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Carlos Lohan 6 years ago

Tender Flesh is strictly for hardcore Franco fans. And even there you may not like it. It's a "love it or hate it" kind of flick.
I personally love it. I thought it was a nice, witty erotic effort from Franco. It mixes influences from The Perverse Countess, The Most Dangerous Game and Eugenie, creating a very moody and creatively filmed little movie. The girls are pretty (even the plastic Amber Newman...), especially Monique Parent. The only problem for me was... (heaven forgives me!) Lina's haircut. Ugh!!! That was really frustrating! She still looked hot, but Franco had to cut her whole hair off! (and put some bizarre blue and yellow colors in her head...)
Still recommended though ;)

Carlos Lohan 6 years ago

Hehe, he's such a lucky bastard ;)

Some random thoughts on your profle: The House by the Cemetery? I didn't know you liked that movie...
You have Janine Reynauld up there! I didn't realize she had a page. I love her. More likely, I ADORE Succubus. Have you seen it? You'll probably love it. It's a surreal, stylish and erotic fairy tale. One of Franco's best!

I have several movies to see from your favorite lists. Top priority goes to Valerie and her Week of Wonders, Death Bed, Lemora and Lips of Blood.

I still haven't seen Horrors of Malformed Men, even if it's been in my collection for months. Shame on me!

And to finish this... Isn't Lina just awesome? Last night I saw Rolls Royce Baby... I'm still completely speechless!

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