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It Follows
It Follows (2015)

While it won't have you jumping out of your seat in fear, It Follows excels in creating a mood that is genuinely terrifying and unsettling. Everything from the pacing to the score is reminiscent of old school horror movies, but nicely avoids being cliché. There are no cheap scares. No bloody kill scenes. And probably the most refreshing of all its doesn't use the "found footage" technique that has inundated the genre of late.

Short Term 12
Short Term 12 (2013)

Powerful and raw, Short Term 12 is one of the most emotionally engaging films I've seen.

Frozen Fever
Frozen Fever (2015)

Unfortunately, this Disney Short doesn't live up to the reputation of previous animated shorts or even the original film from which it is inspired. For me, Frozen Fever is a case of going to the well once too often.

Cinderella (2015)

Beautifully presented, Disney's live-action Cinderella is enchanting, romantic and magical.

St. Vincent
St. Vincent (2014)

Bill Murray is brilliant in this dramedy of unlikely friendship and beneath the surface heart.

Dear White People

A satirical and smart comedy that addresses present day race relations with excellent, unapologetic writing.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

With likable characters and its stylized fight sequences, Kingsman is a fun filled action film.

Spinning Plates

Spinning Plates is a moving documentary about the human element and personality infused in the preparation and service of food. It delves into food as a way of life, a way of expression, and as a community builder. It's genuine, personal and a great watch for foodies.

Whiplash (2014)

Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons deliver performances of remarkable intensity in this mezmorizing, emotional and verbally powerful film from start to finish.

The Theory of Everything

Artfully filmed with stellar performances by Redmayne and Jones. The Theory of Everything is beautiful, touching, heartbreaking and inspiring.

Selma (2015)

Emotionally intense and poignant with a breakthrough performance by David Oyelowo. Selma is a stirring drama that provokes thought as much as it inspires.

The Imitation Game

Incredibly well acted and expertly told, The Imitation Game paints a picture of Alan Turing's contribution to his country in a time of war and the ripple effects his work had on technology.

Birdman (2014)

A stange and intriguing film carried by a brilliant performance from Keaton. Birdman dives deep into its title character with dark comedy and heart.

American Sniper

It's not the deep character study that Fury was, nor is it an all out war movie. Still, American Sniper finds a good balance between the two and justifies its Best Picture nomination.

I Origins
I Origins (2014)

It's a little slow developing, but the story is intriguing enough to keep your attention to a touching final act.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

It's pretty much a 2.5 hour battle scene.

Into The Storm

The severe storm special effects are amazing, but that's about it.

Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6 (2014)

The initial offspring of the Disney-Marvel marriage gives us a film with just the right mix of characteristics from each of its parent companies. Big Hero 6 is good action packed family fun! (Stay through the credits - it is after all partly a Marvel film)

Interstellar (2014)

Visually stunning space travel sequences coupled with an entertaining sci-fi story make Interstellar an adventure worth your time.

Nightcrawler (2014)

It suffers from early pacing issues, but Gyllenhaal's performance is appropriately disturbing and worth the watch.

First Position

A beautiful portrayal of what unyielding passion, resilience and dedication can accomplish. First Position is beyond inspirational and showcases the elegance, grace and hardships of the art of ballet.

Men, Women & Children

Never as intriguing as the trailer promises. Men, Women & Children attempts to cover a number of social issues, but becomes far too convoluted and fails to deliver any significant impact.

Fury (2014)

Intense tank war sequences will keep action movie goers entertained, but where Fury truly excels is in its deep character development.

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is good family fun at just the right length, perfect for those with short attention spanned family members or those that would rather not sit in a theatre for hours.

Gone Girl
Gone Girl (2014)

A gripping and suspensful thriller with a plethora of what the f#%* moments.

The Skeleton Twins

A drama with no pretense. The Skeleton Twins comes across genuine and honest thanks in large part to the performances of Wiig and Hader.

Dolphin Tale 2

It may not be as heartwarming or jerk as many tears as the first, but Dolphin Tale 2 is still good family fun.

The Drop
The Drop (2014)

Its pace is methodic and slow to a fault. Still the stellar performances by Gandolfini and Hardy make The Drop a crime drama worth the watch.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Charming, funny and witty. Inside Llewyn Davis is one of the Coen Brothers' finest works.

Draft Day
Draft Day (2014)

Arguably, Draft Day's strongest characteristic may also be it's weakest. This is a football movie for football fans. It has very little of the dramatic story often built into sports movies and may disappoint those looking for a Remember the Titans or We are Marshall type film. But viewers that are true football fanatics will find it entertaining.

About Time
About Time (2013)

A touching time travel film that avoids being overly dramatic and sappy, giving us a truly genuine film.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Though it hasn't fared well with the critics, I found the TMNT film to be entertaining and about what I would have expected from a movie about Mutant Turtles that also happen to be Ninjas.

As Above, So Below

Sadly, this movie wasn't called Tomb Raider because if it were, it would be the best entry of the franchise. Instead As Above/So Below tries to induce scares with a shaky camera, cliched dark sequences and random loud noises with quick strobe like flashes. It fails miserably at every attempt. The premise is good. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the execution.

God's Not Dead

God's Not Dead's interesting premise is wasted on a terrible made for TV style presentation and horrible performances from its cast

Heaven Is for Real

For a faith based move, it was disappointing that Heaven is For Real used the director's visual adaptation of Colton's experiences in heaven rather than allowing viewers to create their own images based on personal interpretation. While the movie will please those most likely to see it, it's less likely to catch the attention of a wider audience.

Divergent (2014)

Uneven acting and predictable plot aside, Divergent is a decent sci-fi entry that won't redefine the genre, but will provide enough entertainment for its target audience.

Boyhood (2014)

Spectacular in its breadth. Dynamic in its storytelling. Boyhood is a beautifully intimate and brilliant film by Richard Linklater that you won't want to end.

Guardians of the Galaxy

With its mix of action, humor and one heck of a catchy soundtrack, Guardians of the Galaxy is a whole lot of fun and is this summer's surprise hit!

