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eric vulpi 5 days ago

I was looking in my friend's contacts for someone still using this site and found you. Do you know what to do about the site closing, which site to use nxt ? is the data from flixster exportable ? etc

JD ........ 2 months ago

I enjoy The Wedding Singer myself, but that was when Adam Sandler was actually funny. Blended is not as bad as Jack & Jill, or Grown Ups 1 or 2 and Just Go With It, but Blended is still a pretty terrible movie.

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I am interested in sharing movie reviews with people with similar, or even not similar taste in movies. I watch at least a few movies every week and try to leave at least a short comment on all. (I would love to watch more, but that thing called work will keep getting in the way. LOL). I visit Flixster daily and possibly need a life! I am not stuck up about my movies, and I like most genres. While I do have a preference towards lower budget films, I can also enjoy a good chick flick. Most of the movies I see are pretty average and I rate them around 3 stars. Anything lower than a 3 and you know I thought it was pretty bad, (if it got half a star, no comment!). Anything 3 and a half to 4 is pretty good. 5 stars, amazing. I do not send out a lot of recommendations,(though sending more out these days than I have previously). I tend to figure most people here have seen older films or big budget ones. I will send out recommendations for smaller films that I think may have flown under people's radar. But I enjoy reading the recommendations of others, so keep them coming! I do not add people with no reviews and I'm really not interested in those who want to just send the same old pick up lines out to ten other people. This is not a dating site, people! If you want to be real and chat about movies, then feel free to add me. Also, I have unadded people for sending me too many widgets - particularly of the soft porn variety. If I wanted to look at that, and be associated with it, I would be on a very different website! I am pretty friendly and open minded, but as previously stated, I am here for the movies, so don't bother contacting me if you have other reasons for joining this site. Hate to sound horrible, but there have been a few lately....

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  • The Railway Man

    The Railway Man (2014)

    August 29, 2014

    Got to admit, did not know what this was about when I rented it. Kind of thought it was a romance story. Oops.
    Needless to say, wasn't too enthralled when the romance between Colin firth and Nicole Kidman suddenly turned into war flashbacks set 40 years prior.
    Honesty, I was bored crapless for the majority and on the iPad not really paying attention. Bits of it got through. The water torture in particular was harrowing and the reconciliation at the end was surprisingly moving.
    I would say this is actually a worthy and well made movie, just not one I would have chosen had I actually read the blurb properly!
    Nicole Kidman's role is relatively small. She's really not a main character.

  • In the Valley of Elah

    In the Valley of Elah (2007)

    August 23, 2014

    Not bad. From the cover, I expected a war movie, and didn't think I would be able to sit through it, but actually it was more of a mystery story, dealing with a father searching for his missing soldier son.
    Though initially I found the ending anti climatic and vague, the more I thought about it and how the effects of war must warp your mind , I came to respect what they were trying to say here.
    Tommy Lee Jones and Charlize Theron are both outstanding here.

  • A Friend's Betrayal (Stolen Youth)

    A Friend's Betrayal (Stolen Youth) (1996)

    August 18, 2014

    This was really lame, even for a Lifetime movie. I actually don't mind a good TV movie - some are so bad they are good, and a 90's movie starring David Austin Green sounded promising. The plot also sounded interesting - David's character falls in love with his mothers glamorous best friend.
    Unfortunately it is incredibly boring, dull to look at, long for a TV movie... And I hated the end. Let's just say, he is not that young (or doesn't look it anyhow) that he would need to kowtow to his mother. Which I guess is actually fine anyhow as they were an unconvincing couple to start with.

  • Two For the Money

    Two For the Money (2005)

    August 16, 2014

    To be honest, it's not *that* bad considering it's a movie about sports betting. I didn't expect to sit through all of it as it was, but I got increasingly more and more bored as it went along. There wasn't enough story outside of the betting, though the two lead characters were strong and had potential to be interesting. More Alexandria would have maybe improved the story.
    I think some of it is down to me. I really aren't into sports and sports movies. At all.

