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Side Effects
Side Effects (2013)
20 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

In a mess of cliche Hollywood movies, it is more than refreshing to watch "Side Effects". "Side Effects" is the epitome of what a noir psychological thriller should compose of and it proves to be a satire on the controversial situation with prescribed drugs today. The twist of this clever film leaves the audience with an interesting perspective. Emily starts off as a well-off wife who has grown accustomed to a great life until her husband, Martin, is arrested for insider information leakage. When he is out of jail, she becomes more and more depressed with the inability to imagine her future. After a suicidal car accident, she comes under the care of Dr. Banks, who puts her under a new depression medication to which she forms questionable side effects from. When things turn fatal, Mr. Banks realizes that he might be to blame for the medication. He does some investigating and then realizes a dangerous twist. "Side Effects" is a sexually charged movie that gives light on mental illness for some part. Although there were few mistakes and plot holes, it is one of the most gripping thrillers out there. Let's hope this isn't Soderbergh's last movie.

The Internship
20 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This Wedding Crashers reunion still didn't cut it for me. Some of the jokes were exhausted because they went on for too long and after a while, didn't make sense. Of course, the pretence that these two men put on to get into the Google Internship program was bullshit which irked me throughout the film. Of course, at initial reaction, one might deem this movie to be "cliche", and that is was. However, I would say this movie is "cliche" with a twist. It isn't often that the state of Silicon Valley and the tech world is depicted, and whether or not it was depicted accurately doesn't matter because again, it's a movie. It's meant to entertain and show crazy situations. It was a nice sequence of characters because it showed two middle age men and their interactions with college students with the difference of personalities.

The Heat
The Heat (2013)
20 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Sure, you will chuckle once or twice, but the storyline makes this movie bland. This isn't a movie I would remember for years to come like "Horrible Bosses" or "21 Jump Street" because it gave me nothing to go by. I would commend the movie for having such distinctive characters, especially McCarthy, who is a blooming flower in Hollywood nowadays. She had some very funny lines and a hilarious personality. The partnership between Bullock and McCarthy was endearing, but very cliche. It starts off with them in disagreement due to their distinct personalities and goes on to kindle their friendship just when the climax occurs, showing how they would do anything to save each other, yadayadaya. Although I commend the difference in personality, I would say that it would have been a little more refreshing if their roles had been switched. Bullock's character held great similarities to "Ms. Congeniality" and McCarthy's character, always the hilarious and crazy one like in "Bridesmaids" or "Identity Theft".

Playing for Keeps
21 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The talents of decent actors have totally gone to waste in this more-than-cliche movie. One knows its a cliche movie when there are more actors than one can keep up with. I was personally confused by the main actor, George's, intentions during the movie as he wants to have a happy suburban life with his ex-wife and kid whom he still claims to love very much, but at the same time indulge in multiple flings with the annoying soccer mothers. The whole movie seemed to be very non-chalant. Oddly enough, there were some positive and nice son and dad moments which did strike a chord but other than that, one more pretty unoriginal movie.