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    This Is the End

    This Is the End (2013)

    Comedy and movies are two REALLY subjective mediums, combine them and you are talking about a REALLY REALLY subjective medium. I won't begrudge anyone who didn't find this funny, but for me; This is the End is the funniest comedy I have watched since TED, and this was at least a step or two better than TED.

    You have Seth Rogan, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, and Craig Robinson all playing weird twisted versions of themselves and with them comes a HUGE supporting cast with names like Michael Cera, Danny McBride, Emma Watson, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse in roles ranging from cameos to extended guest appearances.

    The film itself is a what if scenario I have been dreaming about since I watched my first disaster movie (what happened to all of the celebrities?). These guys get trapped together during the apocalypse. And eventually that journey leads to a very tongue-in-cheek story about friendship.

    Early on the film feels almost entirely made of jokes and improvised lines that happened to come up the day they were shooting (which wouldn't surprise me one bit) and it plays excellently like it almost always does.

    As events proceed things feel a little more scripted which isn't meant to sound as bad as it probably does while reading this. A better way to say it is "more structured". It has to be, as they venture out of the house we get fantastic looking CG monsters, huge explosions, and all manner of other wacky visual effects.

    While the story has a typical ending that anyone could see a mile a way I feel like that was mostly intentional as it kind of plays into the spoof of disaster porn, the general themes and tones you get in some of their other films like Pineapple Express. It still holds true to those movies, there are even a lot of common threads in there if you know where to look.

    Fans of Channing Tatum may want to stay away from this film.........

    All in all This is the End had me laughing harder than any movie I have seen in a long time (if you discount my laughter from After Earth) and the incing on the cake? I thought my favorite comedy musical moment came during the end credit of The 40 Year Old Virgin and that held true until the day I saw the closing musical number in This is the End. It is truly.....absolutely.....absurdly great.

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