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roger thornhill 2 years ago

hi serkan! - More Thanks For The Add Comments any fan of nnw is a friend of mine! looking forward to sharing movie info. with you! :) hf....

Hap D 6 years ago

You have the best quizzes!

desmond tarkwas 6 years ago

Hello,I am Desmond Tarkwas a staff working in Royal Pacific

Resort Ltd,london.
We are employing suitable applicants in various fields in our

Resort here in London.
ROYAL PACIFIC RESORT LTD,LONDON; With the mandate to recruit

expatriate services employees' for the fulfillment of the

requirements of Royal Pacific Resort LTD,London intends to

invite prime experienced individuals/expatriates capable of

rendering expertise services in fields below:
1. Bartender
2. Commis
3. Steward
4. Host / Hostess
5. Continental/Intercontinental dishes Cook & Chef
6. Chef De parties
7. Executive Sous Chef / Chef De Cuisine
8. Sous Chef
9. Banquet Sales Executive / Manager
10. Resturant Manager
11. F & B Manager
12. GM/Director Operations,Legal
13. Housekeeping Executive / Assistant
14. Cashier
15. Front Office / Guest Relations Executive / Manager
16. Travel Desk Manager
17. Loddy / Duty Manager
18. Executive / Master Chef
19. Head / VP / GM-F&B
20. Head / VP / GM / National Manager - Sales
21. Head / VP / PR / Corp. Communication
22. Head / VP / GM-Accounts
23. Health Clud Assistant / Manager
24. Auditors
25. Cashier
26. Butler
27. IT/Telecom - Software/Operator/Engineers/Manager
28. Accountants
29. Health Workers
30. Mechanical/Electrical/ Electronics

31. Maintenance/Utility Engineers and Managers
32. Customer Care.
And many more career opportunities...
Entitlement, Compensation and Benefits packages include:
. A very attractive net salary paid in US$, Sterling or Euros
equivalent depending on employee home country and currency

. Quality single or family housing accommodation in company

. Free medical care in London for employee and family.
. Excellent educational assistance benefits with family status
. Paid airfares allowing full flexibility with holiday travel.
. Personal effects sh

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Don Jon

Don Jon

4 months ago via Flixster

one of the sillest, emptiest and most asinine 'thing' ever hit the theaters!!!



9 months ago via Flixster

An utter crap from beginning to end, but might be a useful guide for single female travellers to Paris. Here are the lessons "taken":

1. Beware!! Paris airport is a helluva dangerous place for foreign girls travelling alone. It is highly likely that you will be spotted, kidnapped, doped and forced into prostitution. If you are still virgin at the age of 17, then luck is in your side. Prepare yourselves to be put into auction and purchased by some Arab sheiks at a premium price.

2. Paris is not only famous with its museums, but also its Albanian mobs (all from Tropoje!!) who involve in sex slavery.

3. Taxi fares are crazy high in Paris in that just-landed female tourists are ready to share with male strangers!

4. American girls are spoiled, less than one dimensional and always ready for partying with guys just a second after their first encounter. Even at the age of 19, they act like pre-elementary children, frisking about all the time.

5. In Paris, when you are "taken" by women traffickers, it is estimated that your daddy has only 96 hours to rescue you.

6. In Paris, perverts are rich, dressed in elegant formalwear and drink champagne served by equally stylish servants.

7. Ex-CIA agents are equipped with superhuman powers even Rambo & Superman are to be all green with envy. Their motto is "nothing is impossible". They can "tear down the Eiffel Tower if they have to".

8. In Paris, you can convince a dozen of mobsters that you are a French chief police officer with your Irish/American accent without speaking any single word in French.

9. In Paris, the police department is comprised of one single person who "sits behind a desk". He is corrupt of course!! He is a man of simple mathematics: "My salary is X. My expenses are Y. As long as my family is provided for, I do not care where the difference comes from. That is my entire involvement!".

10. Corpulent Arab sheiks are sailing on the canals of Paris with their multi-million dollar harem-yachts, who look for a virgin to add their portfolio in French market.

11. In France, killing is not a crime. You can kill as many people as you want, wreak as much havoc as you like. You will not be prosecuted, even you will be back your sweet home safe and sound.

12. Americans are pure, heroic and righteous, while Muslims are bad, ruthless and despicable.

13. Girls must obey their father's word. Daddy always knows the best.

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