Begin Again
Begin Again (2014)

BEGIN AGAIN's leads, Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo, are absolutely superb in this charming and feel-good film while Adam Levine shines in a supporting role.

Non-Stop (2014)

While it boasts an excellent cast and a suspenseful and intriguing premise, NON-STOP unfortunately unravels with a ridiculously obnoxious reveal at the end.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Easily the summer blockbuster this season has been lacking. DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES is an emotionally compelling and thought-provoking drama with poignant action.

The Raid 2
The Raid 2 (2014)

While it lacks the confined setting of the initial film that enhanced the fight scene brutality, THE RAID 2 packs enough punch and violence to entertain fans of the first. The open environment however slows the pace of the film and also affects the clarity of the storyline.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Overly long with a scattered plot, uneven script, a failed forced family dynamic and a mediocre introduction of the Dinobots. Age of Extinction will disappoint even the most die hard fans.

The Fault In Our Stars

Beautifully written, touching and pulls on every heart string. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS is a film of genuine emotion that will move you with smiles and tears.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

An excellent and intriguing blend of the franchise's previous casts coupled with an entertaining superhero storyline and amazing visual effects help make this latest installment of X-Men a film that will please its fans.

Godzilla (2014)

While our favorite movie monster plays a bit more of a supporting role in this feature, Godzilla is still good old fashion monster movie fun.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The plot has a bit too many story lines that affect the overall pace of the film. Characters seem underdeveloped given the 2.5 hour run time. Still, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 finds ways to entertain with its flashy visual effects and action sequences.

Only Lovers Left Alive

Though it moves rather slowly, ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE still manages to captivate with its genre breaking vampiric tone and darker romantic approach.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

With an expertly written script and superb performances by its cast, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL is an entertaining and humorous film that will delight fans of Wes Anderson's work.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Thankfully, the opening 5 minutes of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER dispelled any concerns I had about the film being like the first. Well-paced action and slick fight choreography help make this Captain America the BEST Marvel movie to date.

Blue Is The Warmest Color

Unflinching, raw and graphically erotic, BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR is an intense film of love, sexuality, relationships and commitment. Easily one of the best films I've seen.

20 Feet From Stardom

Entertaining, fun and intriguing, 20 FEET FROM STARDOM is an absolute must watch for anyone that appreciates the artistry of music and performance.

Noah (2014)

While this interpretation of the well known Biblical story may not be to the liking of some, Noah's stunning visuals and moving story are more than enough to entertain viewers.

Muppets Most Wanted

It lacks the same heart of the previous film. Still Muppets Most Wanted has most of what viewers would expect from a Muppets movie...catchy songs, laughs and fun cameos.

300: Rise of an Empire

A stylized spectacle of bloody battles, decapitations and dismemberment, 300: Rise of an Empire delivers the same over the top comic book/video game-esque violence of the original with just a hint of a story to stage each gory fight scene.

Enough Said
Enough Said (2013)

Irresistibly charming with an unflinching sincerity. Enough Said is refreshingly awkward and honest carried by superb performances by Gandolfini and Louis-Dreyfus

Rush (2013)

Ron Howard impressively captures the intensity, danger and passion of Formula 1 Racing with beautiful cinematography and strong performances from its leads.

The LEGO Movie

With a hilarious script, excellent voice acting and a surprisingly touching story, The Lego Movie is a fun filled film for the young and the young at heart.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Like previous Jackass movies, Bad Grandpa is a mixed bag of pranks that hit and others that miss. Where you fall on that scale will depend on your sense of humor. I found myself more on the miss side.

I, Frankenstein

The storyline is underdeveloped, full of cliches and is rather unimaginative for movies in this genre. But I, Frankenstein has enough entertainment value with its action sequences to please its target audience.

Prisoners (2013)

Prisoners is a creepy and brutal thriller that will keeps audiences in suspense. The ending doesn't quite bring everything together. Nonetheless, it's worth a watch.

Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks and Barkhad Abdi are brilliant in this gripping, intense and edge of your seat suspenseful film.

Dallas Buyers Club

McConaughey delivers a powerful performance of Woodroof's resolve and determination to defy odds.

Nebraska (2013)

Bruce Dern delivers a brilliantly endearing performance in this touching film with genuine heart.

Ride Along
Ride Along (2014)

Unfortunately the laughs came few and far between making Ride Along feel like a never-ending road trip with a buddy that was funny at first (Hart), but soon became annoying as the trip prolonged.

Her (2013)

Incredibly original. Insanely weird. And a creep factor that borders on endearing and frightening. Her is superbly acted by Joaquin Phoenix and is quite entertaining even though you'll continuously think to yourself, "what the f&*%!"

Saving Mr. Banks

Charming, heartwarming and touching, Saving Mr. Banks is undoubtedly pure Disney magic.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

While the film only gives us glimpses of Mitty's secret life, it still succeeds in delivering a likable character and entertaining storyline.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

It's nowhere near as funny as the first, but it does have its moments. Sitting through the not-so-funny portions of the movie, which is about 3/4 of it, may be tiresome for viewers unfamiliar with the first film and may be better suited just renting this one.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The second installment of The Hobbit series gives viewers a far more action focused film than the first, but casual fans may find the film to be overly long.

Frozen (2013)

With its addictive sing-a-long style soundtrack, wonderful storytelling and signature Disney magic, Frozen is another triumphant entry from the folks at Disney Animation Studios. It's must see 3D family fun!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

A more than worthy sequel to the original, Catching Fire delivers the action, drama and well-placed humor that fans loved from the original film and at times surpasses the expectations the first film set.

White House Down

A fast-paced action film with more than its fair share of explosions. White House Down is a popcorn film in every regard...frantic and full of ridiculous action sequences. But it is undoubtedly a fun watch.

The Heat
The Heat (2013)

The Heat is a fun enough action comedy that'll keep audiences entertained thanks to the performances by its leads.

Taken 2
Taken 2 (2012)

Lazy and nowhere near as entertaining as the first.

Last Vegas
Last Vegas (2013)

While some of the story lines are cliche, Last Vegas delivers a fun, humorous and heartwarming film for audiences of all ages.

