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Nymphomaniac: Volume I

Nymphomaniac: Volume I

11 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Nymphomaniac tells the story of the early phases of Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg, who Lars Von Trier loves) life as a sex addict. Often disgusting, but occasionally erotic (rarely), Lars Von Trier creates a unique film. He uses a more artistic Brian De Palma style of direction, incorporating split screens, text on screen, ect. Von Trier's other films are also highly sexual, but if the actors in this film were just a bit darker I would think Almodovar was behind the camera. The narration plus the pulling of outside materials (maps, film) gives the metaphors some educational value, kind of like Joe's father gave her. The most powerful, perhaps the only powerful, scene is the dinner confrontation, very uncomfortable narcissistic moment. Well designed, and memorable I'll be sure to give part II a watch soon.

Ward No. 6

Ward No. 6

26 days ago via Movies on Android phone

This rating is a bit of a shame since I was really enjoying this movie at first, but the Chekhov adaption loses me right past the middle. The acting is great, realism at its finest. Felt like a documentary before the fantasy elements were thrown in. I found the doctor pretty funny, and some of the conversations thought provoking. there's a lot good and it's worth a try, maybe others will get more from the later pieces.



36 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Badlands is a solid debut from director Terence Mallick. Sheen had a solid performance and an interesting character, Spaceck well as always her neutrality and naive attitude annoyed me. but hey she was born to play annoying characters. Badlands is cinematic and is easy going, you can tell what's going on if you skip 20 mins if you watched the first 15. And I quite like that. The house burning scene is pure cinema, absolutely stunning.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

41 days ago via Movies on Android phone

The only other Python I've seen is The Meaning of Life, which I'd actually give the same rating, despite Holy Grail being three times as aclaimed. Holy Grail is one of the few films that caught my attention at the opening credits, yet lost it during a patch in the middle. None the less tons of funny scenes, especially up to the part before the band went their own ways. "Tis but a scratch" had me dying, need to watch Life of Brian now.



50 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Jake Gyllenhaal plays two roles in this psychological film, one as a reserved professor the other as an erotic small time actor. When the professor spots his exact look a like as an extra In a film, he gets obsessive and goes on the lookout for him. Director, Villeneuve already showed his talents working with Gyllenhaal with his tense thriller Prisoners, and he does it again with Enemy. The man has a bright career ahead of him.

Enemy is mind-bending, psychedellic, and surreal. I have very little idea of what it all means, but I really like it. I didn't read any theories as to not affect my rating, but I'm about to, because Enemy kept me loathing to talk about it. The film has one of the scariest endings of recent years.

Outside of some crooked editing (was It really neccesary for the professor to recognize his look alike in a dream), Enemy is a really good film, with a range of influences, which makes me want to see more of the recent psychedellic releases. Next up, Under the skin.

3 stars+

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