Jack's Review of The Dark Knight Rises

  • 19 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes
    The Dark Knight Rises

    The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

    The Legend Ends in stunning fashion.

    The Good: I have many good things to say about this movie. The musical score was incredible. Hans Zimmer needs an Oscar NOW! I downloaded the soundtrack as soon as it was out. The acting was top notch. The usual cast brought their A game, but the new cast members were remarkable. Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle is one of the best parts of the movie. She has a sexuality and darkness to her that fit the character perfectly and has surpassed the former Catwomen of the past. Literally every time she was on screen, men began to breathe heavier. She was that good. Tom Hardy as Bane did an excellent job as well. When I first heard that Bane was the villain, I was a little disappointed, but Tom Hardy's performance made a rather weak villain become extraordinary and perhaps even legendary. He is not on par with the Joker, but Bane's lines are the most memorable lines I have ever heard in comic book movie. People will be quoting Bane; I can place bets on it. Also, the fighting scenes were way better than its predecessors. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight had somewhat rushed fighting scenes with closeups. Rises had fight scenes with not only impeccable buildup, but flawless execution.

    The Bad: Even though this is a Batman movie, I wanted to watch the villains more. The Dark Knight set this problem in play when the Joker was a bigger story than Batman. Rises does the same thing by having Bane come off being so incredible. For a good hour and a half, Batman is getting beat up, broken, or he is out of costume. Batman needs to be more central in his own movie. Also, the movie is really LONG. I feel with such a great length, they should have focused more on Batman instead of other characters such as John Blake. John Blake was a good character for the story, but he was on screen way too much.

    Overall: This is a must see movie. I will be buying this on Blu-Ray and getting the Trilogy Pack when it comes out.

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