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X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past

3 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The Best Marvel movie yet! This is definitely a truly a jaw dropping and action packed adaption of the comic storyline at the helm of the original X director, Bryan Singer.

Days of Future Past kicks off in a dystopian future in which much of the human race as well as mutants are nearly extinct, and those who survived are under rule by the Sentinels, giant androids that can adapt to any mutant power they come across. Professor X, Wolverine and the remaining X-Men now allied with one time nemesis Magneto are fighting desperately to survive. In an attempt to repair this war they along with Kitty Pryde send Wolverine's conscience back into his body younger body in the 1970's to warn young Xavier and Magneto of the impending doom that will occur, and to stop an enemy who is the cause of this all.

The film is spectacular because it completely nailed the whole 2 timelines aspect! I love it because it is definitely a sequel to the awesome X-Men First Class, it continues their younger adventures with James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence returning as well as bringing back the cast from the original X-Men trilogy, the "modern/future" timeline acting somewhat as an X-Men 4 as well. On an awesome note too this film fixes many continuity issues, as well as acts as a reboot without formally being a reboot!

This film has a truly kickass story, hands down. From the opening narration by Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Professor X, we get our glimpse into the potential future dystopia. Seeing the remaining X-Men's struggle to combat the sentinels in battle was exhilarating. It was awesome seeing Ian McKellen return as Magneto only one on our side now. As always its great to have Hugh Jackman reprising his role as Logan the Wolverine. Jackman is now identified with the character he IS its essence and defined the role, its great seeing the actor love the role that made him a star and to return for a 7th film. Wolverine is without a doubt my favourite Marvel character. When Wolverine is sent back to the 1970's the film just gets better and better. McAvoy and Fassbender are simply astounding as the young Professor X and Magneto. At a time where their rivalry was at an all time high, and Magneto's hatred, and quest for dominance was continuously growing. Peter Dinklage was also perfectly casted as Boliver Trask the man behind the Sentinels and the one who would indirectly cause this dark future we see upon film's beginning.

The action sequences and effects were astonishing, from Magneto's escape, to the assassination attempt/prevention in Paris all the way to the film's grand and action packed climax outside the white house happening concurrently with the potential destruction of the X-Men in the future was great entertainment. The dialogue and script was smart too, this film did not have continuity errors! It took into consideration the history such as Wolverine's bone claws in the past, and even helped fix the Charles walking incident seen in the beginning of The Last Stand. I really loved how in the past Xavier has become insecure about himself, a drunk and a depressed individual, one who has become lost. Of all people Wolverine is the one who must help him and guide him in a way the future Charles would guide Logan. It was really motivating especially the scene in which a young Charles enters Logan's mind to speak with his future self is truly epic! It just gave me chills it was so damn cool! (Also another nice touch was Magneto being the one behind the JFK assassination that was unexpected and awesome).

The film's climax was excellent which lead into a great and happy/bittersweet ending which gives us appearances from some of our X-Men alumni. 20th Century Fox and Bryan Singer really, really set the bar high for sci-fi, superhero team up films. Its without a doubt the best X-Men film and may very well be the best adaption from Marvel.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

4 months ago via Flixster

Screw its critics, this is one for the comic fans. As a fan of comics and having grew up with the character of Spider-Man, its very accurate to the history, as well as the modern "ultimate" series.

I have stood by saying Tobey Maguire is my definitive Spider-Man, I liked Garfield a lot in Amazing Spider-Man but was always siding for Tobey. I think that day is over. Andrew Garfield absolutely killed it in this movie, he IS Spider-Man, he's perfectly casted. He's the Christian Bale/Hugh Jackman/Downey jr./Chris Reeve of Spider-Man. His actions, attitude and his remarks are so in line with the character, this is the Spidey I know! It was awesome.

While some would argue that the film had too many stories going on at once, which yes it did have many but I felt it wrapped it up quite nicely(?) the Peter and Gwen romance is awesome and relatable (not to mention Emma Stone is absolutely gorgeous) you see his confusion and struggle in this situation. Peter seeing Gwen's dad haunting him over his promise was awesome, very nice touch Marc Webb, very nice.

