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i was pleased to see a new team beating this shit ;) Spain were overall the best out of the favorites, i still spit on the fake Germans, they trashed Argentinians and English when i was one of the first to say these 2 sucked, the Germans were simply slightly tighter than them :P but Muller and Lahm were superb, i gotta admit that. Uruguay will remain the cheaters of the Cup, i'd have wished for a Spain, Netherlands, Ghana, Mexico final 4 but it's ok. i do hope an Asian or an African team will make the difference against the (set-up?) Brazilians in 2014 :D


seriously dude? do you actually support Germans and their pathetic football????? :P

fixed matches for Argentina and Germany, admit that ;)

(most of the World Cups are fixed anyhow)


he is, i will never play "nice" :) end of story but thanks for still following me. a pity England passed :P just joking, well done for both Anglophones, hehehe. oh, i have Blue taking care of that issue, don't worry. Cat will also be my female equivalent ;)

p.s.: i posted some info on my wall, if they ban me, that will be the last straw.

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