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Silke B 2 years ago

My dear Flixster-Friends,

since the new Flixster has arrived and I do not agree with it and fear that the community will disappear soon, this will be my last review.

I will miss you all awfully, so please just write me a message, if you want to stay in touch.

My last review and my legacy, will be the recommendation of my favourite movie...



Germany 1934, Director: Reinhold Schünzel, Book: Ludwig von Wohl, Camera: Friedl Behn-Grund, Music: Franz Doelle.
With: Renate Müller, Anton Walbrook, Georg Alexander, Adele Sandrock.

Gerte Winter (Renate Müller) is a drivingschool-teacher. She built her own car and is pretty and independent. Douglas Mavis (Georg Alexander), a rich heir from England, proposes to her and they get secretly married in Berlin. When Douglas goes back to England, to tell his despotic Grandmother (Adele Sandrock) about his wife, he simply fails. His Grandma makes the decisions and she has other plans for him.

Gerte comes to England and learns what a wimp her husband is. His Grandma is sure the German wife must be a cheap blackmailer. And when nightclub-singer Bella Amery (Hilde Hildebrand) shows up (also to marry Douglas), the Grandmother is sure that she must be the cheap German girl. In the meantime Gerte sneaks into the lordly family and becomes friends with the old lady. She finds a good friend and accomplice in Warwick Brent (Anton Walbrook), who is the family's lawyer and who seems to be such a better match for her.

You will notice that the director and all actors were very famous in Germany in the early 30's. And they all were disliked by the Nazis. So this is an independent movie, from a little studio, which refused to follow the rules for films the Nazis established in 1933.

Silke B 3 years ago

I recommend you see...

...this brilliant BBC-adaption.



UK 2009, Directed by: Tim Fywell, Camera: Tony Miller, Music: John Lunn.
With: Michelle Dockery, Sue Johnston, Dan Stevens, Nicola Walker, Eva Sayer, Josef Lindsay, Sarah Buckland, Edward MacLiam, Mark Umbers, Corin Redgrave, Wendy Albiston.

Based on the short story by Henry James, this movie really strikes a nerve. I am very prone to victorian ghost-stories. Give me an old house, a cemetery in the garden and isolation from the rest of the world and I am satisfied.

In 1921 a psychiatrist tries to find out, what it was, that the young Ann Giddens drove to commit murder. She has nothing to lose and tells him her story. After WW I she gets hired to be the governess for two orphaned children. All the domestic servants are women and she learns fast, that they don't want men to interfere with their isolated domicile. Men are brutal and act arbitraily, they force sex and it is hard to struggle against them. Soon Ann gets the feeling that there is something wrong. She sees figures and hears voices, that seem to be hallucinations. When she learns from the housekeeper, that the former gouverness has committed suicide and a male servant came to death under mysterious circumstances, Ann is convinced, that their ghosts are trying to posess the children to use them for their dark purposes.

Silke B 3 years ago

I recommend you see...



USA 1935, Directed by: Mervyn LeRoy, Produced by: Harry Jow Brown.
With: Kay Francis, Ian Hunter, Paul Lukas, Sybil Jason, Jesse Ralph.

Stella Parish is a very famous theatre actress in England. She is popular, but her private lives remain a mystery in public. One day a vistor comes by and blackmails Stella. She decides to leave for the USA immediately. In disguise. To save her child from being harmed by the revelation of a dark, dark secret from the past. Nobody knows where StelIa is, just a clever journalist finds out. He sneaks into her life, makes her trust him and reveals her identity to the public. Not knowing what consequences he is triggering by it.

I was anxcious to watch this movie, because watching Kay Francis is always a great pleasure to me. The movie starts out a bit lame, but surely has some funny moments. One scene is outstanding and shows what a great actress Kay was. She is marvelous in the "press-conference"-scene. Other movies gave Kay more chances to show what she was able to do with her way of acting and she looked better in other movies, too. But this one is watchable, nevertheless.

Silke B 3 years ago

I recommend you avoid...

...this movie, which deserves not to be in the flixster-database.



