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Medicine Man

Medicine Man

2 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

How could a really good director disappoint me. Before this, John McTiernan gave us classics such as Die Hard and Predator, I have not seen The Hunt for Red October yet so I can't personally say if I think it is a good movie yet, but it would have to be better than Medicine Man. I looked and saw the bad reviews before I watched this, but I was still optimistic about this and kept an open mind and I didn't compare it with his other good movies and I thought maybe this would be just average, but I was still really let down by what I had been given with this film. I thought everything that I saw on screen could have been done in a better and more interesting way. The very beginning of the film, I was interested to see what would go down and as the movie went on, the story, plot, and pacing really dragged on, became boring, and I became less and less interested in the film as it went on. The script and dialogue could really have been improved upon and throughout the film I cared less and less about the characters. Lorraine Bracco who I loved in GoodFellas, became more and more annoying and unlikeable as the movie went on and I felt sorry for her being in this big disappointment and I wished I could have been more invested in her character. John McTiernan, what happened with you here? I really respect you as a filmmaker and you could have done so much more with this story and actually gave me characters I could really get behind and make things more interesting. Another thing that really bugged me about this movie was the dvd transfer, I thought it looked like crap and was lazily put together, I could have enjoyed the scenery and cinematography more if the dvd transfer was better done, I have seen dvds of movies that were older than this that looked far better. Reading the movie info on the back of the dvd case saying it had "thrilling, nonstop excitement" and throughout the whole movie I was asking myself, Where is the excitement?, and for me it was nowhere to be found here and the reviews on the dvd cover tell lies in my opinion. Besides all the bad things that brought the movie down, there are 2 positives I can still name. I thought the premise sounded really intriguing and it gave me a gleamour of hope that it could be a good movie and the last positive I have is Sean Connery's presence. He showed a little heart to his character and he was just a bit enjoyable to watch on screen, but he was still wasted here and he could have been given better material to work with.

The Love Guru

The Love Guru

3 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The movie that put Mike Myers career to a hault. This is one of the most lazy and unfunny comedies I have ever seen. 99% of all the jokes are stupid unfunny puns, and sex and penis related jokes. Mike Myers has never been more annoying and aggravating to watch than he has here. Thank god this piece of crap was only 1 hr and 25 min because if it was any longer I would have turned it off. I literally felt my brain cells dying as I was watching this. Mike Myers was good as Austin Powers, but my god was he not funny as the Guru Pitka. The rest of the cast was bland and they didn't make things any better. Ben Kingsley played an embarrassing role and Jessica Alba is one note as usual. I don't want to go on talking this disaster because the more I think about it, the more pissed off I get.

Problem Child 2

Problem Child 2

5 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The torture is finally over. This sequel continues and expands upon everything that made its predecessor so terrible. This only comes off as a pointless cash grab sequel. Michael Oliver remains unsympathetic and unlikeable. John Ritter is likeable but again he is under bad writing and mediocre direction by Brian Levant. Amy Yasbeck here is thankfully not annoying here and in my opinion she brings a likeable presence but it still wasn't enough to save this piece of crap film. Laraine Newman is annoying as the unlikeable and selfish rich woman and Ivyann Schwan as Trixie only added to the annoyance of the film. Just like Dennis Dugan, Brian Levant is also another director who keeps directing the same old juvenile crap throughout his entire career. Gilbert Gottfried appears again as the annoying Mr. Peabody and you wander how he keeps starring in movies with his one note facial expression and silly voice. Overall, this is a sequel you want to avoid because it doesn't improve upon anything and it just pisses you off.

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