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  • Sex Tape

    Sex Tape (2014)

    July 30, 2014

    A 20-minute sitcom story stretched into a 90-minute feature film that is sloppily constructed and actually would have a bit of potential in better hands. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal are fine as the leading duo and their interactions with people after their sex "file" is released can be quite funny, but that is only due to the fact that the film has a funny and likable cast. In the end it just throws lame and over the top cliches at your face while hammering in some family life lessons that you will not care about, because it doesn't have anything to do with the movie. Moral of the story, don't make a sex tape unless you are in the business, because it will not lead to anything good. Something I could have read in an online article. "Sex Tape" hits a few times and I chuckled, but it's basic premise and unoriginal climax ruins anything the film had going for it. Would I ever recommend this film? Oh hell no, but if you have nothing else to watch on television, give it a go just to see the mediocrity for yourself. I may not be as harsh on this as I should be, but the actors elevated it for me.

  • Slacker

    Slacker (1991)

    July 27, 2014

    In Richard Linklater's first feature film, there are clear moments of technical mishaps and set issues, however, with such an ambitious project most of that is forgivable for being his first film. There is no linear plot in this film, but it feels more like a relay race/hangout film, as one scene with characters seamlessly leads into another scene with new characters, and so on. "Slacker" is all about the lives of burnout teenagers as they live their lives after college. It was just very interesting to see how alike and how different some people are from each other. This film is brilliantly written, but that is what Richard Linklater's films are (character driven). Aside from some technical issues that may or may not take you out of the film, you should be able to really enjoy this film. It is a fantastic first attempt for director Richard Linklater, who Produced, Directed, Wrote, and appeared in this film. "Slacker" is great!

  • Locke

    Locke (2014)

    July 27, 2014

    In possibly the most emotional performance of his career, Tom Hardy plays Ivan Locke, a man who is one the way to the birth of his son, but the woman giving birth is not his wife. Taking place entire in a car and driven by phone calls, the pacing of this film is nothing short of perfect. It is a very simple premise that has been made the right amount of complicated to get you engaged the whole way through. Films that are filmed like this and succeed with flying colours really do impress me and this one was no exception. "Locke" is a riveting thriller that will hold your interest until the end. I felt like I was sitting in the car with him as his life continues to fall apart. By the end, I felt the impact by the events of the film and left me wanting to see where else his life would be taken. "Locke" is very well-scripted, Tom Hardy is phenomenal, and the director knew exactly how to capture every moment. This is one of the most impressive films I've seen in 2014.

  • What About Bob?

    What About Bob? (1991)

    July 27, 2014

    Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus play off each other so well that I really believed they were those characters. When a man with issues get's assigned a new shrink just as that shrink is about to go on vacation with his family, he follows him all around to make himself better and overcome his phobia's. Due to this, unintentional hilarity ensues for them and I found myself busting a gut every minute. No, "What About Bob?" is not a masterpiece in an regard, but if you look at it as a straight up comedy then you can have a blast with it. Well-written, well-acted, and well-directed, this film is very solid all around, but there was just something about Richard Dreyfus's character that pissed me off. He never really has a full character arch and he becomes more and more of an annoying dick as the film comes to a close, almost to the point of me not caring about his character anymore. Overall, this a very very funny movie that I would highly recommend.

  • Boyhood

    Boyhood (2014)

    July 26, 2014

    Well there you have it, finally, a film that is not a film, but a life that unfolds in front of your eyes as if you are watching a 12-year-long documentary. Being filmed in portions over the course of 12 years, you truly feel like you are growing up with this actor and his family, due to the fact that the entire cast remained committed and devoted their time to making a great product. Exploring pretty much every aspect of a child's thoughts into his teenage years, nothing felt forced or staged and I found myself tearing up, not due to the emotional impact, but because of how true the subject matter was and how everything in the film was so natural. Not having a script was the best choice Richard Linklater could have ever made, because the way technology and personas change throughout the years, is captured seamlessly here and you really feel like you have gone through these exact milestones as they pass you by in the film. At almost three hours long, it felt like no time had passed, because I was so invested in what I was watching. "Boyhood" is one of those films that are one of a kind and nothing that imitates it will ever be as good. Richard Linklater is one of my favourite filmmakers and this is nothing short of a masterpiece in filmmaking. Groundbreaking, breathtaking, heartfelt, and true, "Boyhood" is a perfect film, but for reasons you really need to see the movie for to understand.
    My only complaint: It had to end.

