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  1. Jordan Belfort: At least as a rich man when I have to face my problems I show up at the back of a limo wearing a $2,000 suit and a $40,000 gold fucking watch.

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  1. Agent Patrick Denham: If im not mistaking, you just tried to bribe a federal officer.

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Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex

19 hours ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Just a really generic and forgettable movie. With this film, you can see that there is nothing memorable or great about what you see on screen and it does feel like a rushed cash grab. It has a talented cast (except Megan Fox) and I thought the movie started off well but as it went on, the plot became more and more generic and predictable. Josh Brolin does add credibility to the film and he does what he can with its weak writing, and Megan Fox here just makes for a bland actress and plays a completely pointless character who is only cast just because of her looks and her and Josh Brolin have zero chemistry on screen. John Malkovich played an ok villain here, but this isn't one of his better movies. Some of the action I thought was entertaining, but when the cgi showed at times I thought it looked cheap. I have never read the Jonah Hex comic books, so I wouldn't know if the movie follows the source material well or just craps on it. In the end, there is nothing much else to say about this other than I didn't think it was completely terrible and that if you want to see a much better western film that came out the same year as this, watch True Grit.

Mr. Woodcock

Mr. Woodcock

3 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Pretty much Billy Bob Thornton's and Sean William Scott's worst film. In the past I used to like this movie but now I realize it just wastes its talented cast on this weak and almost laugh-free script. This is one of those comedies that fails to deliver any real laughs and isn't anything memorable concerning its intriguing premise and its cast. Throughout this film, you can tell the director and writers put little thought into everything that was happening on screen. If only they got a better director and writers, than this could have been something more than your average and generic forgettable comedy. In my book, the only good things about this movie is one scene with Sean William Scott that I found funny and Billy Bob Thornton is sometimes good in the type of role that he plays here. If you want a much better Billy Bob Thornton comedy, don't waste your time with this and watch Bad Santa instead.

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