Thomas' Review of Real Steel

  • 2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
    Real Steel

    Real Steel (2011)

    Let me lay my cards on the table.

    I like Robots and I like Hugh Jackman.

    Taken in that light I guess you could say Real Steel was a sure bet for me, however all that being said I have been disappointed in the past by other "sure things"-insert Wolverine here-.

    Anyway the world of Real Steel is not far removed from our own. In the near future Human boxing has been replaced by the brutal violence and showy smackdown of Robot vs Robot boxing (Has anyone out there watched Robot Wars? you know where people face off with real homemade bots? if not you are missing a good time). Anyway Charlie (Hugh Jackman) was one of the last flesh and blood boxers of some renowned but has now thrown his hat into the ring of guiding robot fighters.

    This would be all good and well except for the fact Charlie is down on his luck and is the poster child for irresponsibility and impulsiveness. Things take a turn for Charlie when he gets custody of his 11 year old son for the summer and so begins the heroes journey.

    Is Real Steel predictable? Yep, you can see that train coming way down the tracks.

    Is Real Steel uneven? Yep, I wished the human element had been as smooth as the Robotic action.

    Did Real Steel have me clapping and cheering? Yep, As Charlie, his son and their Robot 'Atom" begin to fight I found myself totally immersed in the action in a way I have not felt in a long time at the theater. Rousing is a good word.

    In the end Real Steel is a great "Father Son" movie, so Dads out there, do you need to earn points with the little guy in your life? go see Real Steel and go to Dairy Queen afterward and have a conversation about how cool it would be to watch robots knock the pistons out of each other.

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