Thor: The Dark World

It's a bit longwinded and rather slow in the beginning for a movie of this nature, but Thor: The Dark World does offer just enough action and humor to keep audiences interested.

Gravity (2013)

Visually breathtaking, incredibly intense and beautifully poetic, Gravity is filmmaking at its very best.

Blue Caprice
Blue Caprice (2013)

A terrifying psychological portrait of genuine evil. Blue Caprice tells the story of the DC Snipers and their disturbing path that led to their reign of terror in the Washington area.

Smashed (2012)

Thanks in large part to an amazing performance by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Smashed delivers an addiction recovery film that is sincere and not muddled with an overly dramatic storyline.

Gone (2012)

While it moves along at a decent clip, Gone is hampered by a lack of sustained suspense, an uninspired final act and idiotic decisions Seyfried's character is written to do.

Olympus Has Fallen

While it's obnoxiously violent and bloody, Olympus has Fallen does deliver entertaining popcorn action despite its absurd storyline, uneven dialogue and inconsistent acting.

Lee Daniels' The Butler

Lee Daniels' The Butler is intimate and powerful carried by Whitaker's brilliant performance.

Drinking Buddies

Drinking Buddies is a relationship film that avoids the cliches we often see in the genre. Its genuine approach and stellar cast enhance the sincerity of the connections.

People Like Us

A well written and well acted film that's a welcome change from the teen dramas that have muddled the big screen of late.

Crooked Arrows

The acting is horrible. The story is painfully predictable and it watches no better than a Saturday morning teen drama. Lax fans will enjoy the lacrosse action, but it's nowhere near enough to save this film from mediocrity.

Cutie And The Boxer

A documentary that transcends the art it showcases. Cutie and The Boxer gives us an intimate glimpse into the couple's relationship and how art sculpted and shaped their marriage and family dynamics.

The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall

Beautifully presented on the gorgeous stage of the Royal Albert Hall. The Phantom of the Opera is as enchanting and haunting as ever.

In a World...
In a World... (2013)

Hilarious and fun, In a World... gives movie goers one of the most entertaining times they'll have in a theatre this summer.

Not Suitable for Children

Quirky and character driven, Not Suitable for Children is a welcome RomCom film.

The Spectacular Now

Wonderfully acted and refreshingly original, The Spectacular Now is a charming coming of age story that is sincere and without pretense.

The Place Beyond The Pines

The depth of its individual stories are well presented and compelling, however Cianfrance's attempt to connect the stories comes across somewhat disjointed. Still The Place Beyond the Pines is an enjoyable crime thriller and family drama.

Step Up Revolution

Ridiculous premise aside...and I do mean absolutely ridiculous, Step Up: Revolution continues to feature some of the hottest choreographed dance sequences seen on film. But it's time these routines find an alternative method to be showcased rather than through these absurd films.

The Act Of Killing

Terrifying and at times difficult to watch, The Act of Killing leaves audiences in a chilling and paralyzing silence as its final credits roll.

Europa Report
Europa Report (2013)

It's realistic approach to space exploration using documentary style camera shots was a refreshing change. However Europa Report just doesn't quite build a satisfying enough level of intensity and intrigue to compensate for its rather slow pace.

Bachelorette (2012)

Its familiar cast gives a rather average, but enjoyable comedy a bit of a boost.

Erased (2013)

Erased suffers from a predictable storyline, an uninspired script and bland action sequences resulting in a thriller that's not so thrilling.

The Way Way Back

Though the story isn't much different from other films in the genre, The Way, Way Back is still a very touching and funny coming of age film full of charm and heart.

Blackfish (2013)

Eye opening and heartbreaking, Blackfish is emotionally charged and relevant.

Evil Dead
Evil Dead (2013)

This Evil Dead reboot pays tribute to the original while taking some of its own liberties with the story and presentation. Fans of the original will miss the ridiculous humor, but the absurd gore gives this film a personality of its own. Just don't expect much on the scares.

Despicable Me 2

While it may not have the same charm and heart as the original, Despicable Me 2 provides plenty of laughs and action to entertain its fans.

Hitchcock (2012)

Hopkins and Mirren deliver stellar performances with all the style and flair one would expect from a Hitchcock film.

The Host
The Host (2013)

The Host fails in just about every aspect...poor script, ridiculously uneven dialogue and a story that isn't romantic and isn't good science fiction. It's just simply boring.

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim (2013)

Pacific Rim's sequences of monster/robot action were visually amazing and fun. Its story isn't horrible, but it also isn't as compelling as I had expected it to be given Guillermo del Toro's previous films. Still, Pacific Rim delivers a solid summer sci-fi/action film.

Spring Breakers

While Franco once again delivers a great performance, Spring Breakers is hit or miss times capturing your attention and at other times losing it almost completely.

Beautiful Creatures

While its blend of fantasy, romance and coming of age are rather unoriginal, Beautiful Creatures offers just enough to keep non-target audiences interested and to keep its primary audience pleased, helped in large part by its leads.

The Call
The Call (2013)

The Call has its tense moments and does a fairly good job building suspense, but the film's ridiculous and laughable ending is simply unforgivable. A very generous 1.5 stars.

World War Z
World War Z (2013)

World War Z grips audiences immediately with its frantic pace, allowing only brief moments to allow one to catch their breath. Even in moments of docility, the film still manages to capture the 'edge of your seat' feeling it conjures up from its opening scene and delivers an entertaining zombie filled ride.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel (2013)

While I would have liked to have seen a bit more character development, the film's excellent performances from its leads, a well adapted origin story and high intensity action sequences make Man of Steel a welcome reboot to the Superman franchise.

This Is the End

Original, ridiculous and wildly obnoxious, This Is the End blends elements of action horror and crazy comedy into one entertaining film.

Now You See Me

With its attempt to dazzle audiences with style, Now You See Me suffers from little to no substance. What appeared to be a decent and original heist movie through its trailers disappointingly doesn't deliver. Even the film's stellar cast couldn't propel it from mediocrity.

