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Billy Bilaniotis 2 years ago

already seen it

kakos pits 3 years ago

egw mia xara to eida pantws! Mipws den isoun sto mood??

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Hi! I'm Spyros from Thessaloniki, Greece and I have a lot of free time. And in my free time I watch a lot of films, tv-series(mostly US series), and read books. I like to read your opinions, your thoughts about films, not a small synopsis of the film in your reviews. Many of me reviews contain spoilers, so it's better to read them after you have watched the film. I'll will be careful though enough not to put any spoilers in any film I'll recommend you. I don't give a lot of weigh on star ratings as I think that number based ratings change dramatically from time to time depending on your experiences and the mood you are in when watching a film. Also in my opinion, you can't judge every film by the same hallmarks, so comparing two films strictly by their ratings doesn't work all the time. You won't see many 5 star rating from me, but you will see a lot of 4 and a half, as I think 4 and a half, and 5 star rating are almost the same. The only difference is that 5 star film talk to each and everyone in a more personal level. Every time I write something about a film, is not necessarily the first time I watch it, so for example although I haven't rated "Godfather" yet, please don't suggest it to me. I'm interested in all kind of films, and I'm looking forward in exchanging opinions with you.

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Valhalla Rising

Valhalla Rising

13 months ago via Flixster

Wow, where did this came from? I was totally spellbound with this film. Some really graphic violence, hardly any dialogue and not a lot of action. It was like Herzog's Aguirre (in terms of atmosphere and the journey into insanity aspect), but with a lot of religious symbolism, very brutal violence and a silent viking warriors dark journey through hell. Refn keeps making a name for himself as a director to look out for and really displays some versatility here with a very slow and ponderous yet fascinating film after the fast paced madness of Bronson. Refn also carries over his trait of very realistic, un-stylized violence from Bronson which aids in lending a look of its own. However, there is a use of digital blood and occasionally it looks poor, I wish they had stuck with practical, would've fit the film much better. The score is impressive, it's a pretty haunting soundtrack. This is easily the most metal film ever released. Nothing else comes even close. This film IS black metal. You could easily replace the score with some of Burzum's early work! Thematically, I found the film quite fascinating. The main complaint I seem to read about it, is that people found it pointless and plot-less. If you see this film as nothing but a strange guy who doesn't talk and just wanders about foggy fields killing a few people, I can see how anyone could have this reaction. But being aware of the symbolic nature of the story, which, at least in my view, is about the death of a religion, helps understand and appreciate the story a great deal more. It's an allegorical tale that relies on mood and atmosphere and under that point of view you can find many interpretations. You can find a meditation on the death of religion for the progression of life, and how religion is perverted by all men in order to seek their true unifier "violence". However, in order for innocence to be retained, God must die and religion must be left behind. You can find a story of deluded Christians who think their going to change the new world by converting heathens, only to fail miserably, perhaps due to their own arrogance and delusions of grandeur. I also thought that the film showed how desperate some people are to believe in something. Or something, I'm not really sure about anything! Refn could have easily been stoned throughout the making of this film, and that's not necessary a bad thing..



16 months ago via Flixster

Primer is a mindfuck, not in David Lynch or Charlie Kaufman way but in an awesome Sci-Fi time travel way. As soon as I finished it the first time I said to myself "what have a I just watched?" and watched it again. That's when my mind was more able to comprehend itself being fucked. There's no way I can explain this film to you, rather than, it's a time travel Sci-Fi flick. A pretty awesome one that I'd say is at the top of my time travel flicks. What really appealed to me, is that I've been long interested in a time travel film, not as a fantasy, but as something that might be possible, and what types of complications might emerge. As the premise revealed itself and the plot thickened or thinned (whichever way you look at it), I realised that the concept was as original and refreshing than any film I'd viewed lately, and the fact that it's hard to follow, is not because of plot holes or bad writing, it's just so intelligent and well written that most viewers (myself included) have a hard time keeping up at in their first viewing. Made for a measly 7000 dollars, Primer is nearly flawlessly constructed and compulsively re-watchable, and proves that you don't need special effects or a big budget to make a great Sci-Fi film.

Gangster Squad

Gangster Squad

17 months ago via Flixster

Gangster Squad is a cliched gangster film that we've seen 100 times already. It was like it was built entirely out of cliches. It's almost impressive. You'd think they would do something original at least on accident, but no. It was almost exactly like Untouchables, but whereas Untouchables was built around these central characters and their chemistry so you really cared what happened to them, in Gangster squad the script was completely hollow which gave the actors nothing to work with - Emma Stone being the biggest victim of this as she was nothing but an arm decoration - she was either on Penn's arm or on Gosling's. All we get is a had a bunch of people who were seemingly together despite never talking to each other, who acted like complete strangers. Despite the impressive cast, the acting is equally bad with the script. Gosling's underacting was cringeworthy and Sean Penn was trying too hard. I got the impression that he desperately wanted to be DeNiro in The Untouchables. The action scenes was basically slow motion shots with emphasis on flying empty bullet casings, not to mention that the movie theater scene that was perhaps the coolest thing in the entire trailer is not only removed from the trailer, but also from the home media release! Also, the score was one of the worst I've seen in years. With all those horns blasting I expected the Dark Knight to show up any minute!

Chupacabra Terror

Chupacabra Terror

17 months ago via Flixster

I ve got only one question with this one. How the hell did they managed to cast John Rhys-Davies AFTER the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Also, Gus from Breaking Bad? WTF?

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