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From Russia With Love

From Russia With Love

1 day ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I'm currently making it through the James Bond series- all for the first time- and the second film in is a disappointing experience. I quiet enjoyed Dr. No, stylistically spectacular. While From Russia with Love matched Dr. No in Sean Connery's smoothness, and all around fun style, the plot is significantly weaker. The relationship between Bond and Tania makes no sense to me, they seemingly both had each other figured out (and knew it) so why keep the games up? For sex?

The story was often cartoon like, and I can't fathom why some consider this the best bond, I've only seen the first two and I wouldn't.

2.5 stars- (generous)

Computer Chess

Computer Chess

8 days ago via Movies on Android phone

intriguing period piece, that obviously took a lot of effort, but the comedy starts falling dry towards the end. I want to give this a re watch since I feel that I missed a considerable chunk of the meaning behind the satire.

Il conformista (The Conformist)

Il conformista (The Conformist)

15 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The Conformist is a film that has stuck with me since my initial viewing a few days ago, perhaps it deserves half a star higher. The slow style draws similarity to Melville's assassin film Le Samourai. Trintignant puts up a solid performance as the assassin (Marcello), but my issue with the character was he felt to smooth to be a universal conformist. Marcello feels like a charming individual, just not another man in the crowd. The film does reveal what it means with labeling Marcello as a conformist with the climax, which follows his fascist conformity. The second theme, sex, is also addressed in the end which I feel is the most important scene in the whole film. The last scene is chilling and revealing, crucial to the film.

The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain

19 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The Holy Mountain stands as the most bizarre film I've ever seen, Jodorowsky's surrealistic piece is best described as a blitzkrieg of imagery. I soon found out it was pointless to analyze what was being shown, so instead I sat back and just acknowledged the religious symbols I spotted. I probably missed a vast majority of the allusions but the spiritual message stands strong. Incorporating such philosophies as "Money is the Root of All Evil", Jodorowsky takes a stand against THE church, but shows importance of spirituality. Similar to Bunuel's Mexican film Simon of the Desert, and stylistically similar to the work of Makavejev, The Holy Mountain criticizes greed with in the church, in the exploitation of the crucifix. The planet segment (representing bureaucracy) was the most fascinating and lively part of the film. The only issue I had was the South Park like humor (menorah gun), was fun and all, but took away from the message of the film.

The Holy Mountain explores to many spiritual, sexual, sociological, and psychedelic concepts to understand in one viewing. But with a wicked score the film is grasping even without any search for a meaning. The Holy Mountain is hallucinatory to watch and thought provoking to reflect upon.

The Tenant

The Tenant

22 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Polanski's The Tenant is his final film in the Apartment Trilogy, I still have to watch Repulsion, but Rosemary's Baby is in my top ten. The Tenantalso covers paranoia, where Polanski himself plays the paranoiac. After he moves into an apartment where the last tenant killed herself, he gets surrounded by bizarre and often evil tenants. The movie effectively covers how perception changes reality for the paranoid mind, and how the unconscious blames the outside world for the actions of the own man. The ending is predictable, in fact I didn't even have to watch more than ten minutes to understand what will come. Before so there are a few tense instances, and the film can be slightly disturbing. Polanski is no Mia Farrow, and The Tenant is no Rosemary's Baby, but it remains a decent psychological thriller. 

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