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Boyhood (2014)
21 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Boyhood is the most accomplished and ambitious film from American indie Auteur Richard Linklater, 12 years in the making its a cinematic event that must not be missed. Following the coming of age tale of young Mason; who faces the many challenges of life among his family and friends. Believe me when I say this film is 'Epic' in technical scale due to its accomplishment, but also so intimate and thoughtful towards its characters and rich subject matter. Don't mind the film's length its expertly paced through the different events of life and is at times quite humorous as well as touching. This is Linklater in fine form, equally along the lines of the 'Before' series. Boyhood is a highly recommended cinematic gem, no matter what your taste is all audiences must give this film a watch.

33 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The two genre loving Spierig Brothers who mad the zombie film 'Undead' and the Vampire film 'Daybreakers' comes this incredibly well done Sci-Fi thriller adapted from a Robert A Heinlein short story. Scripted with a smart natural flow of energy and insight that focuses on time travel, identity, fate and paradox twists. These brother have proved once again they can make an interesting and thrilling film with an almost ambitious concept creation. All cast members are solid; playing their initial parts to the very thoughtful story and plot. I confess that I may like this film a lot more than Rian Johnson's 2012 Looper which was almost equal in scale and thoughtfulness but not in execution and impact. Nonetheless Predestination is highly recommended as one of 2014's lesser known films.

Guardians of the Galaxy
45 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A lot different from your atypical Marvel outing, Guardians of the Galaxy is a very out-there comic book adaptation following the more traditional conventions of large scale Space Opera. expertly crafted by James Gunn packed with such visual splendor, exciting action and such a talented cast to bring out all their unique character personalities within a very diverse and zany world. While this may have been the only comic tent-pole movie I may of checked out this year, I do Highly recommend this very surprising, energetically fun and tremendous achievement that's earned my seal of approval as 2014's blockbuster of the year.

After Earth
After Earth (2013)
48 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Not as bad as many who made out it was. There are certain sci-fi elements within this film I thought worked well along with the visual approach and effort. However this particular film is not without its incredible flaws; hardly enough drama compensate dull storytelling and unlikable characters, not even enough conveniences within the plot points redeem the film much. Overall this is a mediocre film worth watching only for its action, effects, and visual appeal.

The Last Airbender
48 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

What was M. Night Shyamalan thinking when he decided to make this film. More or less was it really the studio fault for such disastrous casting of talentless actors which is questionable to what type of approach they were going for, The Film is a downright textbook example of how to not make a big budget epic. Scoured with a Horrendous screenplay, Bad Acting, Laughable Dialogue, one dimensional characters, really inconvenient plotting and all too embarrassing quick pacing and how could I not mention the terrible special FX. Pretty much its all surface no substance throughout; ploughing through the popular cartoon episodes in little than 98 minutes. Shyamalan has sunk to an all time low with nothing to gain from this picture alone.