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    The Mothman Prophecies

    The Mothman Prophecies (2002)

    The Mothman Prophecies follows John Klein (Richard Gere) who is a reporter after the death of his wife Mary Klein (Debra Messing) who dies of a rare brain condition that is discovered after a car accident with what appear to be the Mothman.

    John Klein heads out on a road trip and finds himself broken down in the small town of Point Pleasant in western West Virginia, hundreds of miles away from the North Carolina border where he thought he was but just a couple of hours after departing.

    While in Point Pleasant looking for help John knocks on the door of of Gordon (Will Patton) and Denise (Lucinda Jenney) Smallwood. He is greeted with a shotgun and moved into the shower where he is held until the local sheriff Connie Mills (Laura Linney) shows up to defuse the situation. He is greeted in this fashion because he has knocked on the door of the Smallwood's house at 2:30am for the last three nights...but John had just arrived...hmmmm....

    From here, sheriff Connie explains to John that there are "strange things" happening in Point Pleasant. Connie and John setout to investigate further.

    Queue the Mothman...The Mothman sends messages to Gordon Smallwood and others with predictions of death that don't make sense until it is found that the numbers that he is feeding him are the number of people that die in an accident or disaster.

    The movie takes several twists and turns from here, with lots of questions raised that you hope will be answered by the end of the film.

    Most interesting scene to me is when John was on the phone with the Mothman who we learn is named Indrid Cold. While on the phone it is clear that Indrid is able to be in one place and see and here all that is going on in John's room. Oh...and Indrid's voice is super creepy...This scene gave me lots of hope for what was to come...

    But that was not meant to be...the movie falls apart as you approach the end with no real answers but a large disaster where many people die in an accident on a bridge where sheriff Connie's "Mothman" dream comes true.

    Yep, lots of potential that could have made this a really good movie, but instead a bit of a flop that just didn't deliver.

    I thought that the movie did make good use of colors and lights, moving in and out of scenes with them. Other then that, it is not a particularly pretty film. Never get a real good look at the Mothman so can't really comment on any makeup/special effects.

    Richard Gere is OK in his role as a man that is falling apart after the death of his wife...I have never been a big fan of Richard Gere and this movie didn't really change my mind.

    Laura Linney really wasn't anything special in this film either. She was just sort of there. Someone else in this role with some better interaction with Richard Gere might have made it a bit of a better film.

    The best acting performance in this movie goes to Will Patton as Gordon Smallwood. Will portrays Gordon as his life spirals out of control at the hands of the Mothman. Real good performance here.

    HOT GIRL ALERT - Well, nothing really to mention here. Debra Messing and Larua Linney are both pretty cute but really don't get a chance to show themselves off in this one.

    So...2 out of 10 for me...a film with a ton of potential that doesn't live up to it. What a shame....Skip it....


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