Bradly's Review of Melancholia

  • 2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

    Melancholia (2011)

    A deep ambitious metaphor on depression, or post apocalyptic Calvin Klein ad?
    Melancholia is the Anti-Taylor Swift mediation from the deepest darkest corners of the human psyche. With a stellar cast and hauntingly beautiful visuals, its a real treat for the art house film buff and a plodding drag for the rest of us.
    Kristin Dunst plays Justine who is living every little girls dream. To grow up a beautiful woman with the amazing career marrying a total hunk and 18 hole golf course wealth. Sound to perfect? She also has a Horse! Ah but if David Lynch has all ready preached time and time again, all perfect things have an ugly maggot infested truth. Justine is totally depressed. From faking smiles to watering the Green the poor girl just can't see any joy in an ideal life. If only the world could understand her crippling mental anxiety. Enter Melancholia, a planet that may or may not collide with earth destroying all life. As slow as the film moves and as boring as the characters are the worlds colliding is the only pay off worth waiting for.
    The Film separates it self into two parts. Justine and Clair. Justine who can't even manage to cope with calling a taxi yet finds erotic meaning in the destruction of all things. Bathing naked in the beautiful light of impending doom. Clair on the other hand who keeps the most broken family together with conviction and grace, is a broken pathetic typical wuss at the very thought of her world coming to an end. The film succeeds greatly on this bizarre character study but over all fails to convey any type of coherent theme or message. Is it empowering that Justine in all her madness accepts her fate with nipples erect? Is it depressing that Claire loves life to much to accept the inevitable? The film demands we ponder these things but also with such grim undertones of death the viewer feels time would be better spent pondering something else.
    Depression is a serious issue and SCI FI elements aside Kirstin Dunst has done a tremendous job in bringing misery to an ideal life. Some people sing int he rain, some people weep in the sunshine. You can't solve a mental problem by ignoring it, throwing money at it, or buying it an apple orchard. It is something that needs to be taken one day at a time with friends family and yes even enemies. Depression or not all our days our numbered and how we react to our ultimate fate can make all the difference in the world, or make no difference at all.

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