John's Review of Brave

  • 22 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

    Brave (2012)

    Very surprising. And not in a good way. First off, the visuals save this movie- the opening scene of a forest landscape looked completely real until the animated humans came into the frame. The eyes will love this movie. The story is NOT what a Pixar story should be. By the time the big conflict comes up in the movie, you know exactly what will happen- because it's happened before in a million other movies. "OK, the mom turned into a bear. The father is obsessed with killing bears. I wonder what the ending is gonna be." I can't stand when there's a misunderstanding that blows out of proportion predictably and way too easily. This is not an original story and there are no surprises, which can be fine except for the fact that none of the characters are very interesting either. A witch is introduced, which was at first very exciting until she wasn't all that funny (except for some moments between her and her pet crow) nor scary- which she definitely should have been in a later scene. And as for the message, THERE IS NO MESSAGE! That's right, prove me wrong! To obey your parents? Nope, Merida actually gets her way. How to cope with stubbornness? Not really, the mother just changed her mind in the end. Is that often the case in real life? Not at all, people usually stick to their guns. The only message this movie really has is that arranged marriage is wrong. Thanks Pixar, we really needed to hear that.

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