Andy's Review of Turbo

  • 12 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

    Turbo (2013)

    With Pixar losing steam with each film it puts out, the playing field is more level than ever for competition to fill the gap left by the once-great animation giant. Unfortunately, despite its imaginative premise, Turbo is simply too flawed to succeed where Pixar failed, failing serve up anything more than tired jokes and animation cliches.

    One thing that animation has to have a lot of is action, otherwise it being an animated film is rather unnecessary. And while there are of course a few snail races, too much time is given over to dialogue and lame jokes, all of which could have been accomplished without the use of CGI. Every characteristic about a snail one could think of is used as the butt of some joke or bout of ridicule, from eye stalk length to shell size and pattern, and none are very funny. And while the voice acting is competent (Samuel L. Jackson is as distinctive as ever), there's nothing this film does that's notably good or bad. It's a thoroughly average snail tale that, while it will appeal to the child demographic, offers nothing of interest to any other.

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