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Celina, Ohio
I am a film buff and I love to watch movies whether they are good or bad and I love to rate and review them on a daily basis and I like to play video games as well.

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The Big Wedding
2 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

How many Academy Award winners do you have to manipulate to create a piece of crap waste of time movie? I can't believe that a cast of this caliber would choose to do something like this and waste time and money from us when they could have used the money to make the movie to give to charity or make a completely different film. The Big Wedding is romantic dramedy that fails on every single level to entertain and enlighten the audience and it failed to give any reason at all why it even exists in the first place. The first terrible thing that came to mind was the piss poor directing and terrible script writing from untalented young director Justin Zackham. Who gave him permission to do something like this? Why couldn't they have gotten a more capable writer and director to helm this project? His incompetence caused the movie to have sub-standard performances from such talented actors and had them read off embarrassing lines of dialogue that contributed to zero laughs and zero enjoyment in the process. Robert De Niro plays an uninteresting dick, Diane Keaton and Susan Sarandon play bickering wives and Robin Williams is reduced to a minor role as a priest. These have to be some of the most hollow and bland characters they have ever played in their long and respected careers and it still baffles me right now that they chose to do this mess. The comedy and the drama felt completely forced and the film was incredibly boring a lot of the way through.The family that you have to watch for 90 minutes is not interesting in the least and you don't end up liking or caring about a single character on screen. Another thing that hurt the movie was the R rating. It did not have to be rated R because they rarely used vulgarity and it did not belong in the movie's tone or vibe and it also came off as incredibly forced. With this atrocity against humanity, I just can't think of anything to complement and I thank god that the movie was only 90 minutes long because if it would have been any longer, I would have just turned it off without even finishing it. In the end, the only thing the movie accomplished was wasting my time and insulting my intelligence.

Sex Tape
Sex Tape (2014)
3 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A big pile of stinking crap. This seriously has to be of the worst comedies I have seen in a long time. There wasn't one single time where I laughed or felt any joy watching it. The script is horrendous, the acting is awful from everybody involved, Jake Kasdan proves he can't direct worth a damn, and most of all, everything about the movie felt lazy, juvenile, and completely uninspired. Right from the start, the movie's plot sounded stupid, but movies with plots that don't sound great have the potential to be something well made and interesting and this wasn't the case at all. Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz I thought didn't have any good chemistry and their relationship together felt forced to me. I do like Jason Segal and he is a funny guy, but here he was just under mediocre writing. Cameron DIaz has done good in the past and she is a stunningly beautiful woman, but for the past few years she has been playing the same character over and over again and she has been nothing but annoying to me The dialogue was just god awful and stupid and I couldn't believe anybody thought this crap was funny because it just wasn't. As the film went on, the jokes became more about them being embarrassed about their sex tape being leaked around the web and it wasn't handled in a way that was funny or interesting at all. The sex jokes felt forced and the raunchiness was played out well. There would be scenes that kept going on and on and would never end and they pissed me off and made me wanna scream at my TV. They played out as really bad impromptu scenes and it was like they were trying way too hard to get a laugh out of the audience and they didn't work at all. As the film played out, it got more and more stupid and dumb and I was just getting aggravated and waiting for this crap to finally end. Overall, this is absolutely one of the top worst films of 2014 and is a movie that I hope to never think about again.