Marty's Review of In the Name of the Father

  • 3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
    In the Name of the Father

    In the Name of the Father (1993)

    Absolute must see for anyone who hasn't seen it already and who is interested in the long list of British injustices. Obviously, there is some poetic license bee used but the the general drift of the story is factual, even right down to some of the seemingly minor, at first glance, details.

    It has everything a good yarn should have. In fact, it's hard to believe the British Government were committing these human rights abuses and downright racist policies directed at the Irish and their descendants long before the Bush family and the oil conglomerates got together to commit even worse atrocities against Muslims. With the full backing of Blair and the Labour party, including logistical support as well as joining in with making up the fibs to go to war and helping out with torturing British Muslims. But it's true. They did and Anti-Irish Racism is still institutionalised in North Britland. It's prevalent in the media and throughout society. One has only to google "Asda celtic boys club Motherwell" to see an example of it in action.

    That aside, as I said it is in and of itself a great yarn with everything - Thriller/Suspense/Tearjerker/Courtroom drama - that you would expect from a well made Hollywood blockbuster. If your Irish or have Irish connections and it doesn't raise passionate emotions in you, then there is something wrong with you. If you have no Irish connections whatsoever, it should raise the same emotions in you. Just remember that this happened and was only a small snapshot of what the British Government got up to in their dirty war with Ireland and the Irish.

    Also, spare a thought for those in the world that suffer inhuman treatment at the hands of US and Brit backed right wing dictatorships that puts what we had to put up with in into the shade. I speak of rogue states like Israel, Syria, Egypt before the Arab Spring, countless countries in Africa and US backed right wing traitorous Governments in South America. We at least have the rule of law, such as it is, where we can achieve some kind of Justice, whether it be in the European Courts of Human rights. We can also march to highlight past injustices to achieve some kind of closure for the families of the victims of British brutality. It takes the British government 40 plus years to listen, a cynical ploy so that those responsible can avoid prosecution. The problem is that the orders came from Downing Street and if Army and Police commanders are prosecuted, it would come out that Ted Heath ordered the massacres in Ballymurphy and Derry. Both Massacres were carried out by the same Parachute Regiment.

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