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21 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

"Come fly with me,come fly, lets fly away."
An old man, A young boy, a talking dog, and a flying house...and you thought it was gonna be silly.

I sat down in the theatre and got caught Up in a really sweet, storybook escape. Up is like a daydream that goes beyond your expectations causing you to slowly drift into a feeling of euphoria. The rich, colorful palette of this film pleases your eyes with its flavor. The seemingly endless and vast blue sky calls out to your sense of adventure and encourages the imagination in us all..UP is a children's animated adventure, featuring an elderly man who escapes retirement by sailing away his house equipped with thousands of multicolored balloons.

He lands on world full of mystique and wonderment where he meets up with his childhood hero.
I don't know who wouldn't enjoy this movie. The only thing you really need while watching this is to turn on your imagination and let go of your logic a little, its best not to remain so grounded.

Up is a real charmer its a splendid family film even for the grandparents. It's very sincere, and sentimental in tone and message. The folks at Disney and Pixar have once again dazzled us with lovely images and a story thats pure, youthful, bliss. The romantic overture, and delightful nature of this film, carries you along for a ride you'll want to share with everyone around you.

Jokes are a fickle thing, but humor is the voice of the heart and Up beautifully captures that quirky and spontaneous humor that only comes from experiencing lifes precious moments. Joyful isnt a word I like to throw around but, it fits quite well when attached to the spirit of this film.

I truly enjoyed watching Up, and was entertained from minuet to minuet. although, I didn't like the idea of this old man having to drag around a house, I wasnt expecting it to be that way. I feel like it limited this films mobility and dragged down the overall plausibility.

Another very small gripe I have with Up, is it's lack of human characters, which leaves us without much dialogue, and no narration to boot, also some of the jokes repeat a little to much. Oh and dogs flying airplanes...not sure about that, but I can easily look past it for all the underlined pleasantry of this pic.

It's cute, its fun filled, free spirited, UPlifiting and sensational. Young and old will love it. What else is there to say about Pixar that hasnt been said? Pixar is to animation what Picasso was to paint, and if characterization was ever considered an art form than this film deserves its own section at the Norton Museum of art.

There's a lot you can walk away with after seeing this pic, but mostly I like to believe that 1.Your heart is never too old to have an adventure and 2. .No matter how much life brings you down, don't give Up on your dreams, you never know how high they may take you, if you let them lift you Up.

Observe and Report

Observe and Report

21 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Don't think I'll ever like a Seth Rogen movie, but I'll try.

I'm about to report what I've observed. This movie just like "Pineapple Express" is foul. It's so crude, and obscene enough to make you turn away in mild disgust. Its certainly not the worst but its bad enough that it leaves a gross after taste in your mouth. However, it is a comedy, and comedies have the habit of really pushing the envelope on what is tasteful, and borderline obscene.

The main character, a mall cop named Ronnie (played by Seth Rogen) is a product of his surroundings, and in many ways a victim of that society. He's confused, angry, and socially out of place because of it. This movie is actually quite emotional in its awkwardness and drowns you in the misery of backwoods middle America.

It all starts off when reports start piling up, of a man flashing his nudity at patrons of a local mall where Ronnie is head of security. The story unfolds like you'd expect, when things go wrong, things go horribly wrong, and then finally things go back to normal. (The 3 acts of servitude that Hollywood has come to embrace.)

A big turning point in the movie comes when Ronnie is heart broken and deceived by what was his sole passion in life, Law Enforcement? Which goes to show that all that glitters is certainly not gold, and that being naive is a devastating vulnerability; a true life lesson that speaks louder than words. So what happens when life hands you lemons? Well according to Ronnie, throw'em at people and hold up your middle finger while laughing.

If shock value is all you're looking for then this movie belongs in the same category as Jackass, violent, perverse, and always politically incorrect, but that's what you should expect. Certain audiences love to laugh at life's failures and F-ups, Seth Rogen and crew are always able to capitalize on that, but it's a formula that can only seek to improve by topping itself, ending in perpetual failure

Don't get me wrong I'm all for physical comedy, and outlandish performances but when you needlessly show full frontal male nudity more than once,.it becomes corrupted.

Congratulations Ronnie, you caught the pervert. This is a below average comedy that only appeals to a distinct demographic, of mostly males ages 18 -25. I hardly, hardly recommend it, at all.

Wrath of the Titans

Wrath of the Titans

21 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Adventure, Warfare , Monsters, super powered beings, divine prophecies,loads of fighting and killing. Yep, it's a Greek Mythology epic.

STORY vs Action-
There is just so much adventure in this film. The action is really outstanding. It is that type of movie, absent deep plot, and drama, all for the sake of the Wow factor, which is pretty through the roof. Not to make excuses for a film with a shallow plot, which does indeed effect my scoring of this movie, but I'd rather it have a shallow plot then a complex 1 rife with plot holes.
Condensed plots have their purpose and this 1 seems well suited, as the story should take a bit of a backseat to the incredible scale and action.
So if swords and beast slaying is your thing, youre going to definetly want to come along on this epic voyage. Otherwise, ehh you might wanna sit this 1 out.

Greek mythology isn't exactly practical or even relatable. Its absolute bedtime story fodder and the stuff men dream about or bragged about during biblical times. Just let your imagination fly and break through barriers and you will more than enjoy this flick.