The Hangover Part III

The Hanover Part III strays well away from what the original did best in its comedic delivery. Instead, we get a ridiculously violent action film (considering the previous 2 films) in which familiar characters are thrown into a movie that just doesn't do the series justice as a finale.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness continues with it's excellent mix of sci-fi action and nostalgic tributes to its source material and is one of this summer's first blockbuster hits.

Fast & Furious 6

The Fast & Furious series has never been one to include the most compelling writing and dialogue, but it never fails to deliver on over the top car chases and action sequences. That formula continues with Fast 6 and fans of the franchise shouldn't be disappointed.

Stories We Tell

In Stories We Tell, Polley delivers a film of intimate storytelling that is engrossing and personal.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3 (2013)

The third installment of the Iron Man series delivers less substance on the story than its predecessors and at times becomes scenes of explosion after explosion. Still fans of the previous films will find enough to like.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Entering with managed expectations, this is what the first G.I. Joe movie should have been. With non-stop action. impressive fight sequences and choreography, Retaliation delivers an entertaining action film along with the cheesy dialogue (thankfully far less than the first) you would expect from a movie based on Hasbro action figures. No, the story is not great by any means. It actually is a bit absurd. But audiences shouldn't be flocking to see a movie about Hasbro action figures with the expectation of seeing a profound storyline. It's good popcorn fun.

Admission (2013)

Admission attempts to set an odd storyline over the backdrop of the college admissions process. Unfortunately the marriage between the two appeared doomed from the start as neither supported the relationship well enough to convince audiences that it could work. What we get is a messy 90 minutes of filmmaking.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Delightfully charming and touching, Marigold Hotel is carried by its stellar cast and heartwarming moments.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone disappointingly underwhelms audiences with its lack of over the top and goofy antics we've come to expect from Carrey and Carell. It's not a horrible film but the comedy isn't memorable.

Oz the Great and Powerful

Nostalgic and visually stunning in 3D, Oz The Great and Powerful offers a welcome return to the Land of Oz and serves as a worthy origin story. Fans of The Wizard of Oz may be disappointed with this film's lack of musical numbers, however the whimsical enchantment and characters will keep families entertained. (Some sequences may frighten younger children, but they are brief)

Wanderlust (2012)

The comedic elements are inconsistent, but Wanderlust is decent enough to give audiences some laughs.

Argo (2012)

Insanely intense and gripping. Argo is a combination of brilliant storytelling, amazing filmmaking and is expertly acted by its wonderful cast. Easily one of the best movies for this Oscar year.

For a Good Time, Call...

Sexy, vulgar and sweet, For a Good Time Call... is a charmingly fun movie of friendship that delivers a welcome and refreshing take on sexuality.

Safe Haven
Safe Haven (2013)

Lengthy and suffers from poor character development, Safe Haven shallowly depicts a romance void of much emotional engagement with its audience, leaving me feeling apathetic about the couple's fate.

The Bourne Legacy

While it has all of the elements we've come to expect from a "Bourne" film, this latest entry just doesn't seem to be as compelling as its predecessors and delivers a less engaging experience. Still Renner does a great job with the role and the film's action sequences will keep fans entertained, even though they occur far too late.

Brave (2012)

A fun adventure with Pixar's signature animation and Disney's wonderful character development, Brave is another stellar family entry into Disney's legacy and a welcome addition of Merida to the Disney Princesses lineup.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Touching, sweet and absolutely endearing, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a genuine and beautifully awkward portrayal of adolescence.

Identity Thief

A disjointed plot and minimal laughs, Identity Thief struggles to establish its own identity by mixing in comedic elements, action and dramatic sappiness while doing none fairly well. I give it a very generous 1 star rating simply because McCarthy and Batemen did what they could to make the film not seem like it was a waste of their talent.

Side Effects
Side Effects (2013)

Manipulative and intense with crazy twists, Side Effects is an intriguing thriller carried by the performances of its lead actors Mara, Law and Zeta-Jones.

Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook excels with brilliant performances from a stellar cast and a story that takes an in depth look of the sociology of relationships through the influence of various social institutions such as family, health care and sports. David Russell delivers a romantic comedy with substance and is easily one of the best films I've seen this year.

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies (2013)

A refreshing approach on the run of the mill zombie flick, Warm Bodies has all the elements you would expect from a movie about the undead and mixes in a lot of heart.

Seven Psychopaths

A surprisingly entertaining dialogue driven dark comedy that delivers one of the most entertaining films I've seen.

Flight (2012)

A powerful and moving story of a man's struggle with addiction, Flight is an intriguing drama driven impressively by Washington's performance.

Life in a Day
Life in a Day (2011)

Brilliantly blending footage taken on July 24, 2010, filmed by numerous people from all over the world, Life in a Day is an engrossing glimpse of the similarities and contrasts of the everyday human experience.

Margin Call
Margin Call (2011)

Margin Call benefits from an excellent script and a fantastic cast in this drama depicting the effects of a financial collapse that most will never see.

Lincoln (2012)

An engaging and often moving biopic with outstanding performances from a stellar cast. Lincoln presents an excellently told story of historical significance.

Mama (2013)

While it's not all that frightening, Mama excels in delivering a very well written narrative with surprising depth, usually unseen in this genre. Still, those looking for scares may be disappointed. But audiences will find the storytelling enjoyable.

American Reunion

American Reunion revisits the popular American Pie franchise with all of the crude humor one would expect. But the newest entry is far more shallow than the previous films and unfortunately misses on an opportunity to end the series with a memorable chapter.

Like Crazy
Like Crazy (2011)

Wonderfully acted and genuine, Like Crazy is a sincere glimpse into a couple's love story.

Safety Not Guaranteed

Endearing and full of charm, Safety not Guaranteed is a sweet quirky film full of heart.

The Woman in Black

Methodic and creepy, The Woman in Black is a spooky old school Haunted House film that refreshingly delivers frights without obnoxious gore and over the top special effects.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Incredibly original, heartbreaking and uplifting, Beasts of the Southern Wild is an emotional journey of resiliency that is easily one of the best films I've seen. Young Quvenzhané Wallis gives an astonishing performance that undoubtedly gets my Oscar vote for Best Actress.

