough to watch, because it's hard to reconnect with that experience. In this film, the writer gives the characters medicinal marijuana during chemo, which made it very amusing. A lot of the jokes were not laugh-out-loud funny, but it did put a smile on my face. Seth Rogen had all of the funny dialogue and the opportunity to be himself, which really worked in this film. This is Rogen's best performance to date. He needed this picture after his failure of the Green Hornet. I've always had a crush on Anna Kendrick after I saw her mesmerizing performance in Up in the Air. She's pretty much the same character (too young and inexperienced at a tough job), but she adds a lot of charm and attitude to her performance as Katherine. Also, Bryce Dallas Howard is a gorgeous woman, and she manages to play any role she can get her hands on. She manages to play her role very well, in her first actual good film. The real star of this film is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is rising quickly in Hollywood as one of the best actors of my generation. He takes this role to a high enough level in depth, that I really thought he was suffering. He's an absolute natural and I hope he gets awards consideration for his elevating performance. Like I said, I was against this film until I decided to see it. I was almost in tears by the end of the film. It may be hard for people that have had any experience whatsoever with fighting cancer, but this is a very heartfelt and original film that is both fun and genuine. Please watch this movie to see what I mean,

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

what do you expect? it's harold and kumar! the stoners return for their craziest adventure yet! ill say this: ITS WAY BETTER THAN THE LAST FILM. george bush saved that movie from being really bad, but it was just bad. it's hard to say, but the 3d actually worked because it was theme of the movie. everything that usually doesnt work in 3d did work, such as your eyes in pain after the movie is over. my eyes were not in pain. john cho and kal penn (who quit his job at the white house to do this film) were hilarious as always. neil patrick harris is a sinister sex maniac again, and the film makes fun of him for coming out of the closet after the second film was made. a lot of cameos from old characters (goldstein) and some famous actors (machete's danny trejo and thomas lennon) kept this film going and i really enjoyed it. a lot of gags that you will remember forever, and some you will never discuss with anyone. it's hit-or-miss at times. the film had the same flaws as the first, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? but it doesn't matter. it's a stoner adventure! just enjoy it for what it is. i still think the movie should have came out around christmas time. the best thing about this film was we actually get to see a nicer side of these characters after their crazy adventures in the predecessors.

Horrible Bosses

I thought this film would be another stupid R-rated comedy to add to the "too many cliches" book. I really need to learn not to judge a book by its cover. I saw this film mainly for the cast, and it turns out, the cast steals the entire movie. the material they work off of is solid but a little to predictable at times. before i saw the film, i said "QUIT YOUR JOBS!!!" it turns out, these bosses are evil geniuses. all of the characters fit well together. see the movie to see why. the cast made this movie worth watching. jason bateman hasn't been a scene stealer since arrested development and dodgeball, but his lines save his role from disaster. never was a fan of jason sudeikis, and still not. before i get to his role in the film, he isnt funny. i dont know what people see in him, he's an awful douchebag. anyway, his doucheness seemed to work in the movie, so enough said about him. charlie day was the scene stealer out of the 3. the always sunny star is a very funny guy. he whines a lot, but the way he is just worked in the movie. i really liked his character, and played it well. now, the bosses. kevin spacey can play a bad guy in any movie. not just that, he's always a joy to see on screen, no matter who he plays. when it comes to this psychopath, he's perfect. after seeing seven or a bugs life, he can be a terrifying villain. he sure did it again. it took me a little bit to recognize colin farrell, but he completely embodies his tool-bag character. he can be funny when he wants to be, but i still think he should stick with dramatic acting, because he's so much better at it. finally, i think this may have been jennifer aniston's best role to date. i never thought in a million years that she would play a role like this. she plays a complete sex crazed man-eater. she finally plays a role in a movie that didn't suck. she can be very funny, but this time, she was hilarious. a warning is that she is mainly eye candy for perverted guys in her role, but her lines and timing is too pitch perfect to miss. jamie foxx shows up in the movie for a limited role, and he is pretty funny in his role, mainly for the name of his character. this movie is recommended for people that either hate their jobs or want to see well-made comedy. director seth gordon keeps this film together while the actors steal the film. check it out on demand.

Bridesmaids (2011)

i usually don't mind chick flicks. this film takes the term "chick-flick" in a completely different direction, because there are moments that even guys can't handle. what i mean is, there are some gross out gags that may scar you for a long time, but it's still funny and enjoyable. its perfectly understandable that so much of what happened in this movie could not be included in the preview. this movie had moments that were absolutely hysterical. i started tearing up a little bit. other moments were a good-hearted romantic comedy. kristen wiig may have become a star after her brilliant comedic performance in this female-driven judd apatow comedy. the whole cast is very enjoyable to watch. bridesmaids was the perfect title because they steal the film. exceeded my expectations big time. see this movie!

