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  • 2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

    Ted (2012)

    Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame has bestowed his first feature film upon us. He not only co-wrote the movie but serves as the director as well. But let me join the losng list of others who have said this: You do not need to be a fan of Family Guy to like this movie. Personally I find Family Guy to be more miss than hit, and I donâ(TM)t watch it very often, but this movie was a lot of fun. And yes there is one kind of funny Family Guy reference in the movie.

    Mark Wahlberg is particularly great in this film. But him in the wrong spot and you get that M. Night film with the plants that are trying to kill you. The right spot and you get comedy gold like TED. Wahlberg plays John who made a wish when he was young that brings his Teddy Bear to life. Not only does this work but Ted grows up along with John. They even manage to smartly explain away why Ted is excepted by society (after all he is a talking Teddy Bear).

    Mila Kunis is his long time girlfriend who want John to grow up and stop hanging out with his friend/Teddy Bear. Itâ(TM)s a pretty thankless role for her because she kind of has to play the spoil to John and Tedâ(TM)s excellent adventure. But she manages to do it in a way that avoids the stereotypical nagging girlfriend.

    Other highlights include a distrubingly creepy performance by Giovanni Ribisi, an awesome bookend narrator role by Patrick Stewart, SAM JONES (aka Flash Gordon), Joel McHale, and cool cameo by Alex Borstien and Ralph Garman as younger Johnâ(TM)s parents.

    The CG work is close to flawless. Ted really looks fantastic and nearly seamlessly blends in with the world around. There is a particularly great scene straight out of the Forest Gump playbook where Ted is on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson that I hope makes for a cool special feature on the Blu-Ray release. I should also note that the soundtrack is really amazing as well. Seth is a big fan of Big Band music and we get a ton of it throughout and I couldnâ(TM)t be happier about it.

    Even though it wasnâ(TM)t a comedy per say Cabin in the Woods is still the funniest movie I have seen this year but this is a close number two! If this is Seth MacFarlaneâ(TM)s first shot at a feature I canâ(TM)t wait for his second!

    It should be noted that they actually do play up a couple of scenes that are, in fact, really touching. The only real point of contention out there is the way the movie ended. Honestly I think it had the proper ending, and if they wanted to go cheese ball, they could have easily gone further than they did.

    Again! If you are holding out because you hate Family Guy, donâ(TM)t worry. With the exception of Tedâ(TM)s voice, there really isnâ(TM)t a whole lot of Family Guy in this movie at all.

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