Zero Dark Thirty

Intense with an excellent performance delivered by Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty is an engrossing thriller that the film's target audience will applaud.

Looper (2012)

Intelligent and original, Looper is a suspenseful action film that won't disappoint science fiction fans.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Having not read the source material for this film, my critique may not be as in depth as that of others. Be that as it may, The Hobbit delivers another visual delight from Peter Jackson with action sequences that should keep Fantasy fans entertained.

The Watch
The Watch (2012)

There's no question that this film's premise is odd, however The Watch actually delivers a decent amount of laughs to keep audiences entertained.

The Lucky One
The Lucky One (2012)

It has everything one would expect from a Nicholas Sparks film. From the cheesy dialogue all the way down to the rain/water soaked love scene. But The Lucky One just doesn't seem to live up to its earlier predecessors. Or maybe it's just that these film adaptations of Sparks novels have become stale.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Beneath the backdrop of the impending end of the world is a touching and genuine story of friendship and love that is beautifully acted by Carrell and Knightley. The humor may be dry for some, but Seeking a Friend for the End of the World still delivers as a pleasing romantic comedy.

Premium Rush
Premium Rush (2012)

Hampered by a generic plot and some of the worst acting I've seen (aside from Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Premium Rush is only saved by it's chase within a chase within a chase action sequences that thankfully take up most of the 90 minutes.

ParaNorman (2012)

ParaNorman boasts a story with astonishing depth and sequences of thrills and creepiness that will keep audiences, both young and old, frighteningly entertained.

Trouble with the Curve

Although it's not completely void of touching and heartfelt moments, The Trouble with the Curve suffers from a script full of cliches and a plot that just isn't compelling enough to sustain your attention.

Django Unchained

Tarantino expertly blends a western, a drama, a comedy, and brutal (sometimes over the top) violence into an enjoyable film that will leave audiences squirming, laughing and cheering.

Les Misérables

Intensely gritty and moving. Fans will not be disappointed with the beloved musical's transition from stage to screen. The cast delivers a film with some of the most powerful musical numbers ever seen and a heart-wrenching performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" by Hathaway that will leave audiences in tears.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

While Journey 2 isn't going to win any awards for a compelling story, its well-paced action and visual effects will keep families engaged.

This is 40
This is 40 (2012)

Hidden amidst a rather inexplicably lengthy film is a touching relationship story with fewer laughs than one may expect given the trailers. This is 40 may not be one of Apatow's best, but still serves as an entertaining matinee.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

While Breaking Dawn (Part 2) starts extremely slow in its first 45 minutes, almost painfully so at times, it recovers nicely and becomes easily the most entertaining and enjoyable of the Twilight films...considering you can overlook its uninspired and often cheesy dialogue.

3 out 5 Stars

Life of Pi
Life of Pi (2012)

Emotionally engaging and visually stunning, Ang Lee delivers a cinematic experience that should not be missed.

Skyfall (2012)

Engaging. Intriguing. Skyfall possesses all of the arrogant swagger that has defined the 007 franchise for 50 years.

Wreck-it Ralph

Nostalgic and wonderfully written, Wreck-It Ralph is another fun loving film from Walt Disney Pictures.

Sinister (2012)

Sinister struggles to set a dark enough tone for a horror movie and waits entirely too long to develop its characters, leaving audiences indifferent about the events that occur to them as the film progresses. The lack of genuine scares and an overall low creep factor was disappointing.

John Carter
John Carter (2012)

While not quite epic in scale, John Carter offers enough fantasy action to keep audiences engaged and entertained.

The Expendables 2

Unlike its predecessor, The Expendables 2 provides viewers with a decent story to accompany its over the top action and a script that doesn't take itself too seriously. All lending to an overall satisfying action movie experience.

Ruby Sparks
Ruby Sparks (2012)

Imaginative, quirky and wonderfully written, Ruby Sparks is a love story with refreshing originality.

The Campaign
The Campaign (2012)

While The Campaign has some funny moments, it's a bit inconsistent. It's worth a matinee viewing, but don't expect it to excel in the starring role of your evening.

The Dark Knight Rises

Continuing with his significantly grittier and darker approach to the superhero genre, Christopher Nolan gives audiences an epic and worthy conclusion to his Batman trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises.

Big Miracle
Big Miracle (2012)

An entertaining family film that will keep the attention of both young and old viewers alike.

Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill (2011)

I love Adam Sandler, but his films of late have just been unbearable and impossible to watch. With Jack and Jill, the streak unfortunately continues.

Perfect Sense
Perfect Sense (2012)

Beautifully cinematic and poetic. Perfect Sense is as equally bleak and depressing as it is hopeful; and it's an intriguing take on a love story.

Man on a Ledge

With its ridiculously spotty plot and lack of suspense, Man on a Ledge fails to deliver the edge of your seat thrills one would expect from its title.

Red Tails
Red Tails (2012)

Lucas delivers his trademark aerial fight sequences to Red Tails, but disappointingly fails to provide the historic story from which it was inspired the respect it deserved. Instead, we get a film with annoyingly cheesy dialogue and a script void of historical significance.

Moonrise Kingdom

Charmingly sweet and lighthearted, Moonrise Kingdom is quirky storytelling at its best.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Expertly casted and wonderfully acted, The Amazing Spider-Man may rehash many of the familiar story lines, but Webb does an excellent job with the reboot of this Marvel franchise.

Ted (2012)

Ted has its share of funny moments that are very funny mixed with an overabundance of references to pop culture that became a little stale and annoying. The originality of the crude talking bear actually got old pretty quickly. Ted may have been better served as a Cable Sitcom in 30 minute increments rather than a full feature film. A very generous 3 stars.

Chronicle (2012)

Its found-footage approach came across somewhat distracting, but Chronicle offers an interesting take on the superhero genre and is a welcome change of pace from Hollywood's bigger name comic book entries.

The Grey
The Grey (2012)

A cliched survivor tale with cliched characters that offers nothing new to the genre. The Grey has its share of excitement and some welcome glimpses into the characters' humanity, but the story is unfortunately very predictable.

Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages (2012)

It's full of Musical and Rock and Roll cliches with a story that lacks much substance. But Rock of Ages is an undeniably fun, tap your feet, sing out loud trip through some of music's greatest rock songs.

Mr. Popper's Penguins

Mr. Popper's Penguins wasn't as horrible as I had expected, but its lackluster script and repetitive comedic moments make this a film that I could have probably done without.

Prometheus (2012)

Prometheus excels in its science fiction visuals, however lacks in just about every other aspect. The writers and directors present an overabundance of themes and questions that never quite get answered. Characters are poorly developed with little to no back stories, so audiences are left not really caring who lives and who dies. It's not a horrible film. It just fell victim to unmet expectations generated from the excessive hype.

The Exorcist
The Exorcist (1973)

Gripping, intense and disturbing, The Exorcist still stands as one of the scariest films ever made. Even 39 years after its original release, Friedkin's adaptation of the William Peter Blatty novel haunts viewers with its frightening images and eerily compelling story.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman's on screen palette of ominous darks and brilliant brights are a visual delight. While the writing seems out of place at times, the film's battle sequences and creative spin on the old fairy tale make this a movie well worth seeing.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a well acted though somewhat slow thriller. Patient audiences will be rewarded with an intriguing and captivating story.

Men in Black III

Men in Black III is a surprisingly fun and entertaining addition to the series using 3D technology at its best. Fans of the previous 2 films will not be disappointed.

What's Your Number?

Bland and painfully predictable.

New Year's Eve

A horribly written and poorly executed film that not even the roster of A-List actors and actresses could save. New Year's Eve fumbles over a boring storyline void of heart or character. The ball was definitely dropped on this one.

Marvel's The Avengers

Superbly acted with just the right combination of action and cheesy dialogue, The Avengers is a highly entertaining superhero movie that audiences will love.

The Art of Getting By

Like its main character, The Art of Getting By is awkward sprinkled with bits of charm. But ultimately it ends up being a rather slow, boring and forgettable film.

Puss in Boots
Puss in Boots (2011)

Puss in Boots cleverly intertwines fairy tale folklore in a fun film full of action and humor.

Zookeeper (2011)

Surprisingly not as awful as I initially expected. Still Zookeeper's inconsistent mix of romance and comedy fail to keep an adult's attention throughout the film. Children may find it enjoyable, however some of the jokes seem unsuitable for younger audiences.

Burlesque (2010)

Awkward acting coupled with cheesy dialogue and a rather trite storyline, Burlesque is a disappointing film considering its cast. Its only saving grace are the vocal performances provided by Aguilera and Cher.

The Cabin in the Woods

The words "different" and "inventive" are usually associated with positives when found in a movie review. Unfortunately, this is far from the case with The Cabin in the Woods. The disappointment with the film isn't from it's clever premise. It's in the way the film is dangled to its potential viewers. As a satire, the film is a success. But many viewers, like myself, expected a horror film. This is where the film fails miserably. Remove yourself from the horror expectations and you may find the film tolerable.

Oceans (Disneynature's Oceans)

Gorgeous imagery that will leave viewers in awe, Disneynature's Oceans is a visual delight that suffers only from a disappointingly shallow narration provided by Pierce Brosnan.

The Raid: Redemption

The Raid: Redemption is a fast-paced, no holds barred, relentlessly action packed movie with jaw dropping kill sequences and some of the best open hand and weapons based martial arts seen on film.

The Switch
The Switch (2010)

Aside from the premise, not much about The Switch differs from the conventional romantic comedy. It's cute and touching at times. But it's also painfully predictable. Not horrible, but not very memorable either.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Intense, gritty and superbly acted by Rooney Mara, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is an excellent adaptation of the best selling novel.

Titanic (1997)

As touching and emotional as ever. Titanic's return to the big screen in beautiful 3D secures its place as one of film's timeless classics.

POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Entertaining and intriguing, the Greatest Movie Ever Sold provides an interesting behind the scenes perspective on advertising in film.

21 Jump Street

Wildly entertaining, 21 Jump Street delivers action packed hilarity while tipping its cap to the original in its own unique and refreshing way.

Young Adult
Young Adult (2011)

Charlize Theron delivers an amazing performance in this dark comedy portraying a woman's struggle with depression and her search for meaning by returning to her adolescent past. Young Adult holds nothing back and its sullen approach is well suited for the story.

The Hunger Games

An engrossing drama that does justice to the literature from which it is adapted. The Hunger Games is well presented, brilliantly acted and well executed overall. Fans of the book won't be disappointed and those unfamiliar with the story will be captivated by the intriguing premise.

Wild Target
Wild Target (2010)

Though it boasts an excellent cast, Wild Target fails to capture the wit and charm of the original.

30 Minutes or Less

A ridiculously hurried pace with few laughs. 30 Minutes or Less is a disappointing entry in the raunchy comedy genre.

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

Mindless. Sometimes hilarious. Sometimes just so-so. It's everything we've come to expect from the Harold & Kumar franchise.

Tower Heist
Tower Heist (2011)

Surprisingly energetic and fun. While Tower Heist's story is a little off the wall, it's execution of action and comedy should be enough to keep most audiences entertained.

In Time
In Time (2011)

Sporadically paced with a somewhat heavy story, In Time struggles a bit with an uneven delivery of action, drama and poorly executed attempts of "one-line" humor.

The Help
The Help (2011)

Beautifully translated from the page to the big screen, The Help is a powerful, emotion filled drama of struggle, friendship and family.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

An uninspired addition to an already stale Pirates franchise.

Real Steel
Real Steel (2011)

Well choreographed fight sequences, entertaining, fun and full of heart. Real Steel is everything you would expect from a boxing drama - cheesy dialogue and all!

The Vow
The Vow (2012)

Charming and subtle, The Vow may not be the romance that many viewers were hoping for. Still it succeeds in delivering an adequate and touching love story.

