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The Perfect Crime (El Crimen Perfecto)(Crimen ferpecto)

The Perfect Crime (El Crimen Perfecto)(Crimen...

3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

MOOD: Spacey

Today I typed something and when I read over it 10 seconds later I couldn't recall typing it.

I'm bored and these people need to update their journals sometime soon so I have something to read (If your name is not on this list it doesn't mean that I don't like you, it is simply that your journal sucks -- now get off my 'friends list'):

Bone Machine
ill quixote
Kubrick's Ghost
Kurosawa Fan
Microphone (you might be dead though -- sorry if you are. I don't mean to be insensitive or tactless)
Nathan the Wise
Visual Sensations
[b]Zooey Glass

[/b]Get on that slackers. I did a quick browse so don't feel offended if you weren't on it (or just delude yourself into thinking I simply forgot your name).

And I'm really fed up with the ubiquitous 'lol'. Seriously -- I don't even want to begin a rant about it. It's evilness should be apparent already.

My friends need to stop trying to set me up with unattractive girls. It puts me in an awful position.

[i]The Piano Teacher[/i] is a provocative manifestation of released repression. Huppert's character must repress her thoughts of her controlling mother and her strange sexual desires, yet we see the insanity occasionally surface. The courageous Huppert gives a bold and unflinching performance and her ambigious facial expressions are compelling in and of themself. Due to frequent repression, her character has a lack of emotions and once she starts to feel something (with her new student), all the thoughts/feelings kept in her unconscious slowly slip into her conscious and she spins out of control in a dramatic culmination.

And this was the first film in a while to have me actually say out loud, "Oh my god". Let's just say it involves a jacket and a piano rehearsal. That women is evil.

[font=Courier New][b][i][color=black][font=Arial]Social commentary, pederasts and uncomfortable father-son chats about masturbation -- yay![/font][/color][/i][/b] [/font]I felt guilty for laughing at some wickedly sardonic humor in Happiness, but the satire wears off and the film soon starts to play out either like an unbearably watchable melodrama or a vulgar teenage flick. However, there are are still some hilarious moments to be found in the third act ("lay off the salt"). Some issues are dealt with too superficially while others are acutely handled. Although quality and subtlely aren't always present, you can't help but keep your eyes glued to the screen in disgust and wonder.

I need to snap out of it.

The Rules of the Game

The Rules of the Game

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


I shouldn't be here writing this entry because I have to write two papers today (one is half done and I need to polish it), but I can't help it. At some point in my life I'm sure I will have to check into RT Anonymous, but I'm not ready for that quite yet.

Icine is down for good. I didn't know when it was going to be officially shut down so I clicked on the link only to see 'Entrance Forbidden'. Oh well, anything that once lived must at one point pass. After icine didn't work, I just clicked back on RT. I wondered what I would do without RT. I really don't know but, ehh, I'm not going to worry about that soon. In fact, I should be spending less time on RT and more time doing work.

I've been slacking off for no reason. According to my philosophy professor, I have a philosophical nature. What that means is that I'm eager to learn new things, observant, sensetive, knowledgeable and notice subtle changes. I slightly agree with that but my problem is my laziness (or maybe even RT, which just "motivates" my laziness). Ironcially, my laziness overrides my philosophical nature and I feel that if I continue to be the way I am now I won't learn as much as I want to. My desk that I would do work at has my computer on it, so I can't do work in my room. This means I should go to the library, which I haven't done yet, but it is so inconvenient to walk there late at night (which is when I do most of my work). Anyway, this entry has proven how lethargic I am and how I just wasted 30 minutes of my paper writing time.

I need to be better at time management.

I'm all kinds of confused at the moment and I don't feel like writing a huge amount on the films I watched, so I'll just try my best to get my point across.

Aside from the technical aspects, I wasn't very impressed by [b]The Motorcycle Diaries[/b].

Like the characters on the road trip, the film knows there is a purpose, but until the end, it is just wandering.
I [/b][b]♥[/b][b] Huckabees[/b] is enjoyably unpredictable throughout, but is not quite sure what it wants to be (ironic considering the material). It is packed (almost overpacked) with social commentary, slapstick and quirky humor, plausible coincidences and deep questions just waiting to be answered. Above all, I feel it is a satire on existentialism and the unstable people who try to find an answer to it. The ensemble can't be called anything less than solid. If it was a little more focused and decided what it set out to do rather then what to touch upon, than it could have been amazing. As it stands, it is a zany and at times, insightful, film that has trouble answering questions of its own existence (whatever the hell that means).

One thought (which I find to be true) that popped into my head is that we feel closer through sadness and depression than we do through happiness.

[b]My Life to Live [/b]affirms my love for Anan Karina. Aside from my thoughts being a little biased due to the gorgeous lead, I did think it was an interesting look of a flawed martyr. I think Godard's style didn't fit this story as well as it did in a movie like Ban dof Outsiders. Its "innovate" techniques were clever yet gimmicky.
The Rules of the Game[/b] starts with an introduction that could have been a little better (or less tedious), but it has one of the finest denouements I've seen recently. I was a bit wary about this film seeing as how much I dislike Gosford Park. Regardless, it was delightful watching these characters. This film had class, and that is rare. I flinched many times during the hunting scenes. Especially when chacters would casually pick up dead rabbits by their ears. I don't think this is a film PETA was endorsing.

This was an awfully flustered entry and I'm sorry. Hopefully I will be able to get my thoughts down better next time.

Ugh...this has been an awful week. I've been listening to a lot of music. Some Radiohead, Velvet Underground, Simon and Garfunkel, some of Ringo's grab bag , and mostly The Shins.

Happy Columbus Day amigos.

