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September 2009
Current Location
The Winchester?
Sandford, Gloucestershire. Village of the Year!
Movie Character You Most Identify With
I know he's technically not from a movie, but... Ross from "Friends"
Favorite Line From A Movie
"Welcome to primetime, bitch!" (A Nightmare on Elm Street 3)
Favorite Scene From A Movie
The scene in "12 Angry Men" where Number 11 yells at Number 7 and challenges him about why he changes his vote. I love this scene because Number 11 is absolutely right, and I think the scene really sums up the movie. I could hear that firm "Why?!" a million times!
Favorite Movie
12 Angry Men
Favorite Actor
Gary Sinise
Favorite Director
Clint Eastwood
Celebrity Crush
Scarlett Johansson
Favorite Genre
Sci-fi, horror, thrillers
Favorite Critic
Doug Walker (and in general), James Rolfe, Mark Kermode, and the immortal double-act of Siskel and Ebert (RIP)
Best Movie Seat
Favorite Movie Watching Snack
When I'm not watching movies, I'm...
looking for a job
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