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Henrik Schunk 7 days ago

Thanks, Central Park Five looks interesting indeed

Mister Caple 17 days ago

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I've seen the Central Park Five movie..TWICE...riveting detail and hard-edged documentary that became worldwide news in the summer of 1989. I remember hearing about years ago in college. But what a documentary!!! Appearances and interviews with Ed Koch,David Dinkins,The Rev. Al Sharpton.Spike Lee,and Public Enemy's Chuck D.

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I am a college student who has some free time, and an insatiable, ravenous obsession with film. I have a wide variety of tastes and I try for quality films, but I almost never say Not Interested. I love mind bending films, screwball comedies from the 30's and 40's, romantic comedies, classic and low budget horror, coming of age films, silent slapstick, feel good, and generally 70's cinema. I rate films with a mixture of "What the film is" versus how much I enjoyed it. Below is my rating system. 5-4.5: Masterpiece 4: It was enjoyable. 3-3.5: Had flaws, but still slightly enjoyable. 2-2.5: Severly lacking. 0-1.5: Worse than a bowel movement made of starving piranhas. I say yes to friend requests if you have your profile filled out. If you really love cinema and are here for that purpose, you should have reviews, ratings, etc. As a young woman I hold the right to not be randomly sent dick pictures and messages detailing your urges. Keep it in your pants; this is the internet, not the couch in your cousin Rick's basement. I keep my reviews pretty short,except on a couple films where I just couldn't help myself. See you around whippersnapper.

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Now You See Me

Now You See Me

1 day ago via Flixster

With an elusive and interesting cast, a thrilling plot, and a lot of suspense built up until the inevitable end, this film should be praised for its innovation and use of magic to further its plot. Still, though it has an element of suspense that keeps us watching with baited breath, it doesn't deliver on all its contrivances. The ensemble cast sometimes entertains (especially Morgan Freeman as the elusive man behind shattering others' expectations) but the characters are so flat and boring that the actors can't work with this level of stilted dialogue. There's this thrown in romance between Rhodes (Ruffalo) and Dray (Laurent) that feels so alien and unneeded that it somewhat throws the rest of the plot into chaos and undermines the characters, who are so flat and unyielding that you could steam roll right over them. Magic is what makes this film tolerable and suspenseful throughout, wondering how each illusion is performed and whether or not the Four Horsemen will get away. The ending is what ruffles people the wrong way, partially because it's handled horribly, but mostly because it isn't explained all that well. The link between the investigation and the rest of the story is tenuous and we're unsure of the relevance of the vendetta that enacts the entire plan. In the end you feel invalidated by the film, and the colossal misgivings of how the ending is handled.



1 day ago via Flixster

The original cop drama, "Serpico" opened a lot of doors for filmmakers, and told the true story of a cop on the fringes of a corrupt department in New York City. Pacino plays a heavily exposed and alternative plainclothes police officer just trying to expel corruption in his department and finally become a detective. The character is chronically annoyed with the problems he faces and in this way is portrayed as an irritable man who can't cope with the problems around him, notably fighting with his female partners, with those in the department, and the higher ups who don't want to delve into their own problems for fear of exposure and punishment. Serpico is an atypical figure, the lone good guy in a department of supposed good guys. The film paints police officers as men and women who are stuck in a system that has them either gravitate towards corruption, or else squelches anything remotely akin to whistle blowing. There's such a rampage of corruption that Serpico isn't able to report the abuses without compromising himself, and his life is left in peril because of it. This character was not seen before in cinema, because of the complexities of the plot. Sidney Lumet is a revolutionary and hard headed director who takes on controversial topics within the zeitgeist of the seventies, and presents gritty, real truths to his audiences. Along with Pacino's superb acting this film soars with credibility and chutzpah, making for an intriguing watch.

Like Crazy

Like Crazy

12 days ago via Flixster

I just don't see how anyone really enjoys watching two inconsiderate people hate each other for decades while calling it love. Recently there has been this trend of love stories about people doomed to repeat stupid decisions over and over again, never ending up with the person they are meant to be with. These films are oftentimes badly thought out and have super melodramatic stories that center on immature, useless individuals with little to no characteristics except their own selfishness and inability to commit. This story isn't as longwinded as "One Day" or as large as life as say "The English Patient" but it falls under this umbrella because of the length of their courtship and their eventual decline. Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin have zero to no chemistry in this, their characters are inane, their acting is over the top, and we jump through time with no explanation, at various points in the story, skewing what's happening on screen. The fact that Jennifer Lawrence shows up in a quick couple scenes is the only thing interesting about this, otherwise this is a clear snooze fest.

The Brady Bunch Movie

The Brady Bunch Movie

12 days ago via Flixster

Looking back to the groovy seventies, this send-up to the cultural iconoclast that was "The Brady Bunch" casts all new members to the roles in the Brady clan, and even features cameos from past ones. The story follows the same antics as any episode, with the fate of the Brady household up for grabs from a nineties' land developer. Fighting the stigma of living in the past (literally) and just having a great time being together as a family, they find ways to save themselves, and deal with a myriad of personal problems. It's great to see some of the largest problems of the series revisited for those nostalgic for the glory days. The Bradys are also shown to be happier, friendlier, and creepier than the nineties culture permits, and so they're strange in the same way as the dynamic of "The Munsters," another classic sitcom. While 1995 serves as a contrasting backdrop to the Bradys, it doesn't overwhelm the story. The new cast is very on point, and the entire film feels as campy as its predecessor, making it one of the better adaptations in this trend.

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