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JJ McD 14 months ago

I see you have rated Old Joy highly. Any elaboration there? It sounds like a good old film to escape into after a bland Sunday searching for the soul/hanging on like a loose shirt button.

And yes, I jest about Stigmata. After all these years, it's certainly NOT worth a second look.

As an aside to The Way, I did happen to bump into Martin Sheen in the corridors of NUI Galway once. I wasted that moment by giddily spitting out the words uttered by his son to him in Hot Shots, Part Deaux: 'I loved you in Wall Street'. He laughed embarrassingly and said thanks as he walked on. I really regret not following through with '...but you were best in Badlands'. What are you going do, eh?

Anthony Lawrie 15 months ago

It's his "i would love to see a movie made by you" comment that makes me think it's not him. When people take umbrage to many of my reviews the kids always say 'When was the last time you made a film'?, like you can only review a film if you've made one yourself. I think Kaye is more intelligent than that, this person doesn't address any of the criticisms either and the attack of Deep Blue Sea seemed a little immature and out of character for most directors. I hope it wasn't him but if it was I have to say he's gone down in my estimations. As a director he's never been a favourite but I've always felt there is a good story at the heart of his work, he just struggles to adapt it into film.

Anthony Lawrie 15 months ago

That's funny (re Tony Kaye comments) although surely that's not really him!? As much as i'm not a fan of his, I really hope it isn't!

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