Drive (2011)

went to see this film with high expectations. wow, what great results! yes, this was an amazing film. most action films r usually brainless and a time to escape from reality. this film was NOT brainless. this was one of the most thought-provoking thrill rides ive ever seen. the imagery throughout the film is brilliant enough to keep your head in analyzation mode. pay attention to as much of the images as you can and especially, listen to the dialogue. EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT. nicolas winding refn's direction is flawless. his staging of the violence and stylized use of close-ups were perfectly executed. the film may seem predictable, but the choice of music, tension and atmosphere makes it unpredictable. the cast was excellent. is there anything ryan gosling can't do? he played a depressed teacher in half-nelson, an awkward shut-in in lars and the real girl, a suave, sweet-talking playboy in crazy stupid love, but now, he's an action star? he portrays his role perfectly. by the end of the film, you may be scared of him, because he does get terrifying. was never a fan of carey mulligan, but she plays her role well. never saw breaking bad, but i always forget how good of an actor bryan cranston is. similar to gosling, he can do anything. albert brooks and ron perlman are very convincing in this film as well. this film isn't all about cars. if u wanna know why, SEE THE MOVIE!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

Just returned from the midnight premiere of the final film to a beyond successful franchise. i'll say it now, the movie was fantastic. even though it was so good, ill start with the negatives, which is the screenplay. there are certain points made in the movie that can only be understood by people who read the book. i read the book and the points that were made could have been left out, so people who did not read the books would understand. but seriously, i have to put this out there, to people who complain about this film or any of the other harry potter films about the films "not following the book," WHO CARES!???? do you seriously want the filmmakers to read the book to you??!! if the films miss an important point, don't go insane about it. the films are telling the story not as the book was written.
anyway, back to the movie. i was in tears by the end of the film, not only because it was over, because the franchise was concluded so well. screenwriter steven kloves managed to tackle the most important points in rowling's novel that would explain A LOT that was left as a hole in any of the previous films. if there are ANY holes that this film didn't clear up, JUST READ THE BOOK!! david yates deserves a standing ovation for concluding the series in a brilliant visual style. he literally paints a picture of what happened in the seventh book with such a brilliant tone and imagery that may have been tough to imagine. he succeeded in creating the imagery rowling wanted her readers and fans to imagine. WELL DONE! now the performances....daniel radcliffe will ALWAYS be Harry Potter. he really matured as an actor, even though he wasn't the best in the first three films. radcliffe carried the film with his best performance yet. rupert grint and emma watson have really matured as well, and they have a bright future ahead of them. eight films in ten years with these three young actors as the lead. it has been a long and worthwhile journey seeing them as the characters. it was like i was growing up with them. that's one of the reasons why i teared up at the end. the veteran actors were an absolute joy. to me, alan rickman was the biggest standout. see the movie to see why, but all the previous films, he really IS professor snape. no one else could have played the role as well as he did with such calmness and empathy. brilliant actor. ralph fiennes can only be a villain in films and he-who-must-not-be-named was one of his best roles. in this film, he gets a lot more screentime than any of the previous films combined and he expresses the amount of evil you-know-who possesses in rowling's novel. the casting director made an excellent choice. julie walters and maggie smith were big standouts as well, as they are always. as for the young actors, a real scene stealer was matthew lewis as neville longbottom. he really came a long way as the character and as an actor. his role in the film is crucial and he really demonstrates that after the first films characterizing him as a coward and klutz. long career ahead of him! the entire ensemble of actors in the harry potter series deserve an award for their dedication to an eight film series over a span of ten years! never forget!
the visuals and action scenes are an adrenaline rush, because it is so exciting and heartbreaking to see what happens in rowling's novel from the eyes and mind of david yates. a school that my generation read about and saw with our own eyes becomes a warzone. it's really intense! i will also say, this is the DARKEST harry potter film. so small children should not see this movie, because some sequences were hard to watch. this is a film i will never forget, and a franchise i will always cherish throughout my life. it's so hard to realize that the films are over, because i grew up with them. i was 10 when the sorcerer's stone came out, and now i'm 20. to fans of the series, you will be astonished and impressed with this film. to those who never liked the series, DON'T BOTHER. i am fan of the series and proud of it. the books and films of harry potter will always be in my heart.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

