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Ivan Descartin 3 years ago

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Ivan Descartin 3 years ago

Much obliged! :)

Aaron Neuwirth 4 years ago

Glad to hear it. Yeah, certainly much different than what you would think.

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  • Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

    Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story (2009)

    July 28, 2012

  • Losing Isaiah

    Losing Isaiah (1995)

    July 28, 2012

    The movie is very emotional especially by his two leads who manage to give more depth to the movie that it really has.The subject is complex and the racially charged overtone the movie used to explain adoption is rather poor especially as the child side is forgotten.In a way the racial aspect takes too much place and the feel good conclusion is not too easy.the film is still viewable and it must be said that hall berry has probably never give a better acting.for that alone It is a must see.

  • No Country for Old Men

    No Country for Old Men (2007)

    July 24, 2012

    The vilain is so crual! but the moral is indeed powerful! and it s just tell as life is many times.it s not bambi(i like bambi by the way) but it s a instant classic at the first minutes .the acting are amazing for all the characters and i have to give a mention to tommy lee jones and the crual sugar!! the way cohen brothers create the atmosphere is stunning.They have their own world and you just get through it for the begibbibg to the end sometimes with great anxiety sometimes with a lot of dissapointment but you are in th end in a proufound and real tale of life!

  • Revanche

    Revanche (2008)

    July 21, 2012

  • La Grande illusion (Grand Illusion)
  • The Player

    The Player (1992)

    July 07, 2012

    the opening scene is a true classic in which the hollywood world is presenting to you with such a talent that you just watch it without word.despite the basic plot the way the story is compeling the acting made and the hollywood world decribed to you gives an entertainement to enjoy.the movie is Realistic and at the same time a true fiction with a nice twist at the end.It is a perfect satire on hollywood disguised in a well done thriller .

  • Love Actually

    Love Actually (2003)

    July 03, 2012

    It is one of my favorite romantic comedy.But i have to be fair ,if richard curtis manages to capture very well the charming and magic side we often see in his Good English romantic comedies with very interesting and captivating stories all along,his realization is not that perfect far from that actually.That is why i give it such a low rating even though the movie itself is very much recommended and appreciated for his heart. As regard quality as an essential part of an art work I cannot rate love actually higher than three stars without compromising myself .It has at least what make a great movie or art work despite his above yet barely average quality :some soul.And it is without doubt the reason of its success.Therefore love actually does not have the quality expected but It has some touching and moving soul and undeniable charm that makes it enjoyable and advisable for all .It is A fair good watch!

  • The Man Without a Past

    The Man Without a Past (2002)

    June 28, 2012

    'The man without past" is a discovery .A kind of movie between an Ozu ,Rhomer and Cohen brothers type of film.It is a strange one but its story supported by a realistic contemplation of reality is amazing.Its story of a man who forgot everything about his past after a beating up and have to start a new life can seem a remake of an old movie of the thirties or some Hitchcock of the 60's but it s totally the opposite."The man without past" is in fact a rather slow contemplative and meaningful movie where the silence the expression of the actors and the music as well as the words talk to the viewer.It is truly amazing and poetic and it is all due to the director talent who must be praised for such a gem. He remembers to us that cinema is still an art in its own right at a time where many movie are dumbing us down and lack of genwuine and artistic qualities.Indeed,Aki kaurismaki has brought a magnificent piece of cinema and one of the very best movies of this last ten year ."The man without past" is already a classic and all cinema lovers (especially the fan of ozu) should watch it.Further If its rather slow pace might not please everyone it will be difficult to deny- even the more bias against it- its quality. In one word" the man without past" is a great realization and an instant classic.

  • An Education

    An Education (2009)

    December 17, 2011

    This is a coming of age story about a young girl who gets involved with a playboy and discovers herself in the process. As this new man enters in her life it will change for ever her perception of it. An education is a touching well acted and written story.It's story is meaningful and very engaging and smart without being in any sens preachy ..Supported by a good cast and realization and a very good screenplay the story shines and talks to us.Nick Hornby should definitely be praised for his excellent screenplay lone scherfig assembles very well in his realization.Beside Carey mulligan is exceptional and succeeds very well by conveying the emotion and doubt of her character. All of these allow an education to be very relevant and to get an excellent movie everyone should watch especially for the fan of the genre. Anyway An education is a really good stuff and could easily be summarize by this quote of Charles Bukowsky"Love is a dog from hell".

  • Star Trek

    Star Trek (2009)

    December 17, 2011

    Awesome!!!!! that's the word to describe it . Packed with action style and humour Star treck is an awesome ride and a great popcorn flick certainly better to be watch on the big screen(or a big screen).Probably the best popcorn flick to come out of hollywood this five last year. NOW ,It might sounds too much but the cinematography acting story special effects and screenplay are just top notch.Maybe the editing is a bit behind for reasonable reasons since j.j abrams is before all a director of tv show.Anyhow Without getting the depth of the original TV show Star trek is still a success and a great tribute no one should miss. This lack of depth is probably what will bring some negative criticism to the movie and in a more accurate sens it is meaningful since star trek originally is more like an epic than an action movie.But critics and audience got to think what the director intended to do.In fact,He might be possible that he only wanted an action movie for this adaptation but more probably an introduction to a more meaningful following to come.seen like this it could be an introduction to a greater epic.In that case Star trek deserves a full price. Everyone should watch it!!!

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