The Tree of Life

Absolutely breathtaking visual poetry. And like poetry, The Tree of Life evokes a plethora of emotions, confusion and thought. It's nontraditional method of storytelling will undoubtedly be one of the films greatest strengths as well as one of its greatest faults.

Midnight in Paris

Authentically romantic with amazing personality, Midnight in Paris is simply a delight to watch.

War Horse
War Horse (2011)

Brilliant storytelling. A wonderful score. War Horse is a powerfully emotional experience.

Hugo (2011)

Hugo is Scorsese storytelling at its best, using beautiful implementation of 3D technology, an enchanting color palette and a wonderful cast. It's an adventure that shouldn't be missed.

The Artist
The Artist (2011)

Different and clever, The Artist pays homage to the early days of motion pictures with a charming story and an engaging score and soundtrack.

Contagion (2011)

A taut dialogue driven depiction of human fear response. While action sequences are far fewer than that of Outbreak (1995), Contagion is well paced, well acted, and delivers its own suspense to keep audiences entertained.

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

Definitively creepy, but disappointingly void of any scares, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark wets the appetites of horror fans, but fails to satisfy their hunger.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Though the story that unfolds in Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close leads to a rather disappointing climax, it does depict an intimate portrayal of a young boy's struggle to cope with the sudden and tragic loss of a parent during the attacks of 9/11. The film's slow pace and overuse of dialogue may detract from the emotion of it's characters, but in its moments of silence exists heart.

Moneyball (2011)

Incredibly intriguing and brilliantly acted, Moneyball is a sports drama that even the casual sports fan will find hard not to enjoy.

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

The concert presentation and odd "behinds the scenes" approach of the popular TV show will undoubtedly please Gleeks everywhere. However, I found it very difficult to warrant a full theatrical release of the film, let alone in 3D. This could have easily been a special 2 hour television episode on Fox.

Beauty and the Beast

As memorable as ever, Beauty and the Beast 3D delights audiences in classic Disney form. Unlike the company's previous release of The Lion King, the 3D enhancements were significantly better implemented and didn't dull the color palette of the original film. I invite everyone to be a guest again and marvel at one of Disney's greatest animated accomplishments.

Everything Must Go

Will Ferrell surprises in a role that is vastly different from what audiences have been accustomed to seeing. Everything Must Go is well-told, though the rather depressing and sad undertones throughout may leave some viewers mentally exhausted by the film's end.

Hanna (2011)

A stylistic action-thriller that resembles a beat 'em up video game in many ways. What Hanna lacks in plot and substance, it attempts to make up for with its sometimes over-the-top action and fight sequences. If you can live with the rather obnoxious storyline, then the film will provide you with 2 hours of action fun.

The Company Men

A relevant drama with an all-star cast. The Company Men will probably not directly relate to many, however it shouldn't distract viewers from the overall theme of the film.

The Hangover Part II

A lot of the same jokes with a different setting. Still the Hangover 2 succeeds in delivering laughs, albeit familiar ones.

Circumstance (2011)

At times subtitles can distract from the sincerity of a film. Fortunately, Circumstance (presented in Farsi) does not suffer from this and offers a compelling view of adolescent life in Iran.

Joyful Noise
Joyful Noise (2012)

Joyful Noise boasts a toe-tapping, hand-clapping, head-bobbing and inspirational soundtrack, but is let down by a cheesy script and a sporadic screenplay. Still, the music alone is more than enough to have most audiences leaving the theatre in a good mood.

Life as We Know It

Life as We Know It was cute and occasionally funny, but suffers from being overly predictable and bland.

Dolphin Tale
Dolphin Tale (2011)

Heartwarming and uplifting. Dolphin Tale is inspiring and does an excellent job being a fun family film.

Going the Distance

The strong on-screen connection between the leads (Barrymore and Long) was a bit surprising. However the film, while enjoyable, didn't offer anything new to the romantic comedy genre.

Piranha 3-D
Piranha 3-D (2010)

It's like a horror film (used lightly) that met Girls Gone Wild. Piranha (2011) mixes comedic elements with bloody, gory kill sequences and an obnoxious use of 3-D technology. Loud, rowdy and nowhere near as fun as it thinks it is, Piranha is a film that should be skipped.

Warrior (2011)

It's everything you'd expect from an action sports film - the underdog story, incredibly polished fight choreography, and likable characters. Where Warrior surprises its viewers is with its powerful emotionally gripping drama.

Charlie St. Cloud

I'm usually a sucker for sappy films, however I'd like to have some substance accompanying it. Charlie St. Cloud overdoses its viewers with sweetness and sentiment that it becomes irritating and distracts from what could have been a moving story between brothers. Instead you get a rather disappointing film.

Never Let Me Go

Unlike most films adapted from literature, Never Let Me Go delivers a rather similar tone of the novel from which it is inspired. Though the overall ambience of the film is depressing, it is touching and the message in which it delivers may numb viewers.

Beginners (2011)

A moving drama that is both touching and humorous. Beginners is wonderfully acted and presented in a manner that is personal and real.

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

A painfully slow film that isn't helped by the contined horrible acting of the main cast. Breaking Dawn may be liked by the die hard Twilight followers, but should be skipped by anyone else.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

An Intense action-thriller with the right amount of humor and outstanding performances from its cast make Ghost Protocol a very welcome sequel to the Mission: Impossible series.

The Smurfs
The Smurfs (2011)

Reviewing this film is a bit difficult. As a viewer that grew up on watching the old cartoon, the film was rather disappointing full of forced humor that just couldn't carry the movie. However, those new to the Smurfs may find the humor bearable and somewhat enjoyable. Still, there are far better family films out there.

Larry Crowne
Larry Crowne (2011)

Larry Crowne is sprinkled with charm, heartwarming moments and inconsistent humor. It's rather dull and dry story may be a turn-off for some viewers. However Hanks and Roberts provide good performances, as one would expect.

The Beaver
The Beaver (2011)

Mel Gibson delivers a brilliant performance in a film that portrays mental illness in an unconventional, but often heartfelt manner. Funny, intense and bizarre, The Beaver was surprisingly enjoyable.

