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3 days ago via Movies on iPad

This movie was way better than I expected, overall the acting, the story and scares were really good. The only thing that was a bummer was the quality, because in the beginning it looked very low quality, and that's probably because it's an independent film. But still, this movie overcame my expectations in everything else, even though it was a mix of drama and horror, it deliver the emotions and the scares, and there was mainly one that was extremely good. I'm sure if done with better quality, I would've give it a higher grade, but that did bothered me in the beginning of the movie because it looked very amateur. But don't let that be a let down, and also that horrible poster they use which has nothing to do with the movie.
~July 27, 2014~



5 days ago via Movies on iPad

Lucy was one of those movies I was excited for, because of its story and just how badass the premise looked generally and in the hands of Scarlett Johansson as the titular character. But my expectations weren't that high because of some reviews that I read, therefore I knew what to expect. The movie moves very fast and there's no moment were you lose interest because of the way it's being told and the incredible happenings to Lucy. Therefore, despite everything looked pretty cool, it was incredibly hard to believe even though they made it seem like this could be real. And that's because the movie takes itself too seriously and that affected it a little, because there were scenes that felt awkward and made you laugh when probably that wasn't the intention. Aside from that, the visual effects were great as well as the whole limitless power that Lucy acquires. The acting as well made the movie more "credible" for the most part, and just more enjoyable. Scarlett Johansson gave a great performance in par with her performance on Under the Skin, in the way they were both emotionless and strong women. But in Lucy, Scarlett Johansson had on her hands a more troubled script that it was up to her, if she was able to make it credible or look silly. And she made work even in the most ridiculous scenes. Still, the movie was pretty awesome looking as well as it's main heroine, and even though it could've been way better in someone else's hands, it was good enough.
~July 25, 2014~

Dream Home

Dream Home

6 days ago via Movies on iPhone

This movie was just the way I expected in terms of gore and blood, which was pretty good and original in many levels of fright. I also liked the little tones of dark comedy, and the acting of Josie Ho, although it was strange to root for the villain even though the story was told in a way that the audience feels sorry for her. And what u didn't like was the way the story was told, and how her backstory was tedious and just got in the middle of every fun gory scene. But overall, it was very scary in terms of gore and everything looked very real and frightening.
~July 24, 2014~

Dead End

Dead End

7 days ago via Movies on iPhone

It was a good little creepy movie, with a fair amount of suspense and twists. I liked the fact that it had some comedy, but still managed to be scary and creepy. Even though sometimes felt like an episode of a paranormal series, it was a very good little independent movie.
~July 23, 2014~

The Signal

The Signal

7 days ago via Movies on iPad

This movie was very strange and very out there and in your face moments, that were left pilling up until the end. It had some interesting moments but overall the story lacked coherence and logical explanations besides all the metaphors. Just they way things suddenly happened without any explanation or logic, and that made the movie troubled. Therefore, the director made a really good job with the movie, but the script had its problem because of how ambitious it was trying to be. But still, it kept me guessing till the end and engage with what was happening with the characters and their surroundings.
~July 22, 2014~

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