Jeffrey's Review of Red Dawn

  • 16 months ago via Flixster
    Red Dawn

    Red Dawn (2012)

    Why they would remake Red Dawn is a mystery, how this movie avoided straight-to-dvd treatment is a greater one. It's bad on every level. The opening scene seems to offer promise, but is quickly drowned out by nonsensical action, a plot that redefines asinine, and 'acting' which wouldn't make it past most network television shows.

    The premise, of a North Korean invasion, is never fully delivered upon. Soldiers suddenly appear and take over the town, with no apparent resistance, and no explanation (save a cursory reference to U.S. troops being spread thin). It's laughable. So, too, was the original, but some time was given to try and deliver on plausibility, whereas none of that is found in this Red Dawn. What the wolverines do is of no interest, of dubious consequence, and seemingly random. It's not built up, it just happens. There are no dynamics between the characters which felt real, interesting, or worthwhile.

    The action is terrible. The acting is worse, and the script apparently wasn't present. One of the worst remakes in recent years.

    1/5 Stars

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