France 1979, Directed by: Georges Lautner, Camera: Henri Decaë, Music: Phillippe Sarde.
With: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Marie Laforêt, Michel Galabru, Georges Géret, Claude Brosset.

Crime Inspector Bertrand and a young prostitute get killed in a hotel room in Nice. While the police is trying to conceal the crime, Antonio Cerutti (Jean-Paul Belmondo) tries to solve the crime in his own way, with his own methods.

I have seen this misery happen before. In the late 70?s, early 80?s they made a bunch of tasteless, boring crime movies in France. I have seen it happen to Depardieu and now to Belmondo. Those movies pretend to have a fast pace, to show a hard-boiled hero, who is not willing to compromise. But what pretends to be funny, is just dull. What pretends to show a badass hero, just shows a disgusting, shallow and lame asshole character.

Silke B 3 years ago

I recommend you see...

...this adaption of:



Germany 2010, Directed by: Dieter Berner, Camera: Dennis Pauls, Music: Daniel Dickmeis.
With: Stella Hilb, Matthias Weidenhöfer, Alina Levshin, Janin Stenzel, Nora Huetz, Florens Schmidt, Sebastian Brandes.

Seven young medical students live in Freder's house. Some are rich, some are poor and they are all very fond of using drugs. Freder owns the place and has an affair with Lucy, his cleaningwoman. And he likes to play around with his roommates feelings. Marie and Bubi want to move into their own flat- until Bubi falls in love with Irene. Daisy takes her chance to seduce Marie, Alf also wants to fuck Marie and Freder wants to marry her.

Although the play by Ferdinand Bruckner is from 1926, the search for moral standards and something you can rely on is very up-to-date.

Silke B 3 years ago

I am really not in the mood for christmas this year. So I thought the only way to get into the right mood is to watch one christmas- movie after another.

My first try is:



Germany 1992, Directed by: Hanns Christian Müller, Camera: James Jacobs, Music: Hanns Christian Müller, Produzent: Harald Kügler.
With: Gisela Schneeberger, Campino, Dieter Pfaff, Ottfried Fischer, Emmanuèle Riva, Axel Milberg, Antje Späth, Hans Brenner, Jürgen Hart, Elisabeth Welz.

On the last long shopping Saturday before christmas (until 6 p.m.- remember it was the 90's and it was Germany. 6 p.m. was unbelievable late!) Susi, who works in a gas station, get?'s thrown out. She tries to talk with her boss, but he is hard to find in the big shopping mall "Poldi". Her mother is phoning her constantly, her ex- husband tries to get her back for christmas and it couldn't be more stressful for Susi. But then meets Toni, a young punk, who offers to help her...but in a different way than she has on her mind.

Silke B 3 years ago

I recommend you see...

...this brilliant movie, which is sadly not in the flixster-database.

Johnny Flash


Germany 1986, Directed by: Werner Nekes, Camera: Bernd Upnmoor and Serge Roman, Music: Helge Schneider, Produzent: Werner Nekes.
With: Helge Schneider, Andreas Kunze, Heike Melba-Fendel, Marianne Traub.

Jürgen Potzkothen (Helge Schneider) is an unemployed electrician, who shares a flat with his mother and wants to become a Schlager musician. He works hard to make his dream come true and finally two agents fight over him.

"If I can't hold you, I won't stay with you...." A very catchy tune.

Most of the roles were played by Helge Schneider and Andreas Kunze. All the musicians in this movie were played by Helge. (He even acts as a punk musician called "Christoph Schlingensief"!) It's pure trash and it's hilariously funny.

Stella Dallas 5 years ago

thx been looking for it for awhile. and omg they killed stringer!!!!!

Sarah G 5 years ago

Thanks a lot. I love the show. Emma Peel is my hero.


aaa,yes,we have plenty of stuff to explore to and even acquaint urself with original forms of art,shadow puppets,etc..there's a mixture of trendiness and folklore,Greece doesn't have measure :(


haha,well,remember,most of them are not interested,an increasing amount is want to see and half of the rated films were watched between ages 16 to 18,haha.so..feeling cranky and having seen enough trash,i take it slowly from now on :) masters,unknown films,b-movies,that's the educated spirit ;)


super film list man.

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