  • Reality Bites

    Reality Bites (1993)

    August 16, 2014

    A movie I have seen several times over the years, including when it first came out at the cinema.
    While it's not perfect, and not an absolute favourite, I do enjoy it. Particularly Winona Ryder and Janeane Garofolo. Vicky, in particular was a very good character. I love her look and quirky personality.
    I do find Ethan Hawke's Troy an absolute twat, and that has only increased over the years. I can't believe he's the supposed hot guy you are meant to feel for. A womanising, chain smoking slacker. Mmm. Does it for me.
    Ben Stiller's character is a bit too yuppie to really cheer on, but he's preferable to Troy.
    Quite nostalgic 90's viewing and some good music on the soundtrack including Juliana Hatfield.

  • Carrie

    Carrie (2013)

    August 09, 2014

    The second time I have seen this 70's classic remade, and the second time I wish they had left it alone.
    Like Angela Bettis before her, Chloe Grace Moretz is a good actress, but she's not Carrie.
    For a start, she is too pretty. Even at the beginning, with her hair scraped back, she is not an outsider. Sissy Spacek, while attractive in a strange way, also had an eerie quality to her which made it apparent why kids would pick on her. I believe in the original, the taunting kid on the bike calls her "creepy Carrie", where in this, it's "crazy Carrie". It is an important difference for this character.
    Ditto to the prom scene -Chloe is beautiful. The popular kids would have been all over her as one of them.
    This is so - so until the end.
    I didn't love it, and it felt unnecessary, but I could appreciate the effort of the cast to make this work.
    Until the end, where this makes the same mistake the previous remake made.
    Evil, vengeful Carrie stomping round with lots of violence and fire.
    I never got that the original Carrie was doing it on purpose. Or not to the point this one was.
    And don't even start me on Carrie's final words to Sue. Why the hell was that twist even in it?
    I also could have done without the modernising - Carrie has no place on You Tube.
    Honestly this story worked better in the 70's and if people are too dumb to want to watch an older movie, their loss.

  • White Oleander

    White Oleander (2002)

    August 09, 2014

    On a rewatch, not quite as good as I remembered, but still liked it.
    Interesting story about a poisonous mother and the harm caused to her teenage daughter, even while she's in prison after murdering an ex boyfriend for rejecting her.
    The movie follows Astrid as she is shunted from foster home to foster home, yet still unable to break away totally from her mother who "would rather see her in the worst type of foster hell" than living with a decent foster mother.

  • Hope Springs

    Hope Springs (2003)

    August 03, 2014

    I picked up an ex rental for $2, and I think I still paid too much.
    I usually don't mind Heather Graham's rom coms, even the silly ones, but this was just crappy. Wtf with her getting drunk in the car and then taking off all her clothes. It was like watching a special needs person.
    Also, the sound on the dvd is atrocious. The music is much louder than the speaking, so I had a choice between keeping the volume low and not being able to hear all that was said, and keeping it high and having music blast out loudly - as in, neighbours will complain, loudly.
    I lasted 40 minutes. Just long enough got Minnie Driver to show up. It's a pity she and Colin didn't just go home at this point and end the movie.

  • Sliver

    Sliver (1993)

    August 01, 2014

    Yes, it's a dumb movie, but kind of fun in a tacky way. I saw it many years ago on VHS and felt like a rewatch.
    It's still just as dumb today, and there's a lot of sex in it, way more than I remembered, maybe I watched a pg version originally, or I just forgot, not sure which. I actually bought it down half a star from my original rating because it relies too much on sex to lift a weak story line, but then again, 90's Sharon Stone, it's not like that's a shocker!
    She's a watchable actress and quite pretty here. Ending is like a jolt, very abrupt, thought so the first time I saw it. She does have good chemistry with William Baldwin on screen.
    As I previously stated, for a bit of 90's tack, you could pick worse, but it certainly does have it's faults, although the voyeur plot certainly is a little different.

  • No Small Affair

    No Small Affair (1984)

    August 01, 2014

    Actually quite like this sweet little movie. Jon Cryer was so likeable as a teen actor and it is just 80's overload with bad music and big hair on Demi.
    Actually, the 80's ruined my life. Lol. Watching this sort of thing growing up, I thought I would hit a certain age and magically be this glamorous and live in one of these quirky, run down, but cool units 80's heroines always seemed to live in.
    I am not a fan of Demi generally, but she does play this part well.
    I also didn't realise a very young Jennifer Tilly is also in this one (bonus).

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