Predators Pictures, Images and Photos Robert Rodriquez brings back everyone's favorite sci/fi creature feature in this hard-hitting bloodsplattering action-packed sequel event, 'Predators". This time, a band of stone cold killers embark a mysterious planet run by devious warrior aliens. Each killer starts being hunted down one by one. As this goes on, the killers unravel clues leading them that much closer to who & why that person would want them dead. Predators definitely brought back the 80's feel of the first one for me. It was so close to being as great as the first too if it hadn't been for some chessy CGI with its low budget. Other than that, Predators turned out really fun & exciting while it lasted. One thing I was really impressed with, was how they kept the theme of the original. They didn't remix it or nothing. So that came as a shock to me as it put a big smile on my face. One thing that I couldn't figure out that was asking myself the entire time as the film went on was "Is this a sequel or remake? The reason I wonder about that is because the planet was formed into a jungle. Which so happened to be exactly the same setting as the first. I also noticed some similar scenes from the original. For instance, when Billy stayed behind & tried to fight off the Predator in the first one. Here that Yakuzza dude does the same thing only he puts up a better fight. i thought was kick-ass as the Yakusa cut the one of the new Predators about once or twice. There were plenty more scenes that felt like the first but they changed them up a bit so they wouldn't be exacltly the same. I'm glad that this is not a remake because the original does not deserve to be rebooted especially where it starred best action hero of our times, Schwarzenegger. I really like how Robert made these new breed of Predators so much different than the original ones. They looked more badass in my opinion. They were much stronger faster hunters. I also really liked the way they featured the original Predator in the film having a fight scene against the new one. It was just go to show what the new ones are made of. I'm not going to spoil which one wins the fight. You'll just have to see for yourself. In a way its predictable & then again it's not. All I have to say, is that it was a good showdown. Now, for the action & violence. This one is definitely & I mean definitely a hard R. It's probably the most violent of the series. Even more pervasive than AVP: Requiem which that one is miles away being as good as this one. You get lots of bloody deaths containing grotesque grisly images that are sometimes hard to watch. There's gunfights & explosions pretty much throughout that are staged very well. Their all fun & entertaining to watch. If you like blood/gore like me, than you'll think it's just awesome. To me, thats the highlight for these kind of films. The acting was good. Adrien Brody pulled off a great mercenary. His dialogue sounded like Batman but it was still bearable. There were parts towards the ending where I thought Brody was trying to be too much like Schwazenegger. I hate to break bad news to ya Brody, you are no Schwarzenegger. No matter how many steroids you take. I still give Adrien credit for holding his own. Alice Braga is one of those next as I found her completely attractive for a woman in a combat uniform. Don't get too many women in those kind of roles nowdays. I thought Alice & Adrien had good chemistry between each other. Danny Trejo had a minemum screen time as he wasn't in the film very long. Whoops! just spoiled that for yall sorry. Seriously everytime he's in a film like this especially with one working with Rodriquez, when have you ever witnessed him having more screentime? The answer is never. In From Dusk Til Dawn, he was a vampire he died & Desperado he was a vicious killer & he also died. So there you have it. once you see Danny in a film that involves hunting, you know right off whats going to happen to him. Last but not certainly not least is the magnificient Lawrence Fishburne. He probably had the best lines in the film where he brought humor & seriousness side. Overall, if your looking for escapism, fan of the genre or Predators, look no further. If you want those things, you got them. Predators is the second best in the series where its not that much behind the first. Just a few things to change that & it would've been right up there with it. Predators is a dark nonstop sci/fi actionier full of heartpounding suspense & glorified violence. 4 stars" /> D Rock's Rating of Predators