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How to Train Your Dragon 2
4 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

For starters, "How to Train Your Dragon 2" has a very mature and rich story that is filled with emotional and dramatic depth. It grows our characters from the first film and really feels like a continuation of the series and not just some cash grab. We see how Berk has changed and how the lives of everyone on the island has become better, I really love how the film tackles darker subject matter like remorse, forgiveness, and redemption, while at the same time touching on themes of love and loss. The screenplay is filled with moments of pure heart and we really see the bond between Hiccup and Toothless expanded upon. Not only is this a great screenplay, but also Dreamworks' best since the original "Shrek."

The characters and voice actors are perfect. I love how the characters have grown and their personalities have been enhanced. Hiccup takes a more proactive role in this film and we really see that he's matured a lot from the first film. His and Toothless' relationship is expanded on and it really is still the core emotional center of the film. The side characters like Astrid and Snotlout get more screen time this time around and they actually do more with the film. They aid with the comic relief to keep the movie a little lighter than the extremely dark tone that it's going for. There are a few new characters introduced into the universe like Valka, Eret, and Drago Bludvist. Valka is a great character and she's another great female addition to the roster. She has a great emotional ark and not only that, she is a strong character and a better dragon master than Hiccup that really holds her own. Eret is a nice addition to the cast as he is also comic relief, but also a interest side villain character. Drago is a fantastic villain and is really a cold hearted murderer. His method of mastering dragons really differs from Hiccups and its a great contrast that shows the different types of people that are in this world. I love how they build him up before actually revealing him.

The animation and visuals are probably amongst the best I've seen from any CGI film to date. It is just breathtakingly gorgeous. The character's movements are so fluid and each character has their own way of moving. What I found really impressive is the facial animation. There are so many intimate moments in this film that require no dialogue and we can sense exactly what the characters are thinking from their expressions. There is always something happening in the foreground as well as the background and it's unlike anything that I've seen before in the medium. Characters could be taking in front of the camera, but in the background there could be an epic battle taking place. There is a lot to take in, but the director, Dean DeBlois, knows how to balance the visuals with well paced story. The layout and environment are also quite impressive. Every blade of grass, powder of snow, and water particles are just amazing to look at.

The score from John Powell impresses again and really enhances the already great score of the series. It's bombastic, epic, touching, and moving. There is something about the score that really makes the film so much better than it already is. I was literally left in tears because of the score and how beautiful it is.

I'm gonna come out and say it. "How to Train Your Dragon 2" is a MASTERPIECE amongst modern films and a revolution in animation. It is a film that is going to push animation further and allow the medium to be taken more seriously. For a major studio production, it goes to places that the medium has only thought of, but couldn't really pull it off because of limitations set by studios and audiences alike. It is almost a near perfect film and I award it the highest 5/5 that I can.

The LEGO Movie
4 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

"The Lego Movie" is one of the most frantic movies I have ever seen, but also one of the most creative and funny. It is filled with charm, intelligent humor, and more importantly heart.

The writing is incredibly strong. There are a lot if play on words and unpredictable moments that really surprise the viewers. I love the themes about conformity and being special. It's quit unique as it says that anyone can be special regardless of their creativity or need to be different.

The characters Vitruvious, Lucy, Batman, and Lord Business are all great. Their voice actors do a great job and they deliver their jokes perfectly. Emmet is the main character and probably the best because he is so relatable and a very atypical hero. There isn't anything really special about him, but he's a great every man and Chris Pratt brings the right amount of humanity and charm to the role.

The animation is beautiful and incredibly creative. There are a lot of great sight gags and visual effects. I really lije the stop motion look the movie achieves even though the first few minutes are jarring.

Overall, "Everything is Awesome" and this a beautifully crafted and intelligently written film that packs the right amount of humor and heart. The animation is great and incredibly creative. I really like this film and I highly recommend it. I give is 4.5/5

The Fault In Our Stars
4 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

"The Fault In Our Stars" is an incredible ride of emotion from start to finish. It's a touching love story that really pulls on the heartstrings and manages to make prolific statements on life and what we as humans should do with such an amazing gift. That we are not bound by the life we are given and we can do whatever we want so as long as we don't let our circumstances bind us.

I am really impressed by this films script and how thought provoking and heartfelt it is. The relationship and the genuine emotions are so well written that not for a second I don't believe what they are saying or feeling towards one another. I also enjoy how it doesn't take a strong sentimental or sappy approach on the subject matter, as these characters are really sick and it could have come off as trying way too hard or manipulative. The script instead focuses on celebrating life as apposed to the darker side of death.

The director, Josh Boone, does a good job with handling everything that is going on and directs the cast well, as they are the strongest parts of the film. I really enjoy some of the stylistic approaches in the film, such as how they show the text messages. One small fault in his directing is that the film gets a bit conventional near the end and it manages to lose some of its magic. The soundtrack is well used and really drives the movie home. It's filled with upbeat and fun songs that really makes the film feel like a celebration of life.

The cast is top class and they truly give some wonderful performances. Shailene Woodley gives a magical performance that conveys genuine happiness and heartbreaking sadness. She easily portrays so many emotions realistically and convincingly. Ansel Elgort plays Woodley's love interest and if not done by such a good actor, he could have come off as annoying and in your face. His character is a bit loud and egotistic, but he is a nice guy and really loves everyone, who he encounters. Woodley's and Elgort's onscreen chemistry is incredibly good. I really bought their relationship and felt every pain that they felt. The actors are a true highlight of the film.

Overall, "The Fault In Our Stars" is a really good movie that is a fresh of breath air in this summer blockbuster season filled with high octane action and ridiculous special effect. It's a emotional ride that does not force it's message or manipulates its audience. It is a genuine movie that shows a brighter side of life and death. While the film does get conventional in it's third act, it still ends on a high note. I give it an incredibly high 4/5

Rio 2
Rio 2 (2014)
4 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I'm not a huge fan of the first "Rio," as I think it is a very straight forward movie with little to offer. It's fun and all, but lacking emotional punches.

"Rio 2" on the other hand is a far stronger movie than the original. It's cast is superior and well balanced, the story has a few nicely done emotional sequences, and the animation is gorgeous. While I find the songs weaker than the highs of the first film, they are more consistent in terms of quality. The real highlight of the film is its script, which I think is amongst Blue Sky's top 3 scripts to date. It is well balanced with a fish out of water story, a well handled environmental message that isn't being shoved down our throats, and well rounded humor.

Overall, it's a fun experience with gorgeous animation. The first third of the film is a bit conventional and rather boring, but the second they get into the Amazon, the film really takes flight and gets better as it progresses. 3.5/5