Cowboys & Aliens

Full of Western cliches and an unoriginal science fiction extra-terrestrial story, Cowboys and Aliens is just another one of your run of the mill "popcorn movies" that does just enough to entertain, but it won't leave you yearning for more.

The Descendants

An excellent cast and a story that pulls on the strings of every emotion, The Descendants is a welcome story driven film to an otherwise clouded big screen of 3D and special effects.

Water for Elephants

Pattinson delivers a surprisingly good performance given his less than stellar role in the Twilight series. And Witherspoon was as charming as ever. Still, the two collectively failed to convince that they were a couple sharing forbidden love, which is disappointing given that the premise of the story revolves entirely around that.

The Lincoln Lawyer

A well paced courtroom drama that doesn't suffer from the usual overacting of McConaughey. While The Lincoln Lawyer doesn't add anything new to the genre, it delivers a story that will capture the attention of most audiences.

J. Edgar
J. Edgar (2011)

The overall presentation of J. Edgar was often choppy and sometimes confusing. The film depicted a rather interesting account of the life of the founder of the FBI that, as a history buff, had me saying to myself, "Is this really true?", far more often that I would have liked. Still the film was entertaining and offered another excellent performance by DiCaprio.

Love and Other Drugs

Love and Other Drugs is generally entertaining, however it struggles to distinguish itself from being an "adult" romantic comedy or a satire. The two plot lines fail to fully mesh together and leaves it's viewers wondering if they are watching a romance, a satire or at times soft porn.

Red Riding Hood

My expectations for this film were low and rightfully so. Red Riding Hood is nearly 2 hours of poor dialogue, campy story, and less than stellar acting (with the exception of Amanda Seyfried). The art direction and portrayal of the title character were done well, however the visuals were not enough to save this film from being forgettable.

We Bought a Zoo

A touching story that is an absolute must see for the holiday season.

The Muppets
The Muppets (2011)

A cute feel-good movie that's sure to delight the hearts of everyone.

Soul Surfer
Soul Surfer (2011)

An incredibly uplifting telling of a girl's journey from tragedy to triumph. Soul Surfer reminds us that the human spirit combined with faith and love are more powerful than any fear.

Arthur (2011)

Entertaining and charming at times, however the film just couldn't seem to deliver enough of either to warrant the remake.

It's Kind of a Funny Story

A charming and extremely heart-warming coming of age story that's well paced and well acted.

Green Lantern
Green Lantern (2011)

The most successful comic book to big screen translations often portray a well balanced science-fiction to reality ratio. The Green Lantern comes off entirely too cartoony and the film suffers from finding that reality balance. Thankfully, Ryan Reynolds delivers another good performance and of course, there's Blake Lively. All in all, the film was disappointing. But at least Blake Lively was in it.

Take Me Home Tonight

Needless to say, Take Me Home Tonight has the soundtrack to evoke the inner 80's child in many of its viewers. And most will find themselves singing along throughout the entire movie. Unfortunately, this is the film's only saving grace as it lacks enough humor to keep you entertained otherwise.

Paranormal Activity 3

The Paranormal Activity franchise, in my eyes, has been the benchmark for "found footage" films. With Paranormal Activity 3, viewers are taken even deeper into Katie's demonic past as captured by old childhood home videos. While the film is successful at delivering the scares and jolts we've come to expect from the series, it fails to deliver the tension and suspense of the previous films. The scare tactics lacked originality and many were recycled techniques that fans of the franchise will immediately recognize. Still, PA3 is one of the better "found footage" films and viewers looking for a scare will get an adequate dose. Just don't expect to have to sleep with the lights on.

Footloose (2011)

An energetic, modern day, make you want to dance and sing version of the 1984 classic. Footloose (2011) delivers a slightly changed storyline that is sure to appeal to audiences new to the film, while also paying homage to the original with nostalgic references spread throughout.

The Ides of March

The Ides of March is an excellently acted, albeit dialogue heavy, political drama with enough plot twists to keep audiences engaged in a suspense film void of any real action.

Scream 4
Scream 4 (2011)

The 4th installment of Wes Cravenâ(TM)s Scream franchise brings a bit of nostalgia to a genre that he redefined 15 years ago. Unfortunately that fondness quickly deteriorates as the film progresses and the once innovative approach to horror feels stale.

The Conspirator

Though The Conspirator is a bit lengthy, it is a well executed historical courtroom drama depicting the trial of Mary Surratt. Non-history buffs may find the tone a little dry, but nonetheless, the film delivers a gripping story that will keep most audiences entertained.

Our Idiot Brother

Heartwarming and charming with surprisingly just a pinch of humor, Our Idiot Brother may not meet the expectations promised by its trailer. But the personality the film exudes will leave you pleasantly entertained.

Apollo 18
Apollo 18 (2011)

A tepid start leading to an extreme lack of depth and imagination. Apollo 18 fails to deliver any scares and leaves the audience fearing nothing but the hint of a possible sequel.

Let Me In
Let Me In (2010)

A horror film with a beautifully touching love story. Let Me In does justice to the original as well as the novel from which it was adapted.

Conan the Barbarian

Lazily executed. Poor acting. Overall disappointing experience.

Battle: Los Angeles

Expectations for this movie dropped after I had read initial reviews, which made it far more entertaining. If you're looking for a compelling story, you won't find it here. If you're looking for a lot of action for the sake of action, then you'll like this movie.

The Rite
The Rite (2011)

The tepid pace of the film coupled with far fewer scares than the trailer insinuated was disappointing. Its only saving grace (no pun intended) was the performance of Anthony Hopkins towards the end of the film.

Bridesmaids (2011)

Make you cry hysterical! Watch this movie!

Jennifer's Body

For a movie touted to be Mean Girls meets Horror, Jennifer's Body fails to deliver on the personality of the former and the genuine scares of the latter. A few comedic elements helped make the 90 minutes bearable.

Rio (2011)

Found it difficult to hear Jesse Eisenberg's voice and not think Social Network. The movie was a fun 90 minutes, but it lacked enough depth to leave a lasting impression.

Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert

Love, love, love this concert presentation of Les Miserables!!!!!