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  • 3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
    The Man

    The Man (2005)

    Well I really have to say, The Man is a truly boring, poorly written, and is a misguided buddy cop film with nothing exiciting. In the film, a dental supply salesman named Andy Fiddler(Eugene Levy) is thrown into a conspiracy that puts him and ATF agent Derrick Vann(Samuel L Jackson) on the trail of a crime squad lead by a man named Joey(Luke Goss). So now, the two men must work coopertively to slove this case for as long as they can literally survive each other. Can Andy and Derrick unravel this case and put an end to Joey and will Andy make it home safely. Your gonna half to watch this film and find out.

    I will say this, for those of you that haven't seen or heard of this movie, there are several negatives and positives I have to point out. Well to begin with, the film isn't all that enjoyable or thrilling as one would expect. The films plot was very boring at times and wasn't even intresting. I also have to admit, the plot was very unoriginal. It looked as if the story copied off elements from The Lethal Weapon film series, The Negotiator, and several other films all together. I almost felt like snozing off throughtout half of it and part of the time, I generally disliked Eugene Levies prefromance in the this film. He simply can't be funny or act for pete's sake, and I thought he was extremely annoying. Also as far as the good things go, the film is down right funny and I almost died halfway. I also half to say, no matter how bad the film got, it seemed Sam Jackson refused to do a terrible job with his preformance, which was humorous and down right crazy. So I can probably say that this has it up or downs in all the right areas of the script. My tomatoe meter rating is a 50 precent. The man in my opinion, is worth advoiding, is highly humorous, but is far from entertaining.

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