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Miss Halie <3 5 years ago



ADOPTION..I'M FOR SALE! Here's the rules of Adoption..send this to all your friends on your list and see who wants to own you. The first person to send u a message saying I own you owns you. It s simple...P.S. send cause it is funny and surprising to see who gets you first. See who picks YU!!!

Brianna P 6 years ago

hey whats up?

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Grand Rapids
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The Godfather
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Wesley Snipes, Ben Affleck, Jessica Alba, Robin Williams, Mel Gibson, Halle Berry, Miley Cyrus, Drake Bell, Keanu Reeves
my name is trevor or BEST KNOWN AS trey.To me trevor sounds like a hill billy name,lol.I skateboard alot,fight people that ain't got no life but perfer 2 screw up every1 other's life,yea i talk crap 2 those who be h8ing on me &go messing wit my family &homies.I bet 2 all that i can RAP a whole rap thru witout thinkin' bouts it.I wanna be's a rapper bcuz ya kno i wanna rap"sum of THOZE H8RS THINK i try 2 b black,but i kno i'm white,i jus likes 2 rap....wat wit da problem wit white boys rapping....???????so ain't got no more time wit that..... I gotz 1 broz he's JEREMY & he a junior.I gotz a girlfriend name and her been going out since october,like a week after my ex- broke up wit me.I ain't emo, 4 people who thinks i am.When i grow up i mite be's a pro-skater,a rapper,or i mites be a school principal.I like playin's my x-box, i got a playstation 2 & have like to 30-33 games.I have a god-sister &a god-brother.I likes the color black,blue&red,bcuz they tights&they describe whom i be.I live in michigan wit my mom &dad&brother&cousin,heidi,she lives wit me bcuz her parents r both druggers. I like all types of music,but not those country music crap,my mom like it,but hell 2 the NO I DON'T.

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Intel Hollywood Star Program (July 2012 - December 2012)
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