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Spy (2015)
18 hours ago via Movies on iPhone

It is absolutely #spytacular The funniest movie I have seen in ages. Comedy never lets up from start to finish. Does a better sendup of the secret agent spy genre than even 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' did. The writing is top notch. The acting superb. I loved that they filmed in some of my favorite European locations (Paris, Rome, Budapest & more) and incorporate them into the story. This will be box office gold when it opens in early Summer.

Effie Gray
Effie Gray (2015)
1 day ago via Movies on iPhone

I'm generally not a big fan of period pieces so what was it that possessed me to see this film tonight instead of the other option available to me? Sometimes it's a toss of the coin, a brief look at the trailers, intuition? Cinematically this is a beautiful film. Just a bit too slow for my liking. The screenplay was written by Emma Thompson who also plays a supporting role. If this genre is to your liking I'm guessing that you will enjoy it quite a bit.

Seymour: An Introduction
6 days ago via Movies on iPhone

An introspective film into what it means to be a musician, an artist, a teacher and how one can pass knowledge and feeling on to future generations while leaving fame in the distant past..., all for the love of the art.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
27 days ago via Movies on iPhone

I realized that I had failed to post this one the other night. While not nearly as endearing as the first one..., it truly is the 'Second Best Marigold Hotel'. Nice to see the "old" gang (pun intended) again and for many I'm sure that will be enough.