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Dr. F. Pjs 26 days ago

You pretty much said everything about the new Muppet movie that i felt, except with more charisma than myself haha. I still have no idea why they chose Ricky Gervais though, is he more popular in the US? oh and i agree that there's too many people and not enough Muppets! :)

Alvin Yalung
Alvin Yalung 53 days ago

just saw the movie, it was a great movie!

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Before Midnight

Before Midnight

9 days ago via Flixster

Before Sunset and Before Sunrise where both romantic fairy tales. The first was all about spontaneity, the passion of youth. The second was more learned, there was an essence of regret but with the magic of second chances. Both were intelligent and both couldn't have been more romantic. As much as I adored these films, I honestly thought they should leave it there. Much like when they announced the second movie, I was concerned. They got away with it once but could they do it again? After watching it my answer is yes and no. Before Midnight is no fairy tale but it is in many respects, the most romantic of the series. Jesse and Celine are proper adults this time round, their relationship has evolved as they have grown older. Their relationship is no longer fantasy, it is reality. On paper I would have said no way and would have begged Linklater not to make it but I'm not sure why I ever doubted them. I'm married and have been in the same relationship for around the same amount of time, real love is arguments and real love is getting over those arguments. Jesse even says in the film (I paraphrase) that this is no fairy tale, I can only offer you genuine love. That's the key to this films success and a success it is. I now believe they should make another film every 9 years for the rest of their lives. It's already something special but to see a lifelong romance like this, raw, real and uncompromising, would be of benefit to all and very much appreciated. This is real romance and glorious it is too to see it represented authentically for once.

The Box

The Box

10 days ago via Flixster

A 'close but no cigar' adaptation of Richard Matheson's work. I like the story and written in its original form it's brilliant. The problem is that Richard Kelly, one of the most over-hyped Directors working today, tried to tell the whole story when he should have edited it for the screen. The phrase 'Less is more' rings true here as after the hundredth twist neither myself or my wife gave a toss about the characters or what would happen to them. You can't draw in an audience with a simple premise and then bombard them with Aliens, 'Lightning people', Body-snatching, mind control etc etc. It was like a season of The Twilight Zone condensed into 100 minutes. It does look though and I did like many of the ideas. Frank Langella was brilliant as the creepy half-faced Arlington Steward and the supporting cast, especially the late James Rebhorn, gave a realistic feeling to the fantasy. Unfortunately Cameron Diaz and James Marsden let the whole production down, neither of them bring anything of substance or intrigue or indeed believability to the story and were obviously hired for their names/looks. A different pair of actors would have improved the film no end in my opinion. In conclusion, this is a real missed opportunity and maybe better suited to a mini-series rather than a film.

The Divide

The Divide

11 days ago via Flixster

The Divide is a contrived load of nonsense. Aspects of it are great and from the reviews I've read I seem to be the only person who actually liked the ending. In fact, much of the film was pretty decent and I really liked the overall idea. It's the character development that really ruined it for me, that and the pointless moodiness highlighted by a soundtrack that couldn't have been more out of place if it tried. People do not go mad, turn into murdering transvestite rapist after only two days of incarceration. I don't care what the circumstance. OK, so I've never been in a shelter after an apocalyptic event, hopefully I never will but while I acknowledge there would be a level of madness and understand that some of the people who were with me might do terrible things under pressure, I do not believe that they will start cross dressing, will become sex slaves, will make others pretend to be Dogs for entertainment, cut each others fingers off or not look for a way out! After two days!!!! Stretch the timeline out (put beards on the guys for Goodness sake), change the soundtrack (think John Carpenter or Under the Skin) and get on with telling the story instead of bombarding the viewer with pointless montages. Then maybe a good film you will have.



12 days ago via Flixster

All praise I've heard for All Superheros Must Die has come from the 'I wanted to like it' camp. I watched the Toronto Q&A screening of the film, the presenter introduces the film as an example of the greatness that can be achieved with a low budget only for Director and lead Actor, Jason Trost, to prove him wrong by admitting that he got the money first and then just made it up as he went along. The premise is good but is one that can be seen in any number of average comics made in the last 30 years. I think that was my problem with it, if you want to tell a great story but don't have the money to do it justice then you should write a comic. If people like it they will pay and you can then make it into a movie. Ok, so it's never that simple but All Superheros Must Die is abysmal. James Remar is good despite is horrible script and some of the camera work is nice but on the whole the acting is awful, the script is worse and the production is so riddled with mistakes that I really can't be bothered to list them all. As a college project it's not bad but as a grown up movie it's pretty bad. Evil Dead had a lower budget, lack of money is no excuse.

The Bling Ring

The Bling Ring

13 days ago via Flixster

Much like Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers, Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring highlights a vile way of thinking evident in the youth of today. I'm in my mid thirties so I think I'm from what is regarded as the 'MTV generation', I'm not sure, but the 'MTV generation' is a term that was often used when talking about kids with short attention spans, bad taste in music, casual drug habits and poor prospects. At least it was in my day. The bratty youth of today, particularly from California (although they exist everywhere) are something else. Every generation has its troubles but my word, something has seriously gone wrong with current youth. For all those wondering what kind of social impact TV shows like MTV cribs, The OC, The Simple Life, My Sweet Sixteen etc have had and what kids who have idols such as Paris Hilton, Miley Ray Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan etc have turned out like, look no further than The Bling Ring. The poisonous plastic Media we have in the west is to blame, not to mention the people behind these 'celebrities', the men in suits who are no better than sleazy ghetto pimps. They have created a monster - a generation of monsters in fact. Like I said, every generation has its faults and each generation will be misunderstood/disliked by the one before but take away the similarities, the drugs, rebellion and the music, and the big difference is the vanity. The self-importance, the smugness, the idea of entitlement, the lack of creativity. Every rebellious generation have creativity at their core. Punks, Mods, Rockers, Hip-Hop, Skaters, even Emos to some respect show creativity. It's this cultureless void that Coppola highlights exceedingly well but much like Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers, almost too well. It's a hateful generation, we are not meant to like the characters and because Coppola is so good at what she does, we are essentially watching 90 minutes of gut-wrenching awfulness. Message received but ultimately we are not amused nor entertained. Maybe if it were a documentary it would have been different. Add the fact that again, I'm not sure the intended actually got the message (I'm not sure even the actors get the message) and I think overall, it's unsuccessful. To my astonishment (and disgust) the DVD extras included a 'Scene of the crime' feature where Paris Hilton takes a tour of her own house 'MTV cribs style' and looks sad for the camera which is as hollow as a 100 year old tree with woodworm (or indeed her head). So it seems even the production company missed the point, which makes me wonder if the film holds any credibility at all?

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