Germania Anno Zero (Germany Year Zero)

Germania Anno Zero (Germany Year Zero)

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Yesterday (Sunday) started out with me waking up at 10:22. Why did I tell you the time down to the minute? For the simple fact that I told C that I would meet her (yes, the 'her' with a boyfriend) at 10:35 in the lobby of my dorm. We had planned to go into the city (Center City, Philadelphia) the whole week. Our train was at 11:00, the security car was escorting us at 10:45, and I was laying in bed at 10:23. I jolted out of bed and ran all over the place, thinking of all the things I had to do, but not accomplishing any of them (it is what I do when I realize I am in a hurry). I then came to my senses when I saw it was 10:28 and ran down to the shower. That must have been the fastest shower I've ever take. It wasn't even the slightest bit enjoyable and I don't think I washed my shins. I ran in my now slippery sandals down the hallway and entered my room. I rolled on some deodorant and sprayed some AXE to make me smell all sexy. I threw on some cargo shorts and a polo shirt and grabbed my wallet. I made it downstairs at 10:37. Not bad, eh?

The day in the city was great. We both were saying how we love the city and were planning on visiting it frequently. We arrived at the train station with 5 minutes to wait. We looked at the big map which was encased in thick, almost bulletbroof, plastic. An older man apporached us and asked us if we needed any help with directions or what to take. We asked him how to get to the Philadelphia Art Museum, South Street and the Ritz East. He had all the answers. He sat there informing (even though lecturing would probably be more a more apt verb) us how, when and why. He even told us how you can bargain the prices of the fares. I must say that I have never seen anyone as compassionate about public transportation as he was. He even started talking about his mother and how she you to work int he secretarial field in NYC. He was a kind old man, and he must have given us about a dozen brochures and schedules.

After that we talked to this wise old black woman who seemed like she had been through a lot. She was very outspoken and rambled on about politics and criminals when all we asked for was to validify that the bus we were on would stop at the art museum. Some homeless guy approached me and asked for a dollar and she gave him the dirtiest look I've ever seen and hissed, "He don't have a dollar for you!". It was so awesome. The evil glances they gave each other were priceless. She then told us that if he tried anything, she was ready to reach in her pocket and give him some Mace in the eye. She was so kind, I wish I could meet people like her all the time. The only thing that made me sad about meeting her was that she seemed like she had many life experiences, and now she was so distrusting of the world. It is why at times I enjoy being rather ignorant to certain things.

We ate some Thai food at a place called Pagoda (yes, of course I decided to go there due to the name being synonymous with one of the best characters in [i]The Royal Tenenbaums[/i]). It was asian-tastic. It was also conveniently located right next to the theater.

On the surface, this affecting morality tale looks like just another teenage revenge story, but it has deeper levels than the usually shallow vindictive tale. The whole cast, blemishes and all, turn in amazingly powerful and touching performances. The movie slightly wonders aimlessly and isn't without it clichés, but it never loses focus of it message of peace and the superfluity of violence, especially when unprovoked (which is something I feel strong about). I have witnessed on numerous occasions playful acts of violence. You know, like when a buddy punches you in the arm as a joke. I just don't find it funny and the filmmaker obviously doesn't either. This movie plays up these acts and in a way mocks them. It will make you feel a varied amount of emotions. One moment you will find yourself saying "aww!", and the next you will be saying, "ohh!", with sympathy and hatred also being felt constantly. [b]B+

[/b]There was unfairly only 5 people in the theater, including my friend and I.

I rewatched [i]Election [/i]because for some reason unknown to mean, I felt a spontaneous impulse to watch it again. I had seen it, and thought it was merely good, and I'm sad to say that I stick with that opinion. It is far too flawed and jumpy to really get into the story or believe that these characters really exist. [b]B[/b]

I caught [i]Germany, Year Zero[/i] on TCM at 2 AM and I'm surprised that I stayed up to watch it. I was dead tired when I got back to my dorm and as I flipped through the channels at 1:45, I remembered it was on. I pulled up a chair and stared at the screen. I am a fan of neorealistic cinema (with The Bicycle Thief being on of my favorites of all time), so I knew I was in for a realistically depressing and artful tale. That was exactly what I got. [b]B+[/b]

Oh yeah, the art museum was beautiful. I'm going back there soon. There is way too much to take in on only trip. In February, they are opening an exibit on Salvador Dali, so you bet your ass I'll be there.

Right now I have to go get my math book from my friend who I lent it to, so I can do the homework for the class (which is in 2 hours). I have to do my laundry, take a shower and get a hair cut. Is this what it is like being a college kid?

Tirez sur le pianiste (Shoot the Piano Player)

Tirez sur le pianiste (Shoot the Piano Player...

8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes create these:


The mission will begin at 13:30 and must end by 17:48. It may be difficult and challenging, but we are willing to face the adversity of a budget (and the resources are spread out all over the city -- bless the T subway).

We will create Steve Zissou shoes!

Ironically, I am not a big fan of the film (Actually, I was in an argument with someone the other day about how it is one of Wes Anderson's worst, along with the amateurish [i]Bottle Rocket[/i]).


I have thoughts on all of the films rated above, so don't be shy -- ask about them.

The Philadelphia Story

The Philadelphia Story

8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes create these:


The mission will begin at 13:30 and must end by 17:48. It may be difficult and challenging, but we are willing to face the adversity of a budget (and the resources are spread out all over the city -- bless the T subway).

We will create Steve Zissou shoes!

Ironically, I am not a big fan of the film (Actually, I was in an argument with someone the other day about how it is one of Wes Anderson's worst, along with the amateurish [i]Bottle Rocket[/i]).


I have thoughts on all of the films rated above, so don't be shy -- ask about them.

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