I'll admit now, I have not read the books. I can admit that I love these films. This film is more for people that have read the book because they will understand what's going on. Don't get me wrong, I knew what was going on because I've seen ALL of the films. It's just very slow at times. Other than slow pacing, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 is beautifully filmed, very well acted (especially Emma Watson), intense moments, and great visual effects. This is the darkest Harry Potter film I've seen. Bring on Part 2!!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

the two and a half stars i did give this film are for the amazing special effects. it's the only reason to see this movie. Honestly. as usual, michael bay cannot balance the screenplay with his explosions and visuals. similar to just about all of his films, the love story ruined it. the model who replaces megan fox is gorgeous, but of course, it's not enough. the visual effects aren't enough to cover it's weak premise and lack of characterization. but honestly, IT'S TRANSFORMERS!! the best screenwriter in the world couldn't give these robots a good story. it's not the writer's fault. michael bay's awful direction and unnecessary shot choices are the reason the film wasn't that good. bay is the blame, no one else. i will say that the film is much better than the dismal revenge of the fallen, but not as good as the original. besides the long running time, see this film for the brilliant special effects and well-done action sequences. that's it.

Super 8
Super 8 (2011)

What is Super 8 about? Well, it's a camera. What breaks out of the train? Too much of a spoiler. This film is not a masterpiece, but it's the best film I've seen so far this year. JJ Abrams does it again with this visually stunning thrill ride. He creates dead-on jump scares, because whatever breaks out of the train is beyond unpredictable. The film's main focus is on a group of pre-teens making a film with their Super 8 camera in 1979. I'm glad it was about younger kids, because Abrams added a Spielberg-like feel to their story, including dysfunctional families. This kids are filled with wonder and want adventure. The train crash was unexpected and they want to investigate whatever the mystery is. You're better off not knowing what the thing is, because the kids' story is more important and watchable. The thing that breaks out of the train brings them together on an adventure that is worth watching on the big screen. This film had everything I like to see in films, including friendship, romance, adventure, horror, and a little comedy. Abrams created a very nostalgic film to Spielberg's blockbusters in the 1970s and 1980s. This film made me realize that it's still fun to go to the movies, but prices are too high and too many obnoxious people are there. Ignoring prices and people, it's a fun film to watch with good acting, phenomenal directing, thrilling action and a lot of emotional depth that I wish more films had. Definite must-see.

X-Men: First Class

After I saw the preview, I thought it spelled "disaster in the making." Wow was I wrong. After high ratings from critics over the week, I was more excited. Finally, after I realized the casting choices were perfect and I trust Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman after Kick-Ass, I knew I was in for an entertaining blockbuster. This film is one of the best Marvel films I've ever seen, or I should say the best acted and directed Marvel film I've ever seen. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were outstanding in their roles, while Kevin Bacon was a fearsome and relentless antagonist. McAvoy isn't Patrick Stewart, but he makes you believe he will grow up to be Stewart's Professor X with his subtle attitude and strong voice. Fassbender is one of the best actors in the professional business because the horror and anger are expressed in his face, not his voice. He IS Magneto, and I believe he will grow up to be McKellen's Magneto. McAvoy and Fassbender have a great enough chemistry to keep the film moving. Trust me, they're the best part of this film. The rest of the cast, including Jennifer Lawrence, Rose Bryne and Nicolas Hoult, were fantastic. Also, look for an amusing cameo by a mutant from the previous trilogy. For a two hour film, the pacing and the action never stops. There is more to Magneto and Professor X than one would think, and this film flawlessly illustrates it. The film focuses on the mutants as outsiders during the Cuban Missle Crisis and gets more into the background of Erik Lensherr AKA Magneto. Matthew Vaughn was the perfect man for the job and it very impressive that this is his 4th directorial effort. He created his own style after only three films. This film had the strongest script out of any Marvel Film, because it explains so much that will lead to the previous trilogy, including Magneto's helmet and Cerebro. I recommend this to people that both enjoyed and did not like the original trilogy, because it's not only a great comic book film, it's a great film. It's a welcome return to the franchise that ended with Ratner's pitiful Last Stand. Entertainment and good filmmaking at a high level!

Tangled (2010)

Two words: "DISNEY NOSTALGIA" This beautiful piece of animation may be considered a Disney classic because it lived up to the magic that Disney presented us in Snow White, and the magic the company presented us in the amazing 90s films, such as Beauty and the Beast. This film is clever, funny, and undeniably entertaining! The voice acting is amazing as well. Mandy Moore's singing and voice acting created a very innocent and likable princess Rapunzel, which can be added the one of the best Disney princess since Belle and Ariel. She had the voice Amy Adams created in Enchanted and it kept the story going. Zachary Levi has a very good singing voice and he brought a lot of charm to his voice. The standout voice actor is Donna Murphy, because she has a high range of talent in her powerful singing voice and skill to create a voice for such a selfish and possessive villain. She stole the show for voice acting, but the character that stole the film was the horse Maximus, because he didn't say a word. His physical and facial expressions were enough to create a lot of laughs. Also, the chameleon Pascal brought some comic relief. All in all, the story and plot are very straight forward and moving. The one thing this film has that is very important is heart. This film had enough heart that it created enough nostalgia for me to keep watching. The animation is beautiful, even though it's CGI, but it created a lot of emotion that hand-drawn Disney films don't always nail. This one managed to pull it off with CGI animation. This is a pure entertainment for the family!

