Tom's Review of Oblivion

  • 15 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

    Oblivion (2013)

    An inspired score, reminiscent of epic music-driven fantasy films of the 80s, gives this "end of the world" more of a pulse than I expected. The post-apacolyptic visuals are great, and far more haunting than previous "end of the world" films have shown us. "Day After Tomorrow" comes to mind. A visually interesting movie, starring Tom Cruise as Jack... I feel like he's named "Jack" in every movie. He's not, but I just get that feeling. He also has a Yankee's cap and a baseball, which I feel like he has in every movie too. Possibly just another odd feeling. There are fun twists, even though I saw them coming... still, there were other twists that were rewarding. .
    ................POSSIBLE SPOILER................but I'll keep it subtle: I applaud the simple yet creative concept of stealing an already established character from pop culture, one that we've YET to see in a feature film, and turning it into the plot of this film... DC Comics and Warner Bros have constantly dragged their feet on giving us a film with "Braniac" as the bad guy, and it looks like this film may have finally given us that character. It was fun. DC can only make it better, but until that happens... (hopefully, someday) Oblivion was smart enough to steal him away without necessarily calling him that. There's also a few other memorable moments that can't help but remind you of other classic sci-fi films.... Hal? is that you or is that Braniac? .....................Now, off I go to find the soundtrack and hope that score is captured in a track or two.

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