Dmitri's Review of Man of Steel

  • 15 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes
    Man of Steel

    Man of Steel (2013)

    A review from a friend ,which I believe says exactly what I was thinking about the movie, and nails it spot on, I think his review would be more appropriate -

    Man of Steel wasn't anything original; It couldn't afford to be. It had a plot to stick to, and for anyone who follows the comics or television series, it was entirely predictable. The acting was average on the whole, the explanations behind most things were flat, and often had little relevance to the issues at hand, but that's fine. It's and old series, with old roots that the movie couldn't afford to deviate from.

    So what different can I say for it? Without spoilers, the number one strength this movie had was in its fight scenes. Those two big fights were without a doubt the BEST SUPERHERO FIGHTS IN MOVIE HISTORY, BAR-FUCKING-NONE. Picture the power behind Hancock's fight and the choreography of Chronicle's fight coming together to form something so perfect, beautiful, and breathtaking that the split 20 minutes spent between the two scenes is reason enough to re-watch the film.


    I give it a 3.5/5, because on its own it had no real memorable features. The effects though? The action? Good enough to die for. I literally cannot consider Avengers a hero movie after watching this. It's nothing but child's play in comparison. Watch for yourself and you'll understand.

    -Matthew Amann (piedol)

    Full Review pending -

    The plot was uneven and very sloppy. Many disappointing or even stupid scenes. The acting was passable, but the dialogue needed serious work. The special effects were amazing as expected. And finally, the action was perfection, without doubt some of the best scenes I think I ever saw

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