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Jack is Back!! The best thing about this movie is that it's the shortest of the previous three films. The opening sequence is very well-done, but after they set sail, the film began to drag. The plot is packed with holes and unexplained events, but the comedic presence of Johnny Depp saves the film at times. Depp stole the predecessors, and he sure did steal this one as the iconic Jack Sparrow. Penelope Cruz is beyond gorgeous and she plays a feisty pirate very well. Her chemistry with Johnny Depp was one of the top highlights of the film. Another actor that is always marvelous in his films is Geoffery Rush. It's a little strange not seeing him play a pirate, but he's still uses his pirate accent that makes his character worth paying attention to. As for the villain, Ian McShane isn't as menacing as I thought he would be (which is the writers fault), but a villain is what he's best at playing. Overall, director Rob Marshall focused more on the action than the plot itself, which made some of the later action sequences noisy and boring. This movie is mainly for the fans of the series, because they will not be disappointed. I like these films because pirates are always fun and I am a sucker for sword-fighting sequences. I personally think they are more entertaining than gun-fights. That's my opinion. Anyway, see this movie if you are a fan of this series.

Scream 4
Scream 4 (2011)

Recently saw this highly anticipated horror-comedy that's apart of such a clever and cult franchise. The second Dimension Films slowly appeared on the screen, I knew I was up for a treat. After it's hour and 51 minute runtime, I walked out with so much adrenaline. Yes, the movie was awesome. Not the best of the series though. Scream 1 will always be the best. This one comes close though. This film had, by far, the best opening of them all. Absolutely hilarious and disturbing at the same time. Veteran Horror Director Wes Craven deftly blends the horror and comedy together. It's his best film since the original Scream. He said he wouldn't come back to the franchise unless the script was as good as the original. Close but no cigars. A welcome back to the brilliant writer Kevin Williamson! His dialogue and situations were just perfect. The Ghostface Killer had some clever, disturbing and hilarious one-liners. At times, he is actually scary. I mean the voice, provided by the mysterious Roger L. Jackson. The cast is superb. Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox haven't been in much lately. This movie will send their careers back to the top, because their performances were as good as they were in the predecessors. The new cast members, including Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin, Hayden Panettiere, Marley Shelton, and some surprise cameos, are excellent. The story flows very well and there are A LOT of twists and turns. I will not spoil who the killer is, but who it is, will really shock you. That's all I am saying about that. The ending is very well done. The film may have sequels, but who cares? I love this franchise (even though I wasn't a fan of Scream 3). This one brilliantly made fun of today's technology and awful films throughout. If you haven't seen the predecessors, you will only be lost with Sidney, Dewey and Gale. That's it. You could only see the first one and you'll understand what's going on. Anyway, a fun film to see in theaters. It's very entertaining, you'll laugh, you'll jump, and you will be scared at some points. Well done! And I recommend it to anyone who is up for a good and clever horror movie. Can't Wait to see it again!

The Best and the Brightest

Saw an advanced screening of this movie with a Q&A afterward with Co-Writer/Director Josh Shelov. I was on-set during one of the scenes and I thought this would be an independent PG-13 comedy. Instead, it's a very heartfelt, R-rated comedy with excellent actors. First the movie, it was hilarious! People in the audience were laughing hysterically, so I wasn't alone. To me, there is four parts of this movie. Part 1, 2, and 4 are hysterical, and part 3 was pretty good, but not great. The writing by Josh Shelov and Michael Jaeger is witty, old-school, and just plain funny. It's been a while since I've seen a comedy that isn't sarcasm and too raunchy. This film is raunchy, yes, but in a good way. It's a farce, and a very good one. The story is very right-on and the situations are original and just hilarious. The acting ensemble, including (the scene stealers) Peter Serafinowicz (voice of Darth Maul/Pete in Shaun of the Dead), Jenna Stern, and Amy Sedaris, are great. Neil Patrick Harris isn't great but it's cool to see him play someone other than a womanizer like Barney. Bonnie Somerville carried the leading role more than Harris. She carried the film with her unique acting skills. Another scene stealer was Christopher McDonald (remember? Shooter MaGavin in Happy Gilmore). He is a very funny guy and he needs to stick with comedy and not those TNT shows. Overall, FUNNY MOVIE! If I say anymore about the story, I'll spoil it. I'm saying, anyone would be up for a real surprise. AND I RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE!After the film, Josh Shelov spoke to everyone in the audience. I asked him a few questions. He is witty and original guy, and if you ever see an advanced screening with a Q and A with him, ask him about his big break. It's a very fascinating and appalling story. PLEASE SEE THIS MOVIE!

