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Source Code
Source Code (2011)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

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Source Code Movie Review

A new genre of movies is beginning to form. Last year it began with the ultra stylized brain teasing epic Inception. A movie so wrapped up in a dream that it became the focus and threw all the extra summer movie waste to the wayside. It demanded your attention throughout and punished those unable to muster the brainpower to follow its extremely unique multiple dream story lines. Taking the viewer inside a dream within a dream. The Matrix pulled off a similar feat by creating a world outside our world. This genre is not about escaping to make believe lands and times but to make believe ideas and theories. Following a train of thought to the end and challenging the viewer to keep up. Source Code is the next stop on this trains route. A reality within a reality.
The story revolves around Captain Colter Stevens, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, a helicopter pilot who wakes up on a train unbeknown of how he got there. While he struggles with his mental breakdown the train rockets to its final destination as it explodes and he is killed instantly. This all happens within the first 8 minutes of Source Code and there is so much more to take place as the story continues. The plot only thickens as the movie progresses and you realize the true conundrum Captain Stevens faces. I loved every second of the movie and noticed my mouth dressed in a giant stupid grin as the film surprised me again and again till the last frame.
This is the second feature film made by Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie, the first being the amazing science fiction movie Moon, and it is obvious that he has a raw talent for sending the brain into overabundant thought. He is a director for the thinking man and since we are living in the information age what more could you ask for. The picture has been out for a week and I already cannot wait to see his next project. Every move that takes place is meticulously thought out and the overall idea of the movie constantly evolved to the very end. The characters are filled with wells of depth and their intentions are plausible. Riveting thought provoking stuff. Something that needs to be experienced and experienced again to get the full benefits it offers.
I couldn't have been more happy with the performances either. Jake Gyllenhaal grounds the whole thing as a marvelously determined soldier trying to make sense of everything and react efficiently and quickly. He gives his best performance in a long time and was a great pick for this lead. Michelle Monaghan is radiantly beautiful and perfectly cast as the intelligent and kind love interest. She provides a breath of fresh air every time she graces the screen.
this movie was so good that I wanted to buy another ticket as soon as I left the theater. With the depths of my wallet gathering dust I was forced to return to the cold world we call reality. Source Code is not to be missed and offers up all the intelligence, humor, and style that few other mainstream directors can replicate.

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