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    Iron Man 3

    Iron Man 3 (2013)

    Swanner: Summer officially is kicked off this week with Iron Man 3. It brings the whole cast back together including Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Jon Favreau. This time around there have been terrorist attacks around the world all linked to The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley). Stark publicly threatens The Mandarin and everything goes to hell. Shane Black is the director this time around (Favreau directed 1 & 2) as well as screenplay duties with Drew Pearce, who is no relation to Guy Pearce who also appears in the film.

    Judd: Number three picks up after last year's The Avengers and how Tony is dealing with meeting other super heroes and fighting aliens. As he says up until then he was "just a man in a can." What I really like about this one is that the movie is more about Tony; it's almost a character study rather than a super hero movie. With the newest Iron Man suit (Mk 42), the suit can be controlled remotely, which not only physically separates Tony from Iron Man it's a symbolic separation as well, and it works marvelously. Get it? MARVEL-ously.

    Swanner: You are the jokester today. I liked this so much better than number two. The bad guys are bad and also very unique. Tony's so much more interesting than your standard super hero. I like that with everything he has, the only thing he protects is Pepper. That's real superhero angst, and I liked it a lot. I also thought Ben Kingsley was great. He's so good it makes you forget how bad he's been (see Sound of Thunder). It was also really nice see Gwyneth getting something to do other then look pretty. She gets her hands dirty and it really adds to the character and the film.

    Judd: Ben Kingsley was also in my favorite movie of all time, Uwe Boll's BloodRayne, so Iron Man is really a step back for him. Kingley's Mandarin character is a ton of fun and sets the tone for the whole movie, which is cheeky. It doesn't take itself too seriously, but still tells a great story with good characters. While watching the movie, I was reminded very much of Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang, which also starred Robert Downey Jr. and was directed by Shane Black. As I mentioned to you earlier, Tony Stark reminded me of Harry Lockhart from Kiss, Kiss. Lockhart is very much the anti-hero, and this time around Tony is much less arrogant and cocksure than he was in the first two. Up until now, I didn't associate the two characters.

    Swanner: The real star of the movie Robert Downey Jr. His charm and snark is what makes Iron Man so much fun. Captain America, Thor and the Hulk have nothing on Tony Stark and that's why he's the best. Can you imagine how bored Tony Stark must have been with Thor around? Iron Man 3 has a running time over 2 hours and it never seems long. I dare say's it's my favorite of the series and right up there with The Avengers. It's the first official summer movie and I'd say were off to a good start

    Swanner: ****

    Judd: ****

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