Paul (2011)

I had high expectations for this film because Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are a hysterical duo and have a direct link to my funny bone after their work in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Adding great casting choices for the supporting roles, i thought this movie would be awesome, but it unfortunately was not. I've seen it twice, and I'll say that the second time it was better. The references to other films were clear and clever. The jokes were very repetitive and after a while they weren't that funny to begin with. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost didn't have the chemistry they had, and it really shocked me that they wrote the script. They're usually amazing with improv and ad-libbing. Not this time. More awkward moments. The story was very cliched, nothing new. On the plus side, Seth Rogen is hilarious as Paul. It's the vulgar and crude Seth Rogen that everyone loved in 40 year old virgin and Knocked Up. His character did lack chemistry with Pegg and Frost though, but other than that, Rogen was perfect for the role. The other stand out of the movie was attractive Kristen Wiig. Playing a devoted Christian, and then a swearing jezebel, she is absolutely hysterical. She steals the show. Jason Bateman was ok, but not Pepper Brooks, while Bill Hader (always funny) and Joe Lo Truglio (voice crack guy of I Love You Man) are a great duo as thoughtless agents. Overall, for people that have seen Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Spaced maybe disappointed with this film like I was, but to those who have not may like Paul way better.

Sunset Boulevard

I wish films were more like this today. But, unfortunately not. Not only was this one the best films ever made, this was THE best film about Hollywood during the times Hollywood was actually a great place to be. This was the 1st Billy Wilder film I've seen, and I was speechless when it ended. Excellent Acting plus sharp dialogue with a mix of genres (such as noir, dark comedy, and romance), fantastic shots with the brilliant directing of Billy Wilder equals MASTERPIECE. This film presents the EMPEROR OF ALL SCREENPLAYS. Originality doesn't get better than this. Commenting on the acting, Gloria Swanson steals the show as the long lost silent film star Norma Desmond. She was very witty and breathtakingly scary throughout the duration of the film. I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen every time she spoke or widened her eyes when she was angry. William Holden was fantastic as one of the most sympathetic characters in the history of cinema as Joe Gillis and Erich von Stoheim brought a dark presence and an important characterization to the entire film as Max. This is a film I will expect to see many more times, because this film changed my entire look at films today. It breaks my heart that people today only want mindless entertainment and not the brilliant art that some films have to offer in the past. I wish to be an artist of movies that everyone would want to see and this film is a definite inspiration for me. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TO OTHERS!!!

True Grit
True Grit (2010)

Most remakes fail and very few succeed. 2010's True Grit is one of those remakes that succeeded. This film mainly succeeded from the gritty performances. I never thought any actor would play Rooster Cogburn as good as John Wayne did in his Oscar-winning performance. Jeff Bridges was not as good as John Wayne, but he still gave a very intense and satisfying performance in a different approach to the role. Seeing Bridges in a Coen Brothers film again was similar to watching him play The Dude again. You cannot take him seriously at all. He was still excellent though. Matt Damon continues to never disappoint as an actor and pulls off one of his best performances to date as LaBoeuf. The real standout of this film is young Hailee Stenfeld. Take my word, she is absolutely amazing in this film. She attacks her role with such force and attitude, I'd have to say, she was better than the original Mattie Ross. She acted similar to an actress with YEARS of experience. I could not believe she is a rookie. She portrays this role like she has played it numerous times. Josh Brolin is not in the film long, but he portrays Tom Chaney very well and continues to mark his territory in Hollywood as an amazing actor.
The Coen brothers continue to create films that are both dark with humor and well crafted. I was happy that they focused more on the novel than the 1969 film with John Wayne. I've never seen a film by them that is similar to this film, which makes the film even better. I recommend this film to those who enjoy Westerns. It's not your typical Coen brothers movie, but they're fans will sure enjoy this one.

