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    Paranormal Activity 4

    Paranormal Activity 4 (2012)

    All the activity has led to this

    My least favorite

    Like always Paranormal is able to get under your skin and scare you, but this time there is a lot of grain and no brain. What I loved most about the series, is that when you thought it was going to get bad they always added a little twist that made it better. Unfortunately, the fourth installment doesn't follow this pattern and doesn't fit the general puzzle of the film, and for that it ends up being the worst one.

    This time the movie happens in the present, five years since the disappearance of Katie and Hunter. Now when a family from California has to take care of little Robbie, they discover that something dark is taking over their house.

    My main concern with this film wasn't that it wasn't going to be original, because the found footage works for Paranormal Activity, but rather if the story was going to tie up nicely. And I was right, the movie isn't all that original, it follows the similar pattern but still spooks you now and then. But to my disgrace, the movie didn't bring everything together, it left ends dangling everywhere, and instead of answering any questions it just brought about more questions.

    There is definitely some creepy moments, and I did enjoy watching this movie. The acting in it is incredible. But I expected so much more from Joost and Schulman, I mean seriously those guys directed the scariest non horror film of all time: Catfish. But, they weren't able to do so in Paranormal Activity because it just isn't fresh anymore.

    Personally I wish there was more story to this, I was really looking forward to leaving the theatres and having epiphanies but instead I left the theatres with more questions than I did when I went it. So now I am just getting angry at the series, because although they are awesome, they are starting to just take our money from out pockets and give nothing for out little brains in return.

    Overall, like always PA is spooky and fun, but because this one had no major exposition or any sort of explanation, I am going to give this movie a pass. I wish it had been better, I really did.

    Alex: Let's go Wyatt.

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