From here on out SPOILERS: you've been warned.....stop reading

Jamie Foxx plays Electro, he's this loaner, and socially awkward person whom nobody pays any attention to, he has zero friends and is often bullied at work. You can't help but feel bad for the guy, he wants to be liked and needed so bad. He also has an obsessive interest in Spider-Man He's some sort of electrical engineer type thing and happened to be working with (Evil) Oscorp's animal mutation things or whatever it is. It was an experiment involving electric eels gone wrong and boom he's Electro. His power is awesome, the way Foxx played him is great, he is terrified of himself, he has no idea what is happening to him but when he sees his hero Spidey there to stop him his obsession for him becomes a hatred. That fight in Times Square is awesome, even the battle at the climax at the power plant is amazing, truly state of the art and in 3D it was great fun! His eventual team up with Harry Osborn was menacing.

Harry Osborn played by Dane DeHaan is awesome. He never had a proper childhood and did not have a good relationship with his father at all. After returning from boarding school he reunites with childhood friend Peter Parker, but also witnesses his father's death, where Norman (Chris Cooper) informs Harry he is dying of the same disease he has. Harry now at the head of Oscorp uncovers his father's evil experiments and is now trying to track down Spider-Man to get a sample of his blood to cure him, Spidey refuses, Harry now wants to kill Spidey forging an alliance with Electro. DeHaan was great you see his transformation from quiet rich kid to someone angry, vengeful and utterly desperate to survive, upon taking one of Oscorp's spider venom serums it mutates him into Spidey's most formidable foe the Green Goblin. And I really did prefer the deformed face and mutation, and modern suit as opposed to Willem DaFoe's slightly campy suit but hey Dafoe was awesome in the role I am NOT knocking that what so ever.

The film was action packed from the beginning to end. The CGI and stunts were great it was very worthy of being in a Spider-Man movie, it felt authentic, it felt like something you would definitely see Spider-Man doing! But the climax was the standout, Spidey's battle with Electro was intense. It even involved Gwen coming to Peter's aid and helping take out Electro, something that he warned her about....not to come with him for her own safety! But its following this that the vengeful Green Goblin makes his debut battling Peter in an intense fight which resulted in destruction and one of the most devastating moments in the character's history, an iconic comic book sequence brought to life in an emotional moment no one will forget. The slow motion, the milli second too late it was just filled with emotion and a gasp from the theatre audience as Gwen Stacey fell to her death at the hands of Harry, and even Spider-Man was just a second too late to save her. Andrew Garfield showed great depth and emotion in this sequence, holding her dead body in his hands really choked me up. Even the funeral and showing Peter visiting her gravesite everyday for 5 months and retiring Spider-Man (temporarily). It was definitely the film's defining moment and elevated its shock value...get it? because Electro is in the film! The film ended on a triumphant note with Spidey returning to face off against a rampaging Rhino (Paul Giamatti) from the film's beginning.

While the film is not perfect, the should they shouldn't they of Peter and Gwen was a tad bit too long, and yes there were many plots going on at once and maybe one villain too many but I think it was executed quite well. Garfield and Stoen are excellent, Jamie Foxx was an awesome villain, and DeHaan's Goblin was great despite his mere 10 mins of screen time at the end. But on a positive note he isn't dead merely in a lunatic asylum so for those fearing the arch Spidey villain was under or misused trust me he will be back for either Sinister Six or Amazing Spider-Man 3. Marc Webb did a good job in the director's seat he guided this film to be a film for Spidey fans, as well as the blend of realism he incorporated in his first film which was very Christopher Nolan-Dark Knight inspired. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in my opinion is on equal ground with the first Amazing Spider-Man but that climax and emotional ending will make me place it above on my list. While my favourite Spider-Man film is still Raimi's Spider-Man 2 (2004) from the original trilogy, I can definitely place this right under. Spidey's back ladies and gentleman and it is definitely a wild ride.

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