Black Swan
Black Swan (2010)

Aronofsky at his best!! Beautifully directed by this genius filmmaker who has really outdone himself since Requiem of a Dream. This film is beyond intense and tough to watch in some parts, but overall, I really enjoyed this film, even though it's about ballet. Ballet was presented as true beauty. In every scene in the movie, Natalie Portman is electrifying. She gives the performance of her career as this troubled ballerina Nina. Aronofsky perfectly blends reality with illusions because it is very unpredictable when she is hallucinating. The rest of the cast, especially beautiful Mila Kunis, is amazing as well. If you are not up for disturbing images, or you could not handle Requiem for a Dream, do not see this film. I highly recommend this film to film lovers and adults whom can handle intense psychological visions. Overall, EXCELLENT FILM.

The King's Speech

Most of the time, films that open in theaters in the last two to three weeks of December are usually the "Oscar" films. In other words, films that are predicted to win a lot of awards during Hollywood's award season. This film is one of them, along with Social Network and Inception. As a film major, this film is an absolute triumph. I analyzed this film's form and style, and it was predictable film. The film's magic came to life with the magnificent directing of unknown Tom Hooper and the wonderful screenplay by David Seidler. The one element of the film that made it so good was the over-the-top acting. Colin Firth continues to amaze me with his recent work. He portrays not just a King, but a man with a speech impediment, flawlessly. He attacks this role with such depth, he will take home his first Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role. Geoffrey Rush gives his best performance since his brilliant portrayal of Peter Sellers several years ago. He always knows how to act with such power over everybody else in his films, and he definitely demonstrates it in this film. Last but not least, Helena Bonham Carter is fantastic as the King's wife who none the least wants to help her husband with his speech impediment. She also plays her role with a "no-nonsense" logic and never ceases to amaze me. Also, it's nice to see her in a role where she is not a villainous witch and a role directed by Tim Burton. It's a lighter but forceful side of her I have never seen. This is a film for critics and film lovers, not today's people who want to see explosions and sex scenes (go see a Michael Bay film). It's just a great period drama.

127 Hours
127 Hours (2010)

Absolutely Extraordinary!!! A film that was both fun and hard to watch. Director Danny Boyle was the right man for a job like this. His latest film since the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire is an inspirational piece of filmmaking. This would not have been done as well without Boyle and of course James Franco. Franco's performance is a revelation. He captures your pity as he struggles to survive and then captures your laughter with his sense of humor. The film is an hour and a half long, and you will be in the head and environment of Aron Rolston the ENTIRE time. This is a magnificent true story and only the cast and crew selected for this film would make the real Aron Rolston relive what he went through back in 2003. This film is for anybody, until the last 20 or so minutes where it gets very tough to watch. Highly recommend this beautiful artwork that may the next step to resurrect this dead filmmaking era.

Frozen (2010)

This was a very fascinating film. To those who grew up in this awful age of horror with the terrible slashers with unnecessary sex scenes and too much gore, this film is not for you. as a film major, i saw it differently than all those people who want to see jason shove a machete through a hot naked girls chest. this film is very well shot and scripted. the acting, especially by the unknown emma bell, is good and believable for this realistic situation. a warning, it is a very tough film to watch, because you see these three teenagers suffer in the below freezing temperatures and sit in the same spot with hungry wolves waiting to eat them if they attempt to jump. it's very suspenseful and occasionally terrifying to see what these teens have to go through while they have to sit in this chair lift for about a week. i give kudos to director adam green for inventing this piece of filmmaking that's never been done before. also, i will NEVER go on a chairlift during the late hours after viewing this intense film. if you are not up for listening to these teenagers talk about their past that isn't relevant to the story for part of the film, then do not watch this film. finally, if you do not want to see what infected frostbite looks like, do not watch this film. other than that, it's an enjoyable watch for those up for a well-done horror film with an adversary known as nature.

The Fighter
The Fighter (2010)

one of the most satisfying sports dramas ive seen in years. it's not as good as raging bull and rocky, but it's up there. the film mainly benefits from it's lead performances. mark walhberg give the best performance of his career, and he balances fighting family and keeping his career alive perfectly. amy adams abandons the nice girl and plays a very feisty girl flawlessly. melissa leo plays such a terrible person, but wow did she play the role well. overall, the real star of the show is batman, aka christian bale. his performance is a revelation. at times, i thought he was a real crackhead. he was THAT convincing. his performance is the front runner for the best supporting actor oscar, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
this was a great movie and highly recommend this to people who are willing to witness an entertaining boxing drama.

Chicago (2002)

a very intriguing musical!! brilliant performances (especially by catherine zeta-jones), rousing direction, deep story, and above all: EXCELLENT MUSIC!!! The songs were so good, I caught on very quickly and was singing along during the choruses. The choreography is energetic and you can't say nothing more that this was a brilliant adaptation of the Broadway musical!