  • Lucy

    Lucy (2014)

    July 26, 2014

    Going into this film you my think that you are going to just watch "Limitless" again, and for a small portion of "Lucy," you kind of are; However, it has a lot more guts and goes all out with it's premise, almost to the point of ridiculousness. After having a new drug implanted inside of her, Lucy begins to access parts of her brain that nobody on earth deemed possible, and even though it's tone is bizarre and the plot completely ludacris, I had so much fun with this film. The closer she get's to unlocking 100% of her brains capacity, the dumber you begin to feel and the conclusion is so insane and complex that you you will either just go along with it and find it facinating, or you will just straight up hate it. "Lucy" is decently written, solidly directed, and the premise delivers a whole hell of a lot more than you would expect, but the main flaw is that it is almost too smart for it's own good and that begins working against it. Overall, I had a blast watching this film and it held my attention the entire time. I never thought I would be recommending this film to anyone, but I just have to. It is not perfect, but it's a lot of fun, and is that not what a good summer blockbuster is nowadays?

  • Video Games: The Movie

    Video Games: The Movie (2014)

    July 25, 2014

    Preachy and repetitive, "Video Games: The Movie" may have some interesting elements to go along with it, but in retrospect, a group of guys sat down and researched the history of Video Games and made a documentary about it before anyone else had the chance. For these exact reasons, the film feels rushed and a waste of potential lingers all around it. Sean Astin narrates and there are a few celebrity cameos giving their insight on the industry and those elements were effective. You really do get invested in most of this picture as it progresses, but it's very formulaic (year, explanation of consoles, the future, year, explanation of consoles, the future, and so on). I am rarely ever harsh on documentaries, because they are made solely for those who are intruiged by that subject matter, but since I am intruiged by the evolution of games, I expected much more. Everything displayed and talked about in this film could have been found online by a 10 year old kid. "Video Games: The Movie" would have been better in different hands and with more exploration.

  • Let's Be Cops

    Let's Be Cops (2014)

    July 24, 2014

    Now here is a film that could have been so much worse, considering the director's earlier work, such as "The Animal" or "Something Borrowed," which are both dreadful movies. Jake Johnson and Damon Wayan's Jr. are a great duo and even though their character set ups are quick and easy to have written, you can easily care for them and their situations. After mistaking a masquerade party for a costume party, these two roommates go out on the town dressed as cops and make people believe they really are. It works and things get taken a little too far for their liking when they begin to get involved in a very cliched good vs. bad storyline. If it wasn't for a nice little twist at the end, the secondary plot in this movie would have ruined it. Down to the bones, this film really is just a showcase for these actors to be funny, because it is kind of a predictable movie. Overall, the story needs work, but it was funny most of the time and I had a good time watching it. Would I recommend it? Yeah, I think so.

  • Hercules

    Hercules (2014)

    July 24, 2014

    "Hercules" has been attempted multiple times, but it is never going to measure up against the Disney classic, even though that to is flawed. This version is played by none other then Dwayne Johnson, and even though he is practically in every single Hollywood action film nowadays, his presence here is a bit stronger than other roles. My first thoughts going into this film were next to nothing, considering there is not much you can do with this material anymore and the poor addition of having Brett Ratner at the helm. Thankfully none of these aspects really hurt the film, instead it made it a bit more fun to watch, because every character had there dumb remarks throughout action scenes and you were able to forgive some of the stupidity shown on-screen. Most of the characters are given a backstory and for the most part their scenes are fine. At a very short 98 minutes, it does not seem to drag on, but it should have had a bit more time to explore this world in my opinion. In the end, I was left kind of empty handed, because the film sort of just ends, and on a comedic note at that which was odd. Overall, it has some really stupid writing with some sentimentality sprinkled throughout, the action is fun but really dumb, and the story is very streamline. It will eventually become a forgettable picture, but it is a fun watch.

  • The Legend of Hercules

    The Legend of Hercules (2014)

    July 24, 2014

    Uninspired, wholly unoriginal, and it strays so far from the source material of Hercules that is may just be called "300: Hercules the New Recruit," because right down to it's core, this film is a rip-off of "300" in every way imaginable, right down to it's slow motion nonsense in the middle of every single action sequence. Kelllan Lutz is laughable at times as the title character and the supporting cast do not seem to know what film they are in. This has some of the worst CGI I've seen in years, as far as the standard Hollywood blockbusters go nowadays, the script is sloppily written, and it is not directed very well either, which is a shame due to who was at the helm. Renny Harlin is not the only one responsible here, but he should have chosen a different film to work on. "The Legend of Hercules" is everything you would expect it to be and less. If you can accept how bad the effects are, you can have some fun with the action and dumb dialogue, but that's about it. This is a truly bad film.

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