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  • 2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

    Gattaca (1997)

    Last night I saw Gattaca again and I have to say - what an eye opening experience.

    I am tempted very very much to give this film a 4 star rating just based on the fact that Uma Thurman is in it and I think she is my new Rotten Tomatoes Squeeze (aka Celebrity Crush).

    In this movie we have a world where the perfection of the human genome has gotten to such a degree that genetic diseases and human biological imperfections have been eradicated. People that are born via the old fashion way (sex) are inferior to the "engineered" humans. Children born the "natural" way have a predetermined status that inevitably leads them to clean toilets and/or serve in simple service capacity. A lower class has been created by virtue of greater technological advancement in genetics.

    This is an awesome and crazy IDEA~!

    In this film the "perfected genome" is pitted against the "earth child" in a swimming contest several times. It is captivating and thought provoking. The competitors are brothers and one is played by Ethan Hawk (Vincent) and the other by Loren Dean (Anton).

    Whether or not Vincent or Anton wins the swim contest seems irrelevant in face of the fact that both brothers would come to rescue one another or see one another in a way that is contrary to the views of society. Anton has a more personal relationship with Vincent and this causes him to be introspective and light hearted with his brother - contrary to the opinions of authority and society. He must square him up first and understand his character and the driving forces behind his actions.

    Jude Law plays "Jerome Eugene Morrow," a man that is crippled and elects to sell his identity to Vincent so that Vincent can get into Gattaca and chase his dreams while Jerome can enjoy the benefits of Vincent's paycheck. He does an excellent job and surprisingly - as a paraplegic - he has some good scenes of action that are fun to watch! (SPOILER: Including the ENDING)

    As much as this film is sci-fi this film is also feels like a drama. The drama is about what you need to do to survive in the world if you are someone who lives with an entirely different person's identity. Vincent has to constantly scrub his body down and brush his hair and clip his nails and then he has to meticulously plant traces of the real Jerome in the place that he would have left his own trace materials.

    If you have not seen this movie you should probably see it - it is a fascinating tale that has a huge payoff in terms of story, dialog, directing, acting, screenplay and writing.

    The other big PLUS is that (again) Uma Thurman is awesome. And now she is my new "Celebrity Crush" !!!!!!!

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