Easy A
Easy A (2010)

shockingly enjoyable and an EASY GUITLY PLEASURE! a film that is both wholeheartedly smart and absolutely hilarious! the jokes are witty and clever, and some a very unforgettable. the charming emma stone empowers the film with her wittiness, beauty, and amazing ability to deliver ROFL moments with out smirking. i would consider this a date movie, or to people who want to see a smart teen comedy that isn't mean girls. highly recommend it, and yes it is a "chick flick" and I enjoyed it!!

Winter's Bone
Winter's Bone (2010)

a haunting film for cinema-lovers, and u will have hope for these very depressing and abusive characters. overall, this film is fueled by the brilliant breakthrough performance by jennifer lawrence (more competition for the oscar). the cast is terrific and the direction is bold and bleak. recommend it to those who don't mind intense dramas.

Let Me In
Let Me In (2010)

Very similar to the original and it was done right. probably the first remake i can appreciate. matt reeves' direction was stupendous and the performances by the two leads (kodi smit-mcphee from "the road" and chloe moretz from "kick ass") are electrifying. i love the original, and this one is a very rare piece of hollywood success of a remake. the changes added to this film unlike the original makes up for some of the original's flaws. and a tip: the ending is mind-boggling!! very good movie and i highly recommend this to people who want to see a good vampire film.

Unstoppable (2010)

very entertaining, and the last 20-25 minutes are edge of your seat intense!! perfect film to see on the big screen, so if you have nothing to do for at least an hour and a half, go to the movies and see unstoppable!! camera work is everywhere and it gets annoying, but, like I said, the last 20 to 25 minutes makes up for it.

The Kids Are All Right

Very well done and really funny! The cast, especially Annette Bening and Julianne Moore in Oscar-caliber performances, is fantastic. The story and screenplay is very witty, occasionally awkward, but very well written. Unknown filmmaker Lisa Cholondenko's direction is near-perfect. This film explains why you should not search for your sperm donor if you have never met him.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

absolutely love this movie!! it is one of the most twisted musicals ive ever seen, but the music, especially time warp, and tim curry's insane performance as frank-n-furter steal the show. this is an excellent re-telling and interpretation of frankenstein! the direction and choreography is unforgettable...HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE FOR PEOPLE WHO IS UP FOR IT!

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3 (2007)

another weak ending to a successful trilogy

The Dark Knight


Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

What an exellent film by the brilliant director, Tim Burton. If There will be Blood didnt come out this year, Johnny Depp would definitely win the Oscar, because i thought he gave an excellent performance as Todd. Helena Bohnam Carter was great as Mrs. Lovett, and Alan Rickman was a good Judge Turpin. I love the songs, especially "Epiphany." Definite Must-see for anyone who loves musicals.

Cloverfield (2008)

The effects were excellent, and this was one of the scariest, jaw-dropping films I've ever seen in my life. It was better than most monster movies made recently, and certain scenes made it look like it should have been rated-R

Definitely, Maybe

Abigal Breslin is really cute in this movie! Ryan Reynolds actually gave a strong performance as the main character, and Isla Fisher was great!

American History X

EDWARD NORTON IS MY FAVORITE ACTOR!! He was excellent, and the film was amazingly intense, well-acted, great story, and amazing gun-fighting and fight scenes.

High School Musical 2

this movie was excellent!!! zac efron and vanessa hughens' chemistry, the cast, the fantastic direction by kenny ortega, the awesome songs, the excellent choeroagraphy and storyline was fantastic. hairspray was better, but this movie still rocked. vanessa hughens is just getting even more hot than i saw her in the first film.

Knocked Up
Knocked Up (2007)

absolutely hysterical!!!!!!!!!!! many of the jokes were just laugh-out-loud hilarious. the cast was brilliantly acted, and the storyline was great. judd apatow knows how to make perfect comedies, and this was better than his first, the 40-Year-Old Virgin

Disturbia (2007)

Shia LeBeouf was excellent in this amazing thriller, with PG-13 horror at its best. i was dying to see this film, and i saw it, and it was as great as i thought it would be.

High School Musical

this movie was great! probaly one of my all time favorite movies. vanessa anne hudgens is sooooo hot!!

War (Rogue Assassin)

Great movie with two incredible martial arts stars. The plot was a little strange, but overall the action and sword fights were amazing!

Balls of Fury
Balls of Fury (2007)

Terrible movie!! i have not been this pissed off at a movie in my life. i can't believe an actor like walken decided to do a movie this bad.

Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog (2007)

this was a great film, but the storyline was too dark. the movie was very unpredictable, which was what i really liked about it. ben foster gave a very powerful performance.