Hits the Target Audience-
Most women will probably phase out during the whole affair, but if they ever dreamed of being fierce, independent, and commanding of respect then they may find themselves gearing up for this quest and reveling in the spoils.

Shiny Details-
Wrath of the Titans is a blockbuster film, with huge special effects and top grossing actors. It's a real Hollywood product, with commercial ties ins, and high profile musicians jumping on the band wagon. Theres no denying how great everything looks, from the makeup to the CG and everything in between. These type of films obviously steal the spotlight but still deserve a lot of the accolades they receive. Could a better Titans movie have been made on a much lesser budget? Perhaps , but we really shouldn't complain about how this turned out.

I stand on the notion that this movie was awesome.

Drillbit Taylor

Drillbit Taylor

21 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Drillbit Taylor, catchy name indeed. I really like the idea of this movie; it has so much potential but falls kind of flat, as a modern day comedy for kids and teens.

The story goes that three kids at school are constantly being bullied and so unbeknownst to their parents they decide to hire a bodyguard.Enter Owen Wilson as Drillbit Taylor. With a nose like Owen Wilson's, it's hard to believe he hasn't been in a couple bar room brawls. Even though he's not the meanest or biggest looking guy, you just kind of believe that he has your back, even though he plays a coward, and a compulsive liar, a con artist, and a worthless drifter.

Owen does his usual bit, offering some not so brilliant words of wisdom, and make it up as you go, style of self defense. A bunch of Tom Foolery, horsing around with the kids and stuff like that, you get the drift. All the while he's planning to steal from their homes and pawn all the goods for a one way ticket to Canada, but along the path he realizes he likes the kids, and he feels guilty for misleading them, but of course it's too late, or is it?

If you blink twice you might manage to miss a cameo of UFC legend Chuck Liddell, it's so brief you wonder why he was even included.

The kids aren't really funny, and that's a major disappointment because most of the movie relies on them.

Owen is kind of like this failure you want to laugh at yet look up to in a sort of familiar way. He does that fairly well, in every film, but this one ain't anything special.

I believe the movie renders its laughs from gags and physical humor rather than witty one liners or random absurdity, however there are a few situational comedic moments, such as when Drillbit has to pretend the part of a substitute teacher. This is really a great way of showcasing Owen's talent for improv.

This movie is kind of a toss out, and a rental at best. It's quite mediocre and basically predictable. It's like an episode of any show on the Disney Channel, except for the final fight near the end.

If I had to explain it in general, I'd say it's a lot like a "look at whose coming to dinner" type of comedy, in which big things are expected from a meager individual. I'm all for this type of off the wall disaster comedy but the fact is, I've seen better, and I wouldn't say this is one of the top tiers.



21 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Tom Cruise, king of the hot shots, straight off of the big budget success Top Gun, brings this exciting performance.

Cocktail is a story of a young man with much energy, passion and ambition, but not much experience or a plan on whith what to do with it. Sound familiar? Itā(TM)s the Tom Cruise formula for a successful career Act 3.

Given that Act 1 was Risky Business and Act 2 was Top Gun & Days of Thunder.
This movie serves up a mighty fine glass of wine, Filled with 80ā(TM)s glory and nostalgia that delivers it to you in style, on a shiny silver platter.
Tom is a joy to watch and get a kick out of. His antics and outbursts are classic and unforgettable. You can really see that Irish temper getting the best of him. So what is it that makes him such a ladies man? His good looks? , his charisma?, certainly not his luck. For a second youā(TM)re asking yourself am I talking about Tom or his character. Why not both?

This movie does a good job of showing how you can only get so far on charm and good intention, and how ambition gets in the way of everything.
Tomā(TM)s character Flannigan seems to have it all, but of course he wants more. Brash, a bit cocky and an impulsive decision maker, things quickly go wrong for him, and he gets caught up in a world of turmoil, struggling for peace, and to get his slice of the financial pie.

They say he makes one hell of a bartender, but he never intended to be, instead he would gladly trade his tumbler and strainer for a briefcase and a tie, as an exec on Wall Street, yet opportunity hasnā(TM)t exactly come knocking.
The movie licenses a lot of popular music for its transitions which lends a very playful side to break up all the drama, but Iā(TM)m not sure itā(TM)s not just being trendy.
Main Character, Flannigan is constantly trying to establish himself and seeking wisdom and opportunity but the only advice he gets itā(TM)s from his boss / partner played by Bryan Brown. The man thinks he knows it all and lives by his own code of conducted, which he constantly brags about, that and his only real talent of being able to read between the lines. together when all else fails they try to come up with a get rich quick scheme, that puts them both at odds with each other, but they keep coming back for another round of tag team.

The comradely between these two is a lot of what drives this movie as their relationship takes many twists and turns. From being Boss and employee, to best buddies, to business partners, business rivals, and finally they have become like brothers, reflecting on their misfortunes.

I really liked this movie for all its worth it has strong, drama and romance, it teaches you lessons, and delivers impactful acting. Elisabeth Shue delivers another top level performance, and Gina Gershon has an interesting spot as well.
Cocktail is a movie about dreamers and schemers but one with a lot of heart and a good story to tell.

Even though it tastes sour at times itā(TM)s as refreshing and delightful as the perfect blend of liquor and lime, on a tropical summer evening by the beach.

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