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Amusement (2008)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

"Amusement" tries too hard to be an imaginative movie making a odd mix of other horror movies, so... I did not know if I was watching "Valentine", "Joy Ride", a psycho clown killer movie or even "Saw"... Nothing is original and you cannot avoid the crappy feeling of everything you are watching.
Though the clown scene may be the most memorable scene of the movie, I found nothing special with it, nothing scary at all.
Besides, the dialogue scenes are cheesy as the worst, the intentions of creating some kind of complexity in the characters is just laughable.
The structure of the movie (creating a story for each girl) may seem original, but it turns to make it all even more boring and nonsense.
The lack of sense is the main damage of this movie, the situation of the different places in the movie, the connection between the "geographical spacies" is one of the silliest things I have ever seen in these slasher films.
Although I liked the atmosphere and how everything looked, I felt like watching a stupidity the whole time (and I'm not excesively demanding with the genre).
The "profound" final monologue of the main character, Tabitha, about how the girls had forgotten that crazy kid and how this crazy kid never forgot them is truly embarrasing.
To watch and reject...