300 (2007)

This was probaly the best action epic film ive ever seen in my life. gerard butler kicked butt as king leonidias, and rodrigo santoro was pure evil as king xerxes. excellent film by zack snyder

The Incredibles

For an amazing animated movie, the effects were fantastic.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

This film is one of my all time favorite movies!! I love this movie!!

8 Mile
8 Mile (2002)

Eminem's song "Lose Yourself" was genuis, as well as this great movie.

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo (2003)

Ellen DeGeneres is hysterical as Dory, and this movie was well-done.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Depp was freaky, but the movie was entertaining.

Scary Movie
Scary Movie (2000)


E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Speilberg is a genius, as well as this powerful film!!

Sin City
Sin City (2005)

Great cast+Cool Effects+Robert Rodreguiz+Great Story Line=excellent film.

The Notebook
The Notebook (2004)

Why Rachel! Why did u go from comedy to stupid love story, which was a great book by Nicolas Sparks.

Love Actually
Love Actually (2003)

Probaly the one of the best and funniest British films ive ever seen.

Kill Bill: Volume 1

Uma Thurman is greatly violent, and so was this very smart film.

Braveheart (1995)

Hate Mel Gibson, but i loved his first directed by him film, the battle sequences were amazing.

A Cinderella Story

I like hilary duff and regina king, but the movie wasnt that good.

Mean Girls
Mean Girls (2004)

The most hysterical chick flick ive ever seen in my life. Linsday Lohan is very funny.

Hitch (2005)

Will Smith and Kevin James are great in this very funny film.

The Matrix
The Matrix (1999)

Amazing effects and great cast for an R-rated film.

The Ring
The Ring (2002)

PG-13 Horror at its best!!

50 First Dates

Sandler and Berrymore's chemistry was great, but the movie got stupid after a while.

Saw II
Saw II (2005)

Bloody and disturbing put together, the first one was still better.

War of the Worlds

Great effects, but Dakota Fanning was very annoying.

Bruce Almighty

Jim Carrey is the God of Comedy in this hilarious film

There's Something About Mary

Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz are a riot in this hysterical film. Matt Dillion sure can be hilarious and evil at the same time.

Shrek 2
Shrek 2 (2004)


School of Rock

Jack Black is hilarious and he rocks in great rock film

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Jolie and Pitt's chemistry was great, the movie was stupid.

Rocky (1976)

Best Picture for Philadelphia. Sylvestor Stallone is extraodinary in this perfect film.

The Longest Yard

The jokes were pretty funny, but Adam Sandler will never be as good as Burt Renoylds was in the original.

Austin Powers in Goldmember

Always loved the Austin Powers movies, and this movie is just hilarious and hysterical put togther.

Wedding Crashers

Vince Vaughn is at his comedic best in this great film. will ferrell's short part showed how hilarious he can be in an R-rated film.

White Chicks
White Chicks (2004)

I like the Wayans brothers, but many of the jokes were just disgusting and crude.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Jim Carrey is hilarious, but then it got a little stupid, than it got hilarious.

American Pie
American Pie (1999)

Genuis and hilarious high school film!! Jason Biggs and Sean William Scott are hilarious.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith 3D

Always loved Star Wars, loved this movie. Yoda is God!!! The battle between him and the emperor was amazing.

Gladiator (2000)

Russell Crowe is my hero in this movie!! His Oscar-winning performance was the reason i saw this amazing ancient epic.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson give intense performances in this terrific film by genius Mike Newell

Spider-Man (2002)

Tobey Maguire was perfect as Peter Parker and Spidey in this amazingly done film. Willem Dafoe was pure evil and perfect as the Goblin.

King Kong
King Kong (2005)

Peter Jackson is a genius turning this remake into a masterpiece of visual effects.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

LOTR is the best trilogy ever made. this movie was the best and visually amazing movie ever made!

Titanic (1997)

Mostly, the movie was fantastic, but the acting i think could have been a little better, except for kate winslet, who was fabulous.

Shooter (2007)

Mark Wahlberg is awesome in this amazing action-packed thriller. The direction of Antoine Fuqua was fantastic. I was glad that Wahlberg agreed to make this amazing film in Philadelphia.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

This movie was excellent!! The evil Doleres Umbridge was probaly the second meanest of all Harry Potter's enemies. Daniel Radcliffe did give another excellent performance as the title role.

Hairspray (2007)

Loved it!! Adam Shankman did an excellent job directing this great cast to such a success. I saw the broadway show twice, and this was even better.

The Simpsons Movie

I've been a fan of the Simpsons since i was born, and this was the funniest animated movie and simpsons (extended) episode ive ever seen in my life. HILARIOUS MOVIE!!!

Transformers (2007)


The Bourne Ultimatum


Superbad (2007)