Sean's Review of Skyfall

  • 19 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

    Skyfall (2012)

    Great film but was it a bond?

    M horse trading the life of one agent for another six agents. Bond letting Sévérine die and very little emphasis on her death, "waste of a brandy".

    Honour, that was synonymous with Bond, seems to have left the British MI6 as they fight shadows, (in this case a shadow of their own invention). I wonder if in this alternate Bond world, are there actually terrorist cells composed entirely of government agents

    M did her job and Bond did his, I guess Rodriguez and Sévérine are just collateral. Pity. New crueller Bond and crueller M

    In saying that, the film was pretty awesome, would have been nice to have some more international sets and it was a bit hard to get too worked up about the ludicrous decoding of Silva's computer with Granborough. It's a map! of the underground! so what?

    Looking forward to the next installment. Hopefully Bond won't be so cavelier towards the death of damsels in distress....

    P.S. I thought it was a scam so trick Silva that he failed his tests but this was never stated. Did he fail his tests and if so was he a genuinely bad shot? He appeared to be a pretty good shot after the woman was killed.

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